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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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What a way to end the week (day 8)
Friday. 2.8.13 5:38 pm
I was on the news. And of course, they got me making the "news, will you go away?" face... aka the "not impressed" face.

I should be packing for a snowboard trip, but I"m hungry, and I had to run to see if I was on the news. Yup. Oh boy.


I'd rather be on gMaps.

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This one, she is sweet.
Saturday. 2.16.13 8:24 am
So I got home from work, packed the car, and then drove five hours out into the wilderness.

Ok, not complete wilderness, but a house near a lake.

Driving up, I passed Mt. Storm, where there's supposedly a power station that they are in the process of shipping up here from work.

If boss tells me I'm going, I'm not driving. Nothin' Doin'! Nuh uh! Ok, maybe in the summer, but damn were those roads curvy, and it was snowy and icy, and eek!.

Before that, I stopped in Petersburg. My brother asked where my cat was, and I told him at home, I was in Petersbug. West Virginia...

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Challenge 2, #2
Sunday. 8.26.12 10:30 am
These will be facts 11-20.

11. I have employment! I work at GE as an electrical engineer.
12. I have this weird sinusy issue where I guess my nose is dry? It's bothersome.
13. I want to have my wedding at the Baltimore Engineer's Club.
14. Inspired by undisputed , I grew up in Petersburg, VA. Not that growing up there was inspired by him, but his recent mentioning of it in the shout box inspired this fact.
15. I could go for a very tasty taco. Nice and spicy.
16. I am hungry.
17. I smell like a macaroon from putting coconut oil in my hair. I want to bite myself.
18. Hrm. Revisiting parte uno, I'm beginning to wonder if my intestinal distress is from that drink I had last night. It wasn't even like I had several, I only had one!
19. My chin scar from falling off my bike last year is near invisible.
20. My chin scar from falling down the stairs 14 years ago is not. :(

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Connectivity! (the 9th Day)
Saturday. 2.9.13 12:07 pm
So the place we're staying in supposedly has wifi. I found some wifi.

There's an ethernet jack in the wall... nothin' doin'. Doesn't work.

My back and my finger and my arms and all of me still hurt, so I am not snowboarding.

I forgot my swimwear, so I can't go to the sauna. I could buy some swimwear, but all that was on the discount racks is gone. I tried on some discounted pants (the guy was going to let me have them for 10 dollars, down from 70), but they were pleated and didn't quite fit as well as I'd hoped. Who even wears pleated pants?

I did get a few extra dollars in my last pay check, so perhaps I can go buy a swimsuit.

Except they're all made for teeny tiny people with no tits and ass, so it'd be near obscene for me to wear something like that.

Oh! I was at my pole-dancing class the other night, and the woman teaching me said she had a "black girl booty". I hope that I gave her that look of confused-black-person, because then I looked at mine and was like "uh ok, if you say so". It's not a bad ass, but I wouldn't call it black.

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Very superstitious
Wednesday. 2.13.13 9:26 pm

Today's video. Brought you courtesy of bad dancing, 70's Spiderman Villians, and earworms.

So I should make a meaningful post. But I am sore. Pole dancing is HARD.

Boss's boss is in for the week. Terrifying.

Jazz Hands is hanging out on the bed cleaning herself. Good ol' stinkbutt. Charlie is hanging out in the bathroom. No idea why.

I wish I had some fizzy water.

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Home Stretch!
Sunday. 2.24.13 10:51 am
It's hard to sleep when I keep jamming my injured fingers into things.

Went to my friend's wedding yesterday, drank a bit too much too quickly. Damn alcohol.

Saw some people I hadn't seen in a while. Danced like an idiot. Read some Time Life books I had when I was a kid. I totally want to buy a set of them, but they are most likely super-outdated. Hrm. The Great Wikipedia implies that they are still being printed...

Those don't look like the books I'm looking for.

I blame them for me wanting to ride the TGV and wanting to go to Liechtenstein.

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