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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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organic grocery store :]
Thursday. 7.31.08 7:25 pm
Me and mom just went shopping to this new grocery store by her furniture shop. And it was really nice and clean and its a grocery store/cafe and it had sushi and great salads and deserts and all sorts of stuff. And they have like individual healthy dinners you can buy. its a Earth Fare (spelling :p) and its absolutly amazing!!!!!!!!

we had chicken from there last night and it was so good!!! like in most chicken you get its got alot of fat and kinda taste like plastic a little. (specially if its grilled)
but it tasted so awesome!

we are having grouper tonight (alls i know is that its fish) and some kind of rice.....

oh and my mom was so funny.... she got this pie and she says " I love the food here i can eat all the pie i want and not gain a pound".

hehe wich makes me wonder how much pie she actually eaten from there. :D

o and the chunky peanut butter is totally amazing!!!!! its not all plasticy and sugary like the normal stuff.

the only complaint i have is that its a tad bit expensive. but in my opinion (and aparantly my moms) its totally worth it!

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Silence!!!!! i kill you!!
Tuesday. 7.29.08 1:40 pm
i saw this a couple of weeks ago on comedy central and its really funny :] enjoy!!

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Tuesday. 7.29.08 12:00 am
i hate it when u ignore something to not look like an idiot... for example

u like a guy :] ok cool
the guy decides he wants to date another girl
so when he tells you and asks if ur ok
u act like u didnt have feeling for him in the first place
and are all like "yeah why?"
and then of course u rant about how nice and sweet the other girl is
while completely wanting to burst into tears.
when really u want to scream "NO im not okay u were flirting with me first!!!!"
but u just take it. and dont say anything.......-_-

:[ im not having such a great day

well at least i have a great book to read.


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good to be back
Friday. 7.25.08 2:30 am
hello lol i know its been a long time................... i was in NY for six weeks visiting my daddy and when i got there i realized my grandpa is too old fashioned and doesnt have internet -_- yaaaaay

so i finally got home after my flight got cancelled at 2 55 and i had to wait in the airport till 9 30 for the next flight.......... which means i got home at like 1 00.

and tomorrow morning we are going back out of town.................. im so tired...................................... i still dont know how i survived without internet for six weeks.

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leaving tomorrow
Tuesday. 6.10.08 6:51 pm
going to NY my flight is out of charlotte and into JFK airport im a little nervous but not too badly.

O and the guy i like who has a girlfriend likes me too. but hes still with his girlfriend but he keeps implying that it wont last much longer but we shall see when i get back.

When im in NY im going to have my computer!!! woo so i can post pictures and stuff on here. yays im happy :].

o i dont want to write about what happend to me on sunday night i guess ill write tomorrow or somethin :] byes <3

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so confused
Monday. 6.9.08 1:22 am
the guy i like has a g/f (sadly)

ok but theres this other guy and hes cute and single and really great butttt he doesnt want a serious relationship and that kinda bothers me......................................but hes so sweet and cute and ugh

yes i need to make up my mind.

well i have 4 weeks in NY to make it up........... im sorry my dear nutang but i will be leaving u for 4 weeks :O i know its terrible

o and tomorrow i will tell u about almost getting arrested in my neighborhood pool for swimming after hours lol yes yes

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