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Tigers' Life in the Mother Earth
Updated 16 Feb 09

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The tiger is our national animal. Our heritage. But today only less than 500 of them
remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage.
Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders. Everyone of us can make a difference.
For further information, please visit MYCAT (www.malayantiger.net), WWF Malaysia
(www.wwf.org.my) and Department of Wildlife & National Parks (www.wildlife.gov.my)


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An Amur tiger and cub at Edinburgh Zoo. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA

There are now just a few thousand tigers left. Seven hundred mountain gorillas. A hundred Iberian lynx. Can we do anything to help them? Emine Saner looks at 10 animals we just have to save - and how you can get involved ....
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Source : The Guardian

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Dominant Hand
Saturday. 3.17.07 12:54 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
*Evil Grin*
Friday. 3.16.07 10:33 am
Dear My Prince Charming a.k.a My Soulmate and Guardians,

WARNING WARNING WARNING this gonna be a long post... read it with your own risk...

How are you? lol.... (well do reply if u happen to read this :P - i told ya in my topic *evil grin* a bit cheeky tonite).... okay okay...

Well today i did smth really bad [er..Guardians i know u know what i did, sorry my readers cant tell... muahahah but of course during the act no one are injured.... muahahah]

Went to Matta Fair w my friend today, took LRT .... wah 10 stops b4 we reach our destination... and have to walk to PWTC too.. muahahah.... well only a short distance... so "dont mind, dont mind -quote Kikumaru" ... once i step into the hall 3 (i think) was the local section, so i start hunting for Sarawak since me n Renaye plan to go there.... STILL IN THE PLANNING STAGE.... approach few stops and many funny things happen... muahaha i became real cheeky asking all the weird questions... muahahah... and suddenly there was this guy who incharge of Sarawak booth, come to say hello, and he ask "R U GIRLS JAPANESE" lol... since when i look like a Japanese? hahhaha funny???????? neh... should ask renaye to judge it.. muahahah

Okay.. later this tourism Malaysia girl approach me... but bad PR skill so i dont bother to talk to them... cause ask apa pun tak tau (dont know anything that i asked) so walked half way... another Tourism Malaysia guy came over, and introduce me "HONEYMOON PACKAGE" omg.... i said... AIYO why Honeymoon, u should target students, they are rich... muahahah and he said "R u one of them" hahahaha

oh by the way, most of the places i looked for, mostly involved animals... :P ok ok.. continue my story, i went to Sabah Booth.... to ask for the package that involved ORANG UTAN.... muahahah... and this guy [cute guy ah... but too short muahaha] is Orang Asli - *translation please* and he is so so so cute and funny... i ask for package that only go to Sandakan not elsewhere, then he said okay ill email u since we dont have it here, so i said, OMG r u going to spam my email? if u do, i ll spam ur email too... muahahaha... and he was off laughing... yes i do give him my email because i wanted to know the info... might bring my younger bro along.. muahahah

then went to Pahang booth and asked about Elephant bla centre... and this Guy said.. OH anything about elephant ask me because im the expert, and see i look like an elephant too.... (SWEAT) and i said, too bad u dont have long nose.. muahahah......

and pass by many local booth and nothing interesting besides this Sarawak and Sabah booth... hahahahahha

went to international hall, 1st approach the Perth tourism board, this guy was so funny, i asked about dolphin he said he can see dolphin at his house LONGKANG - drain (sweat) then i said lets go to shark bay... hahahah

abit bored at international hall... only focusing on few countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Australia.... thats all... BORING.... and later we went to seek for agents.. came across few travel agents that offered trips to Australia... and one particular travel agency piss me off....

she : when do u plan to go for ur trip?
we : JUNE
She: oh then we have to charge another RM200
we : Why
She: because season change, the weather change
we : huh?

Walked away.... holy crap.... the earth nature and we have to pay for it?
SUAK - forget it

tired of carrying the bags, we headed home around 4pm and the sky was mad at me because im cheeky? hahahah it rain

so end up we bring our soul and body to Jusco for dinner and some shopping (mainly fruits)... thats all for today...

Oh b4 i forgot... my membership is accepted.. YAHOO... now im Officially MNS Members... muahahah... SAVE THE TIGERS, SAVE THE SHARKS, DONT KILL THEM.... THEY NEED LOVE TOO.... I LOVE TIGERS...

