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Abortion? Just a small reply..
Thursday, August 11, 2005
Hmmm..good ole topic and Im kinda bored...I saw that someone decided to talk about it..so I am too. :) I can definatly tell that she is against it...buttttttt Im not. I believe in it.. I DO NOT...believe it should be used as a form of birth control though. Sometimes... it just happens in situations that a baby shouldnt be brought into a bad world.. ya know what I mean? What if you knew your husband or wife was abusive... would you want to bring up a baby in those conditions? Yeah..there is adoption..and Im not saying anything bad about that..but.. Im not saying anything good either. meh..I dunno...I think birth control is like abortions...and Im on that..so.. whatever I guess right? haha Im bored..and I wanted to talk about something besides my new awesome layout! Heck yes!!! Peace out my loves... HB! in my heart always..

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Isnt she b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l?
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
I love my journal like I love my myspace...Im so proud of it....haha if you saw my myspace thingy...you'd be like wow this girl is really bright..heck yes I am! I want everyone to know..that I worked on this fucking thing for an hour ..and A HALF! yes..I wasnt going to stop till it did what I wanted it too.. :) IM so proud of me..:):) I didnt even have to ask questions, and I almost did..haha I had to go to the forums ONCE! ...:):):) YAY FOR ME!

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Ugh..what a day
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
So now..that offically probably Sky is really pissed off at me...Im tired...Im cranky..and I wanna go to bed..OR just sit infront of the A/C. I swear..Asti and I applied EVERY where in Mansfield that you can think of that two college kids can work at. If no one calls us..Ill be sad... maybe Ill just sell my body? Haha..who knows..I had a rough morning..Ben called me all tired and shit..so I had to get Asti and we had to go over and pick him up, I had to drive his truck home, then finally Asti and I could go and do what we needed to do..I left my car at her house, so I had to come back before 4 to pick up Heather at 4:30. But I suppose if we were still in Mansfield around 4:30..we all could have just ridden with Asti and just picked up the car and left for home. My mom is in a better mood I guess.... She got all pisses at me b/c I only have like..180 dollars left from graduation..Well when you pay an 88 dollar phone bill, some stuff for college, lunch..and what not, the price tends to go down a little bit. Seriously, she needs to get off my case and leave me alone. Im going down tomorrow, opening a checking account, and applying for a credit card. Hopefully..Ill have a nice refund check from the college, and get a job...no worries, and everything will be okay.. :):) Right? right..I hate paying pills..Damn growing up! I have to pay atleast...$260 for my books..How exciting is that? NOT! Thats with three used books and like two brand new ones.... B/c they dont have used books for the two..which is okay.. :) Anyways...Im going to go sit infront of my A/C b/c Im hawwwwt.. Peace out my loves

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Round....shit ...I lost count
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
IM SO TIRED OF FIGHTING WITH MY MOM!!!! She says that I always pick the fight....well what the hell? I did n o t h i n g this morning, but talk to Heather about something.. and she gets all pissed at me b/c we were in the livingroom after she left. She said we "waited." I was like..wtf...dont give me a kiss goodbye b/c I was talking to Heather and T H A T is where she was? Fuck you too, I hope I die so you'll feel bad...Arent I horrible? But...THEN she gets pissy at me for bringing home a pack of ciggys that arent her kind...I WAS AT WALMART! Im going to drive 10 minutes out my fucking way for a pack of ciggys b/c 1...it's out of my way...2...I still wouldnt go if it was anyone else...AND 3...it's a fucking nasty habit anyways. She is like, I was paying for it, you should have bought me my kind..Okay, Ill think about that the next time you get me something and it's not my kind, but you dont care. And she says she buys us whatever we want..WTF EVER..I dont even want to go down that road. Yes, I sound selfish..but Im tired...I have plans..I dont wanna be running all over the fucking place for a goddamn pack of cigs when you can smoke what you got that you say is basically the same..save your money and fix the bathroom.... Our bathroom is sooo scary. Im afraid like..the tub is going to collapse while Im in the shower...Im sick of living in this hell hole..so tired of it...All my life I wanted it to be back to the way it used to be..when we had money..we decorated every year, we had a nice house..now its just fucking shit, and we look like fuckin skanks..thats okay if they want too..but I dont want too....We can actually buy expensive clothes..but yet we cant let our house look like we actually are worth anything..? Jeez...I also got that.. "Ive paid for more gas than you are worth.." hahaha I laughed really loud to that one...and she is like, "you wanna bet me that you dont do that.." and Im like nah, not really, and she is like "b/c you know you'll lose.." and I laughed and said whatever...With this big fucking smirk on my face..thats right Im a bitch..but I DONT CARE! Im so tired of being the one who gets yelled at when she is mad, b/c Im here..no one else has to deal with it because they arent home..Maybe if she didnt smoke one right after another we wouldnt spend close to 100 bucks a week on ciggys..Seriously, our asses would be out of debt if she quit smoking..but..she doesnt care. She says that she just goes and thinks about us and buys us stuff...wow, where is this stuff? Because only thing she has bought me for college was Tide....the rest I bought myself..thank you very much...I need to get thank you cards...speaking of that.. Im so pissed off..and I cant even stand living here anymore. If they think Im coming home every fucking weekend, they got another thing coming to them. My parents will probably get a divorce by the end of the year..My mom says she wants everything right between her and dad, but she doesnt make any effort towards it..Instead she is just pissed at him and everyone else all the time. Im so sick of it.. And then she is like, you arent going out today, you are staying home..ugh fuck you? I already made a plan with Asti to go out and do applications today, and you are the one always bitching about breaking plans with people..so dont even give me that. I dont even care what she says..but I AM going to Lev's this weekend..Im actually going out there and trying to get a job...and she just takes it away from me. Be afraid that Im leaving...b/c Im hardly coming back, and I know that is what scares her.. Sometimes, Im actually sorry, and I do love her...and its not even that..its the fact that she comes after me and no one else..So I have to stand the yelling..so everyone can be happy when they get home..pisses me off, and Im tired of it.. She says I always start shit..whatever, she starts have of it..Anyways..Im done, and I need to go back to sleep for awhile, I feel like shit.. :( Peace out my loves..

Oh wait..no you fucking didnt...and you know who you are..stay out my life...got me? Im tired of always feeling bad for shit... Always feel bad if you get mad that I dont come over and fucking shit like that.. and I dont wanna feel bad anymore.. you wanna act like that..fine..act like it.. have a good one

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005
My night....went from...boring..too INCREDIBLE! In the matter of minutes...Omg...that is all I have to say..Im like...serisouly floored AND...my face looks like this.. :-O!!!! (this one makes me think of IGGY) hahaha YES! I FEEL ALL OF THESE AND MORE!! hahaha.. Im out..nightyyyyyy

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eh..new pics?
Tuesday, August 9, 2005
new pictures... :) yay.. isnt it exciting? hahahaha I took another one today...lemme see what I can do..okay..so ..I dont know how to do it... lol.. oh well..if you want it, just msg me and Ill show you..OR go to myspace and look at it if you have an account...b/c..MYSPACE PEOPLE FUCKIN ROCK! :) just thought Id let ya know :)

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