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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 240
11.6.07 at 7:36 pm
I did not know it before now, but I guess it’s free to upgrade your paypal account to a premier account. I thought you had to pay or something, so I never did. Not until last night. The thing is, with my estore now and my link directory I am going to have to be able to accept credit card payments sooner or later.

It snowed today. Nothing outrageous, but a light sprinkle of snow. Winter is here! I can’t complain, I like winter 10x more than I do summer. Although, my favorite season would actually have to be spring.

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Day 27
4.5.07 at 9:34 am
Two days ago it was above seventy degrees. Then yesterday it hailed and snowed. Now it’s just plain snowing and doesn’t look like it intends to stop.

Why? Why?! Why must it snow? It was turning into spring. It was warm and it was nice. Now it’s cold and wintery. Twenty three degrees out to be exact.

I have a riddle for everyone. What kind of ball is fun to play with but doesn’t bounce? When I first heard it, I thought it was a bowling ball. Almost makes sense, right?

By the way, the correct answer is, “Snow Ball.”

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Day 257
11.23.07 at 7:35 pm
With the snow flurries going on, I was hoping to get photographic evidence. Unfortunately it wasn’t collecting on the ground because the ground is still too warn, and so I tried to get it while it was still floating down from the sky. Which didn’t work. I saw it in my view screen, but after I took the shot it was like every single flake had disappeared. So unfortunately I didn’t get a shot for proof, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s bound to collect on the ground someday so I can get a picture.

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Happy New Year!
1.1.08 at 12:47 pm

Happy New Year! I hope you all got to enjoy yourselves while ringing in the new year!

I ended up not having to work last night which was perfectly fine with me. But now I'll have to work on Friday which kind of sucks. I still work tonight though.

So I didn't do anything special last night. I watched the ball drop on NBC and spent most of my night not being able to sleep because Aubree refused to sleep. She woke up when I was going to bed. Then she laid on my bed playing. She was awake when my mom got up this morning. She did not go back to sleep until after mom left and we slept until 10 this morning.

And we brought in the new year with a new snow storm as you can see from the photo. Click the photo if you'd like to see my other flickr photos. I took 4 photos of the nature I can see out of my front door.

Thanks to the snow, though, I get to go out and shovel before mom gets home. The snow is getting deep and it's getting deep fast.

I've got some work to do today, so I need to get going. I'll be back soon to write more. Probably to complain about work. Because I can. Heh. Take care and I hope 2008 is a great year for everyone!

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