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Just another Normal Day
Thursday. 3.15.07 12:29 pm
Dear My Prince Charming a.k.a My Soulmate and Guardians,

It been a busy day for me today, why? erm, went to class as early as 10am (lol not that early i assume) and stay back for 3.30 hours for next class... rush my assignment which will due tomorrow(cause i dont have any ideas what should i write.... so i decided to create my own answer, since "God Permitted Tyrant" said we MKTG students *bullsh1t" alot) so i dont think she mind reading another "bullsh1t" article.. wahaha...

by the way, today my appetite was scary, i act one standard size bowl of rice and a bread yet my hunger was irresistible, i was whinning to my friend about how hungry i was, and i want food... hahahaa.... so after the assignment, we went to "SecretRecipe" yes i know it sucks but there is aircon, and the ambience is marvelous as compared to my UNI... BORING.... so we warmed the seat for 2 hours plus before went back to class...

i was half sick today, sudden cold, sudden hot that make me sick, so i ordered Jasmine Green Tea, and glurp....3 big cups... and tada i feeling great now...

nothing much happen today since there were 2 groups presenting today about successful entrepreneur... Ray Kroc and Bill Gates... erm... not bad and i do learn something although partially im chit chating... the presentation was boring as too many animation in the slide that distract me and make me piss as the things is moving and making my eyes sick...

oh, i think that my relationship w my classmates is getting better... cheers.... well is past after all.... haha..... no longer :D

i think that it been awhile i didnt do this....

MUAKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TO ALL MY LOYAL READERS... thank you so much.. muakss ... no worry i do wash my mouth before im doing this... muahahah

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Something I wanted to share
Wednesday. 3.14.07 3:28 am
Dear My Prince Charming a.k.a My Soulmate and Guardians,

I been a big fans for Ayaka Hirahara's Jupiter (which is the song's name) and this is the music video on one fo the tv channel, this girl who played the piano actually is her big big big fans and see her hand carefully, and u will know why i wanted to share the video.

Ayaka Hirahara is the best vocal singer (ithink so, is it called vocal singer?) i ever heard...I mean me.. i dont know what about u...

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Stuffs that i like - Tagged by Giddy Tiger
Tuesday. 3.13.07 10:44 am

Dear My Prince Charming a.k.a My Soulmate and Guardians,

Just realise that i got tagged by Giddy Tiger yesterday night, cause i have nothing better to do so i search google my nick, alamak see my name at Giddytiger then... hahah

Okay okay, stuffs that i like are:-
1. Family - I love my family members

2. Animals - I love animals as an overall however, there are some animals that i dislike.... I LOVE MY DOG

3. Tigers - I love tigers with all my heart, i can become very emotional if there are any bad news about tigers (REAL TIGER not TIGER WOOD)

4. Shopping - every "female" do... dont tell me u dont

5. Poetry - im poetry freak ( i mean in writing )

6. Anime and Manga - love watching and readng them, they are just too good to be watched and read..

7. ICE CREAM - yummy, icecream reduce stress.... yummy....

8. Travelling - Which im looking forward to ... REAL SOON i can have the license to flee...

9. Mother Earth - i love the earth as she give us place to stay, air to breath and so on...

10. Just too much to name..... oh ya... i love blogging too... hahaha ...

OKAY... top 10 are enough for me, if not the list will continue for few pages, Giddy Tiger did i answered my questions? hehee NOW i wanna be bad so i wanna tag somebody... muahaha

Renaye - lol
Nuttz - you dont mind right? since u r still in ur holiday
Simple American - muahahahha since u been doing so many tag, so i think u wont mind...
Feon-Rabbit - Revenge hahahaha
Immomsdaughter - paiseh paiseh... I'm ur loyal reader... hence... hehehe

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Tigers' Crisis - edited
Monday. 3.12.07 12:31 pm
Dear My Prince Charming a.k.a My Soulmate and Guardians,

Adapted from : DailyMail - Tiger

Cruel almost beyond belief, this Chinese farm breeds hundreds of tigers in rows of battery cages ... so they can be killed and turned into wine...

King, the Siberian tiger, stares at me through the bars of his cage. His two beautiful, graceful companions pace back and forth across their tiny compound. They look crushingly bored. The most exciting thing they can do is paw mournfully at the dirty pools of rainwater on the floor of their cage.

