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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 226
10.23.07 at 9:16 pm
I am watching the biggest loser right now, it is pretty good. As always, it is very motivating.

I finished a scarf that I plan to sell at my estore tonight. It came out well. It’s very pink and very fuzzy. It feels good. I want to wrap it around me. Since that one is done, I’ve started on a new scarf. I’m using a fun purple yarn with a little random color in it. I’ll share a photo here when I get my new digicam. I just love this yarn. I might keep this scarf, it’s my favorite color.

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The Repair Post
1.22.08 at 10:57 am
It's awfully sad that I can do a repair post. Their really is that much stuff broken around here in need of repair.

The Car

Mom took the car in to get fixed on Sunday. I can't remember what part it was thought to be. But mom called Monday to see how it was going and they told her it was fixed and it wasn't what they thought. Turned out to be a broken hose going to the radiator. They fixed it and ta-da, the car is working again. It was only 1/6th of the cost of what it would have been if they were right about what they thought the problem might have been. As for the oil that goes into the radiator fluid, they told her that the leak could be anywhere and if it's only a small leak, she shouldn't worry about it right now.

Turns out the car my mom had borrowed from her friend was a standard. I don't know how to drive a standard. Mom was going to have to take me to and from work. She wasn't looking forward to it. So thankfully we got the car back and I was able to drive to work after all.

The Washer

I did my work laundry on Sunday. The washer didn't drain the water. I turned on a heater in there. The washer still didn't drain the water when set to do so. So we had a repair man come in [he just left] to check out that, and the dryer since that doesn't give off heat to dry clothes anymore. Well, the washer worked for him. That's right. Worked. He said that he thinks it froze. I told him I had the heater on in there in case that was the problem, he tried again and it still worked. He told me that all he can figure is that it froze. Or he's seen a couple cases where the hose that takes the away the water got a clog. But it seems to be working just fine now.

The Dryer

It is so old that he doesn't think parts are made for it anymore. I told him that it came with the place when we moved it, it's our landlords dryer. He said it's not even worth fixing, if he could get the parts, because it'd be too expensive. The berrings are going out amongst other things. And the no heat problem is because it needs a new gas intake valve. He said that alone could be around $150 - not including labor.

So in the end? $45 for labor... where nothing needed or could be fixed. He's a nice guy though, and he is good at what he does. Unfortunately labor is some expensive stuff to pay for. The car was $110 just for labor. I'm not complaining, though.

Know what's cheaper than a dryer? Hang drying everything all over the house. Looks like what we'll have to do from now on.

If you want to read about my shopping adventures, feel free to go here. It's wayyy too much to retype and I have to get some online work done before I can get offline. My goal is to find the time to write a letter to one of my penpals.

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Day 26
4.4.07 at 10:36 am
The sweetest thing happened yesterday. I took a friend out to eat at her favorite Chinese buffet where my mom and I are regulars. Their are a couple regular servers there that just love Aubree. Well Jackie was there last night. He came over to talk to Aubree like he normally does, asked where my mom was at then told me he’d be right back. He came back with a Care Bear that came with a Care Bear cartoon for Aubree. That was just very thoughtful of him. It reminds me that their are still some nice people out there.

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Day 228
10.25.07 at 9:20 pm
I’m almost done with my scarf. I really wanted to finish it before I went to my friends house, but I didn’t make it. I was close, though. Just a few more rows to go. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to finish it tomorrow. It’ll look too darn cool on me =) Purple is so my color.

Like I mentioned I went and visited a friend today. She’s doing well. Aubree had fun playing with her kids. They wear her out, running around and causing trouble. My friend also has 2 dogs which are kid friendly and chase her around.

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Day 236
11.2.07 at 8:34 pm
Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone have weekend plans? Besides opening my estore, I don’t really. Although I am hoping it will be tomorrow that my memory card for my digital camera will show up. If it is not tomorrow, it’ll probably be Monday. Then I’ve got some pictures I need to get printed at walmart. It costs $.28 per picture. I’ve got some cute Halloween pix of Aubree I want to put in her photo album to save. As well as the pictures I got of Aubree riding her bike. I want to make a scrapbook with all the pictures.

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Day 241
11.7.07 at 8:00 pm
I got my memory card today. The thing is, I don’t think it’s the brand I had ordered. I’m not complaining, it works very well and it’s what I needed. Just a different brand than what I had ordered. I need to look at my order confirmation email again.

Also, the photo to the left will be Aubree’s Christmas picture this year. Speaking of which, someone commented on the cost to print pictures at walmart, and I use the Kodak machine so I get my pictures instantly rather than waiting an hour or 2 days. That’s why it costs $.28.

Note: I wrote this yesterday but had problems trying to get this website work for me. So I didn't actually miss it, just couldn't post it.

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