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lucky cha cha cha!

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Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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216th day of 2004

(i found out why that doesnt work.....mozilla is sooooo mean when it comes to ie-exclusive stuff)

some creepy person imed me. i forgot the sn though. XD

how many more days until the 14th? hm....its the 3rd....so its 11 days! see, im right this time about it. xd

no one commented my last entry. T__T
(gotta get used to this keyboard)

i've only noticed now how big the headaches i get after using the computer are. i dont wanna use it as much now.

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209th day of 2004
currently listening to: Raven - Do As Infinity

went to the mall today. not willowbrook or jersey gardens. i think it was woodbridge. yeah, the one with the merry-go-round, "train" ride and no "permanent" food court. did any of you know there is a sanrio store AND a morning glory ory there? heh. the morning glory place was small-ish though. went to the sanrio place. talk about CUTE!!!! they had a new character....i think it was chibimaro or something. kawaii-ness. i bought this ultra-cute chococat bookbag.....no lunchbox though. i think the principal said that lunch would be brought...from somewhere else. ah. i wanted it now so i could bring it to you-know-where.

only 2-and-a-half weeks!!! yea! back to the mall

so, anyway, we left after everyone bought something. yea. looked for "white sneakers" that were just right for school...but we failed. jeez, we went to sport-shoe places....XD

then went to best buy....i didnt know there was one there. heh. bought a laptop. yeah, a laptop. no, i am not using it right now. :-( its so cool though. and bought three dvds (lost in translation, 50 first dates and another one with catherine zeta-jones and bruce willis, i think)

heh. all i can think of. theres a thunderstorm. yea

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208th day of 2004
bryan: if i was supposed to serve today, youre dead. i havent seved...since like before school ended....XD

i cant get two songs out of my head...
"Hyokkori Hyountan-jima! JABU JABU" or something like that....
and "Easy Breezy"...

its unfair that EXODUS will be released in Japan first....its an american debut....the american version should come out first, right?

oh great, i have "shiawase desu ka?" and those other shuffle group songs in my head...XD

nothing to really blog about...

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Easy Breezy?
205th day of 2004
Well, anyone who knows hikaru utada would know that she's debuting in the u.s.....

well, she released her first single...i think. "Easy Breezy"..



other than stupid-ish lyrics it's a cute song.

um, i dont have many "reveiwer" skills so thats all i can think of for now.....

im too used to her singing in japanese. it so wierd. im thinking the lyrics are in japanese so its wierd heh

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Blue-haired Kyo
205th day of 2004
ris made me make a picture of kyo (from fruits basket) with blue hair....i made it spikey too. it's my friend's idea...made a story where kyo had to die his hair blue and spike it (ris was supposed to play kyo and he doesn't like that stuff...so yea)


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That's one HOT video.
205th day of 2004
the apl song video is mad hot. it was down for like the last....week? yea. finally got to see it! yay!.

some of dad's friends are coming over. with "big kids". six of them. yes, six kids in one house. hooray. tita yelly and some others are coming too.

just wanted to show you the link. um...yea. so...? heh

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