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Logic Puzzles by The Logic Fiend
Good day my lamebrained friend. Be addled by my riddles. You may be rewarded or punished for your answers. So beware!

The challenge of the 12 eggs
Saturday, October 21, 2006
Well, well, well... your brains have fermented long enough! It is time for round two of the challenge of the eggs! MuHaHAHAHAa!!!


To the logic fiend, it's a widely known fact that the South Uruguayan cockatoo only lays eggs that are 12 oz. Well, actually there is an exception. If a cockatoo lays an egg on the night of a full moon, the egg will deviate slightly from the 12 oz. norm.

A logic fiend gives you 12 eggs -- 11 are 12 oz., but 1 is not. The logic fiends also gives you a very accurate balance and tells you to determine the odd egg out with only 3 uses of the balance. Here is a picture of the balance.

How do you do it?

Each unique solution will earn you 100 pps.

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