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Just another day.
Saturday. 1.3.04 10:54 pm
I went to work today.. and after work I went to Target and the outlets with my brother. I bought a DVD and a shirt. The DVD is Chicago. That's a damn good musical!

Here is a survey I got today:

If you could have picked your name at birth- what would it have been?
I'd have to say Janelle, Alexis, Kaia, or Charlize. I really like those names.

Five people you couldn't live without:
God, family, and friends. That's about it.

Who are you sitting next to?
No one at the moment.

Favorite T.V. shows?
Smallville of course. Run of the House, One Tree Hill, Tarzan [they stopped showing it], Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Weekenders, Recess, Fillmore, and FLCL.

Favorite smell?
Gucci Rush II. It's my perfume.. I love it!

Graphic Design, rocking out with friends, shopping, playing guitar, listening to music, television, watching movies/musicals, and playing board games.

Stuff that pisses you off:
When people chew loud or with their mouth open.

If you could meet anyone- alive or dead- who would it be?
[Dead] I would love to meet Audrey Hepburn. She's so cool. [Alive] Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk.

If you were any dessert:
Any flavor of ice cream.

Favorite saying or curse word?
"How rocked out," "Bastard!," and "That's awesome."

What are you known for?
My graphic arts? or maybe webpages?

Favorite sound?
When I play songs on my guitar.. =o)

Worst feeling?
Menstrual cramps. Unrequited love... yea! Right after cramps!

Three good things about the person who sent this to you:
He's quiet [is that a good thing?]. He is also nice and cool.

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Effin New Year. Happy?
Friday. 1.2.04 9:00 pm
Well. New Year's Eve sucked. Blahh.... I don't want to talk about it.

I went shopping with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend.. yesterday. It was okay. We had dinner later that evening. We had a hard time finding an open Asian restaurant though. My mom was craving Asian food.. We ended up going to Exotic Thai Cuisine. I ordered duck. Yum.

Today was fun. I gave Jill her Birthday/Christmas presents. Yea, I got money now.. HAHAHA HA HA! I got her some nice pajamas and 4 pairs of candy/food socks [they have pictures of famous sweets]. She kicked it here at my place. We invited Jonathan and we played board games. Actually, board game. We spent the whole time playing Monopoly. Yea! First place me; second, Jill; and third, Jonathan. I kicked ass!!!

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I'm back.
Tuesday. 12.30.03 5:35 pm
I was in Bf for a while. Well, during the holiday. Yep. I haven't touched this computer for so long. I forgot how to type? Anyways. I got cool presents for Christmas. I gave cool presents too! During the stay in Bf we bonded through board games. How fun. It nearly killed my brother cause there was no cable. There was snow and stuff in the mountains. I took pictures of it on my ne digicam but I accidentally deleted all of the pictures.. stupid $&%#@*!! even though I frickin locked them! Okay..

Yesterday I kicked it with Jill. She got attacked by the dumb dog. My mom bought him a frickin sweater cause she said the dog might freeze. It's a chihuahua. Me and Jill went to Sean's apartment. we watched movies and played STRIP poker [jk!]. The strip part is a lie. He's really cool and nice. Me and Jill said that it would be so sexy if he played the guitar, sang us rock songs, and surfed.. but he doesn't. He's the opposite. He's a baller and he listens to Hip Hop. But it's all good. I forgive him. Hah.

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HP Bday [Saturday] Jill!
Monday. 12.22.03 9:59 pm
Beat: Gah.. I don't know.

Stippers, cigarettes, and Lotto.. It's her pick. Yea, finally she can DO many of those things [if she wanted to]. Her birthday was Saturday, December 20. She invited her closest freinds to her party. Ofcourse I was there. It was mostly her relatives and some of her brother and sister's friends too. It was awesome because afterward, me and Britney were jamming on guitars.

I'm done with my Christmas shopping. Wooop x2. I bought myself a few gifts. I bought a leather motorcycle jacket and a few clothes. Well anyways, I still haven't bought my surfboard yet. I also have to go watch LOTR III, Cheaper By The Dozen, and Peter Pan. Awesome movies..

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