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Breaking Up
Saturday. 10.11.14 1:07 am
Breaking up is surreal. Rarely does an event incite so many simultaneous emotions at once: doubt, regret, anger, sadness, guilt, hope, hatred, happiness, jealousy, fear, joy, disgust, trust, anticipation, surprise, shame, kindness, pity, indignation, envy, wonder, courage, pride, respect, confusion, and of course, love.

If I were a really tacky guy (and I most certainly am), I would say that breakups sort of resemble earthquakes. Two tectonic plates wander over the earth’s mantle on the aesthenosphere of love until they find each other in the darkness. From afar, they are both convinced that this is their perfect match, the perfect plate they can spend the rest of eternity with side by side. From a distance, this seems to be true. But when they finally do join hands, it is never a truly smooth process.

There is ultimately no such thing as a “perfect fit” and they inevitably manage to bond together with much difficulty. Sadly, there are times when the friction is too great and one poor plate is subducted under the other. Regardless of whose "fault" it is, the magnitude of the quake is too much sometimes?

But the initial quake isn’t always the worst of it. There are times when the aftershock is far more potent and destructive. Much like an earthquake, your emotions also seem to come in random waves. You are relieved that the worst of it is finally over. All of a sudden, your heart is gripped with dismay as the emotions return stronger than ever before. There really is no predicting such events. The catalyst may be a television commercial you just saw, or maybe you see a blade of grass that reminds you of a salad that she ate once during one of her frantic diets before a formal event.

Whatever the case, there is no avoiding or predicting it. It is not a tornado you can shelter yourself underground from. It is not a rain you can comfortably admire from the safety of a warm home with a steaming cup of coffee. It is not heat, it is not cold, your very world is crumbling and falling apart. The very foundation that you’ve taken for granted as a constant has betrayed you. How do you fight back against your world itself? Maybe that’s why broken couples always erupt together one last time ^-^

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