Although the Xiongsen tiger park, near Guilin in south-east China, appears to be a depressingly typical Third World zoo, with a theme park restaurant and open areas where tigers roam, it actually hides a far more sinister secret: it's a factory farm breeding tigers to be eaten and to be made into wine.

In row upon row of sheds, hundreds of tigers are incarcerated in battery-like cages which they never leave until they are slaughtered.

Visitors to the park can dine on strips of stir-fried tiger with ginger and Chinese
vegetables. Also on the menu are tiger soup and a spicy red curry made with tenderised strips of the big cat. Visitors can wash it all down with a glass or two of wine made from Siberian tiger bones.

A waitress at the farm's restaurant tells me proudly: 'The tiger meat is produced here. It's our business. When Government officials come here, we kill a tiger for them so they have fresh meat. Other visitors are given meat from tigers killed in fights. We now have 140 tigers in the freezer.

We also sell lion meat, bear's paw, crocodile and snake. The bear's paw has to be ordered in advance as it takes a long time to cook.

The waitress clearly does not care that she is selling meat and wine from endangered species. She is not worried that selling them is against Chinese and international law, and helps to fuel the poaching that is driving tigers to extinction.

Tigers and other endangered species are being reared on an industrial scale throughout China, despite international treaties forbidding this. The Mail discovered three factory farms breeding tigers in China. The Guilin farm alone has 1,300 tigers, including the incredibly rare and exlusive Siberian sub-species.

It rears and slaughters Bengal, South China and White tigers. More than 300 African lions and 400 Asiatic black bears are also reared here for food and traditional Chinese medicines.

The Chinese authorities claim that farms like the one at Guilin are a vital part of the country's conservation efforts, and that they will one day release these endangered creatures back into the wild.

But my visit to the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain Village shows their real intention could not be more different. For the fact is that these animals could never survive in the wild.

Having spent their lives in tiny, battery-style units, they cannot hunt and would be dead within days of being released. Each shed at the tiger farm - and I saw at least 100 - houses between three and five tigers in a space no larger than a typical family living room. In relative terms, they have about as much space as a battery hen.

The animals have all been bred on the farm. The cubs are taken from their mothers at three months and put in a kindergarten. I saw around 30 tiger cubs in this creche, where they stay until they are old enough to be transferred to the battery units.

Many of the youngsters kept leaping at the fencing. The younger ones simply wanted to play like kittens. The older cubs were already showing signs of stress.

Tigers are naturally solitary creatures that roam over dozens of square miles, so it's hardly surprising that life in the cages drives them insane. I saw numerous examples of stress-related repetitive behaviour.

The mature animals paced back and forth across their cages for hours on end - three steps forward, three steps back. Some hurled themselves at the bars of their prison cells, while others simply stared into space.

Over-crowding drives the creatures to attack each other, often resulting in death. Officially it is only the tigers killed in such fights that can be eaten or turned into wine. But it is clear that many of them die as a result of a bullet to the head.

They are not the only animals killed. For entertainment, visitors to the animal park can watch the 'live killing exhibition', a sick spectacle in which animals are 'hunted' and torn to pieces by tigers while onlookers cheer.

I watched in horror as a young cow was stalked and caught by a tiger. Its screams
filled the air as it struggled.

A wild tiger would dispatch its prey within moments, but these tigers' natural killing skills have been blunted by years of captivity. The tiger tried to kill - tearing, biting at the cow's body in a pathetic-looking frenzy - but it simply didn't know how. Eventually, the keepers stepped in and put the cow out of its misery.

Virtually all the tigers from the Guilin farm end up at a winery 100 miles to the north, their carcasses dumped in huge vats of rice wine and left to rot for up to nine years.

The Chinese believe that the tiger's strength passes into the wine as its body decomposes.
They also believe that it is a powerful medicine that wards off arthritis, strengthens bones and acts as a general tonic.

Smelling like a mixture of methylated spirits, antiseptic and congealed meat, it is difficult to believe that anyone would willingly drink it, and yet people pay up to £100 a pint for it.

The Guilin farm also has its own small winery and acts as a distribution centre across ChinaThe distribution manager showed me around with a Chinese tourist.

