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Age. 34
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Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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Celeb Crush Thursday
Thursday. 7.12.07 3:56 pm

One of the all-time hottest guys, in my humble opinion, is Noel Fielding: comedian extraodinaire and BBC whore. And the guy in my avatar. See if you can spot it.

If you aren't already obsessed with The Mighty Boosh, watch this, and thank me later. I spent the better part of Spring Quarter watching the episodes over and over. Maybe I just have no life.

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Say Goodbye on a Night like This
Wednesday. 7.11.07 1:44 am
Today was perfect. By today, of course, I mean this evening, because I really don’t get out much during the real “day.” Tonight was one of those nights, when, even though the sun has completely set, and only that final, dark-blue light is in the sky, the streets are still hot and muggy.

These nights are my favorite, so I went for a good long walk through my neighborhood. The smells of late-night family dinners were wafting from front doors, left open to catch any stray breeze, and mixing with the rich smell of cherry-flavored pipe tobacco and freshly cut grass. People had their sprinklers going, so, a few times, I walked up on the curb to catch the spray on backs of my sweaty knees and calves.

Everyone has their own thing going on in the late evening, so no one really pay attention to what you’re doing. I did lots of ridiculous things that I would never do during the day, things that kids have no problem doing, like jumping up really high for no good reason, or running as fast as possible to the corner, only to be out of breath and panting for the next block.

I even saw a bat enjoying the nice, sticky air.

I can’t wait until I have someone to share these nights with. Someone to walk with in silence for a few hours, before returning to a place of our very own. I could go on here, but it’s probably more appropriate that you use your own imagination.

For now, I’ll just walk with my dog—who balks at the cold sprinkler-water on her face, and cowers when I jump.

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Who Needs Spring?
Tuesday. 7.10.07 4:12 pm
I suppose I didn’t mention, Sunday, the event that caused me to find my camera. I decided to Clean. Yes, you read right. When I Clean, this is not like your usual tidying or rearranging. This is epic, Depeche Mode-style cleaning.

Usually, I’m a pig and a packrat, but every summer, I pop a half dozen anti-histamines (I’m allergic to dust) and Clean. I pick a spot in my room, move everything from that spot out onto the lawn, scrub it down, and put all the good stuff back.

This year’s victim: the area where my bed is.

It’s funny how much stuff you accumulate when you don’t have to look at it.

Personally, I tend to hoard fabric scraps and old magazines.

This is what I mean by Clean.

Yesterday, I sorted through the crap on the lawn, and did a lot of laundry. I still smell like All.

Other cool things I found:

My missing rockstar earring
This dress I made back when I was obsessed with LOTR
Lots of thumb tacks

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Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles
Sunday. 7.8.07 11:18 pm

As promised, here is a picture of my dog in a wig.

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You Know You Spend Too Much Time at the Pool When...
Saturday. 7.7.07 9:36 pm
-- You've seen more ass crack than George Micheal

-- Your body hair stops growing

-- The hair on your head stops growing

-- You instinctively want to tell everyone to walk

-- Your feet dry out and crack

-- You have awesome arms, legs, and pecs, but crappy abs

-- You lick your arm and it smells like chlorine

-- You know longer have body odor

-- You refuse to by lycra suits, because they'll only last you two months before completely disintegrating

-- You have more suits without liners than you do with liners

--You talk about Michael Phelps like you know him

--The only reason you need to bathe is to keep your hair from turning green

--You don't understand how someone could possibly be afraid of the water, and try to convince everyone to take lessons

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Home Alone IV: The Final Installment
Friday. 7.6.07 12:48 am
I am such a chickenshit.

Since my family is gone, I spent yesterday with my adoptive Polish family, aka BFF's household. For taking care of me, she officially gets the "flakey" dropped from her alias, at least until she pisses me off again.

Her parents were at a party, so it was just myself, BFF, her brother and sister, their crazy Grandma visiting from Chicago. Chicago has the largest population of Poles, outside of Poland, in case you were curious.

Anyway, we grilled chicken and veggie kebabs and had a nice dinner together, during which, I could not keep my eyes off you-know-who. I was so excited, because later, the three of us were going to go to PP(BFF's BF)'s house and hang out. I was so psyched, because this was going to be my chance to pick up where I left off on New Year's. I could just feel it.

Well, that just didn't happen. BFF's twelve-year-old sister, who is usually a total sweetheart and my little pet, insisted on coming, and threw a complete tantrum when we tried to leave her. In the end, we had no choice but to take her. Not only did this create a bad tone for the rest of the evening, it meant that certain activities would have to be nixed.

If I'd been a little more creative, or at least a little more obvious, I probably could have had my moment, but alas, I was neither, and while we all had a good time, I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

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