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Age. 32
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location England, United Kingdom
School. Other
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[Bento 009]
19/09/06 19:32
mood: good
listening to: whichever kiddie song my sister's playing on the piano
watching: nothing

Well, well, well!!! =DDD We went shopping again today ^_^ And I went and got my passport photos done for random cards I needed to sign up for... They didn't turn out *TOO* badly... I think the first one was the nicest, but I didn't get a choice at the end of all of the photos =sigh=

I personally think I look a little possessed in the picture o_O; But it's not half bad considering how it's a passport photo type thing, and those are abso-stinking-lutely awful =3

Anyways, I went to Tescos! That means more lovely groceries for yummier bentos!!! =DDD You can be expecting a new bento every Tuesday and Friday now, since I'm at my consortium school in the morning for those days, so I like to take my own lunch then =3

And this was my lunch today:

And a close up again:

Hehe ^_^ Twas quite yummy~

Top tier (left in photo): Lemon Chicken with rice, courtesy of my lovely mummy again~
Bottom tier (right in photo): Tomato slices, cucumber slices, and grapes, yummy! =D

Oooh! And a close-up of my cutely decorated chopsticks case:

Cute, no? =DDDD Decorated with little tattoo-ey thingys ^_^

Okay just so you guys know (this is posted at 20:45), it did *not* take me an hour to write up this entry ^^;; My dad came in half way through and used the lappy for about 50 mins, so yeah... ^^;

Ohhhh! In Tescos today... o_O; I actually saw some hott Chinese guys! XDDDDD Yes, I now have renewed faith in them ;) But there was this one guy, who was quite weird and not very good looking and he kept staring at me o_O;;

And I saw him smiling at me... O_O;; of course, I immediately looked away thinking 'uuuurrrrgggg x_x;;' ^^;;

Ah... another thing... I actually have renewed faith in finding my "the one" again... Today, in Wilkinsons (In Canon Park, there's a Tescos, Wilkinsons, Iceland and various other shops, it's quite large, I suppose), I looked up from when I was fishing through a pile of cushions, and saw a Chinese guy walk past...

Nothing special about that, right?

But you see... when he walked past, I immediately looked up, whereas normally I wouldn't give a hoot who walked past me... Also, my heart absolutely leapt for a second or two... And I guess... I just knew he was my "the one"...

I never got to see his face properly, but I saw a little... he kind of turned a bit to half-look at me...

I wanted to follow, thinking about it, I really should have followed, but for some reason I stood frozen on the spot, and went back to fishing for cushions... I guess the lord didn't want me to meet him yet... I will be very patient.

I wonder what kind of a person he is... if he's like the list of things I've made for my perfect guy... I will make a private entry for that list later probably, if you want the password, ask me for it =] but yeah, it's a reaaaaaaaaally, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long list ^^;;

For some reason, though, I'm... I dunno, I don't feel amazingly giddy and... I dunno, I feel strange... I wonder if he's really my "the one"...? He looked like he was in Uni (from what I saw of him)... Hopefully he's only 3 yrs older than me <3

Oh yes, on a final note, even though I've said this three times already...


Plugs to the beautiful: ikimashokie, Silver-dot-, The-Muffin-Man, Ashraf





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little-b TheDailyDish dave

Wow you have very neat lunches. If I ever pack something I just throw it into my backpack and go on my way....

"The One" eh? Good luck with that. (Not sarcasm) :)
» randomjunk on 2006-09-19 05:24:55

:drool: as usual for the bentos! XD
lol this is an interesting entry! haha i can actually imagine u looking @ ur "the one"! ;p

hope u do find "the one" u know..;p if it makes u happy, so be it. Lucky guy, probably getting bentos everyday..haha

oh btw, the "smilies" i meant were ur ugh idk how to call them...like this: ^_^ ^^;; =3
» frostbitten on 2006-09-19 06:58:19

Cute lunchbox
Your lunchbox is so cute... you must be really enjoyin when you are havin your lunch. and of coz, nice food from your mum! ^_^

Yeah, good luck to you with you "one".
Hope you'll meet him again...
» kaka ( on 2006-09-19 07:19:43

Aww! That's sweet! ^.^ I hope you see him again!

Yummy looking bentos as always! *sigh*
» Kirei on 2006-09-20 10:07:18

You have an exceptional and amusing blog.
» le_battement on 2006-09-21 01:19:31

Eeeeeeee, Kuri, I just love you and miss you so terribly!! Love your lunches. :)))
» Katie ( on 2006-09-23 12:57:23

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