A small dingy office acts as the nerve centre of the warehouse. On the wall were charts showing that day's deliveries of tiger wine across China. Six crates were sent to Wuhan and another to Tianjing. Six crates of 'powdered bear' were sent to Shanghai. Numerous other cities and countless deliveries were also listed

We were led into the warehouse, where I was hit with the disgusting and potent aroma of tiger wine. I was led past countless crates containing the foul-smelling brew. In the corner of the warehouse was a huge brown vat. It must have held at least 50 gallons, and its contents were probably worth around £12,000.

We have three ages of wine; said the manager. ;Three, six or nine-years old. It helps with arthritis and strengthens old people's bones

She slid aside the lid of the earthenware vat to reveal a reddish-brown liquid with an overpowering smell of meths. A piece of string was pulled out of the vat. Attached to the end was a tiger's rib cage. Small slivers of dark red flesh could still be seen clinging to the bone, even though it had probably been in the vat for at least three years.

The manager then filled up an old plastic water bottle with a pint of wine and handed it to my fellow tourist. He paid £30 for it.

Whatever westerners think of tiger wine, the Chinese regard it as a potent drink with almost magical qualities. In the past, a Chinese doctor may have prescribed small quantities of wine for a short period of time.

But in recent years, big companies have moved into the market and industrialised all parts of the industry. Now the wine is becoming an essential drink for China's corrupt bureaucrats and the nation's nouveaux riches.

Conservationists say tiger farming is not only barbaric, it could lead to the animal's extinction in the wild. It is stimulating demand for meat and wine, and this will inevitably lead to more poaching, says Grace Gabriel, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

It costs £5,000 to raise a tiger from a cub to maturity in one of these farms, while it costs no more than £20 in India to poach one. On the market, a dead tiger can fetch £20,000.

With such a huge margin, it is inevitable that more people will poach wild tigers if demand increases," she adds. "There are only a few thousand tigers left in the wild, and the last thing they need is increased demand for their body parts."

If present trends continue, tigers could be extinct in the wild within a decade. Three
subspecies have already vanished. Chinese tigers are down to a pitiful 20 animals in the wild and are "functionally extinct".

There are only about 450 Siberian tigers left in Russia's Far East. The remaining 3-4,000 are sparsely scattered across India, Nepal and South-East Asia.

The trouble is that, as tigers become rarer in the wild, their 'street value' increases, which in turn encourages even more poaching.

Tigers have already become extinct in India's most famous reserve at Sariska. Numbers have plunged in several other reserves, too.

Most of these tigers will have been sold to traders in China. The Chinese authorities do virtually nothing to clamp down on this illegal trade, and many corrupt bureaucrats and police earn substantial sums from it.

And demand is continuing to increase as ever more bizarre uses for tigers are promoted. Tiger whiskers are used to 'cure' laziness and protect against bullets. Their brains, when mixed with oil and rubbed on the skin, are promoted as a cure for acne. Penises are used as aphrodisiacs, while hearts apparently impart courage, cunning and strength.

Tiger farmers also have their eyes on the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. They hope that a huge influx of tourists will lead to increased demand for tiger wine.

Although it is illegal to trade internationally in such tiger products as wine, the Chinese are lobbying hard to get the law relaxed. This June, the Chinese Government is expected to press the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to allow the trade in 'medicines' such as wine produced from farmed tigers.

If agreed, it will lead to a massive increase in tiger farming and tens of thousands of these noble beasts will spend their lives in battery cages.

If the Chinese get their way, then it will almost certainly drive the tigers over the cliff into extinction.

It is almost too late to save this magnificent creature - but not quite.

• For more information about the trade in endangered species see www.ifaw.org


my heart ache when i read this article, i cried (u might say im silly, im too emotional but for me tigers r like my soul, my babies but human cruelty, human sillyness killed them, make them faced much more dangerous than ever, is greedy really the root of evil, i dont know... im sad, what can i do what should i do, waiting for me to graduate, to look for a job to start saving the tigers is it something too late to be done? while im struggling to survive at this world b4 i able to save them... they already been slaughter... i just cant think of that, what should i do , can you please tell me.... please i beg you, if u come across any made by tigers products please dont consumed it, please dont buy it, my tears continue to drop whenever i think of the words that keep on coming back in my brain... reminding me...it is such a torture... I NEED TO SAVE THE TIGERS ASAP i need to.... SAY ME EMOTIONAL SAY ME STUPID... i dont bother anymore....

TIGERS IM SORRY to take the action abit slow... too slow i think....

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
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