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Not an Official "official" entry I believe
Sunday. 1.21.07 11:42 pm
I have just joined. This entry is only for my own amusement. Do not take to heart what I am about to say:


Now, my entry has been fulfilled.

*Freya walks over and stares at entry*
Freya: That doesn't make sense!

The end.

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Slow, slow, slow!!!!
Monday. 1.22.07 11:12 pm
I've never been one who was always patient for everyone. Yet, I'm the most patient out of everyone I know. I wouldn't know if I would be very patient with myself, however. Anyhow, I need to get myself updated and ready. There's a new staff member at Lan Hua yet I am still on the slow side. I've gotten most of what I need done almost done. Slowly. I just hate the word slow. If I could go fast I would. You know that one wish everyone has? My ultimate wish would probably be...more time. More time to do everything. I have a strange way of thinking but time it is.

I'm going to start complaining now. I HATE RUBBER BANDS!!! Okay, I have braces. Laugh it off if you have to, I don't care. But yes, I have braces armed with rubber bands. Just dandy and awesome. But my teeth hurt, so uh uh. I shall leave today before mommy dearest catches me awake.

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