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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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Sunday. 7.13.08 6:20 am
Well I finshed up the last finishing touch to my word press blog and added an affliate link to my website provider just to see if I could get lucky one day. As if I will I have far too few visitors to be able to get anything from affliates. Nice decoration.

Since the lastest version of Wordpress came out and all the great plugins you can do practically anything with it. There are two ways to getting yourself a WordPress blog one the easy way is just goto WordPress.com and sign up for an account but there is not much difference between that and nutang for that matter and the fun of having ones own domain is ofcourse better.

Until next time maybe I will post something more technical like starting a wordpress blog on your own domain. That is if a better topic doesn't come up.

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Upgrading Wordpress
Saturday. 7.12.08 4:25 am
I just discovered how simple and easy upgrading in today using No more copying and pasting files. One click installation of this plugin and one more click to complete the wordpress upgrade. It even upgrades your database all for you. Amazing, now we just need for it to do is do theh dishes and write posts!

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Temporary workers
Wednesday. 7.2.08 9:31 pm
Some time ago I wrote an article somewhere about the brain size of administrators being really small. I could extend this to office workers as well. A really good movie for anyone planning to work in an office is called Ikiru directed by Akira Kurozawa about typical office life and lack of responsibility. The main actor finds out that he is dying of stomach cancer and has only six months to live. When he realizes this he immediately tries desperately to try and live life to the fullest. He realizes what he can do is right in his own office – by trying to take on more responsibility. Another very good NHK TV drama is Hakken no Hinkaku, which is about very much the same thing but discusses the future of typical companies hiring temporary contract workers and part-time staff. The idea is that part-time and temporary contract workers are just an old rusty ship that is left to sink to the bottom of the ocean is what the main character describes the job to be. The companies will take on temporary staff as a way of cutting costs and eliminating responsibility on their part. The temporary staff contribute their 9 to 5 and over-time and the results are always the success of the permanent/full-time staff who do nothing but accept it. When the temporary staff leave they are just forgotten about or left to sink like an old rusty ship. Administrators and other office staff have to be about the dumbest people on earth, they only have one function – sit at a desk all day and shuffle paper.

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Tuesday. 6.24.08 8:24 pm
Is there a point to where development leads? Who says a country is developed, developing or un-developed? I believe these are just names that western countries use to categorize countries according to wealth. Putting it simply, Who is rich who is poor? Isnft this a rather snobish way to classify people? Every culture has its way. Some may appear to gbackwardsh and when this occurs who is rich who is poor is clearly distinguished. I once heard a co-worker say gevery country must develop eventuallyh. What is development? If it is the western sense of the word then why must everyone need to be like everyone else? In this case probably the United States because everyone seeks power and money and will suck up to the one in power. I like to consider myself a communist because I am anti American/British. If you are anti-America then what else can you call yourself but a communist? There are many forms of communism and I should better say that I am for the more traditional Chinese form (Mao) rather than the present day form which seems to be nothing more than a form of right wing capitalism like any other western country except at its extreme. Buildings after buildings being constructed but when will it all end? Why are tall buildings so much wanted? Cover over as much green space as possible with concrete plant tree and grass in the confines of a concrete area with nothing but the tree trunk comming through the concrete. This the image of overdevelopment I see most of the world leading to. Everything man-made everything built up and no place in sight for any natural beauty to grow. In the last month I have noticed that they are widening the sidewalk near my place - in Japan - and calling it a "barrier free" development. Excuse me but what they have done was rip up all the trees and shrubs and put in more concrete. So that looks to me that trees are considered to be a barrier? I see what they want is for all of nature to be tamed and in little boxed places where it can be controlled.

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