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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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I got my result today
Wednesday. 6.15.05 2:07 am
My school result released today, and they are as following:
Comm 402 - 79 D
Comm 409 - 68 C
Comm 410 - 68 C
Comm 411 - 67 C
Comm 412 - 70 C
Comm 314 - 65 C Overall mark : 70

I am disapointing, seriously. I expected to get higher than this, and it is just same as last semester. The overall mark for the whole course is 68, and I wonder any university will accept me, as I couldn't get 70.

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I need some quality sleep
Tuesday. 6.14.05 5:50 pam
Honestly, I need a quality sleep!!! I feel so tired and dizy, I slept 4 am and I wake up at 9am. I want to sleep longer but I couldn't, and this happened yesterday too, I woke up at 7am and occupied the washing machine for the whole morning. And I have nothing to do now, as all the clothes washed.

It is a beautiful day, sunny and warm. I guess most people want this weather happened yesterday, because it was Queen's birthday and holiday. However, it was very cold and the sun didn't come out until 12pm (and he went to rest after an hour).

I went to supermarket to buy some finner, find chocolate is on sale, nearly half price. It was originally $5, and it is $2.8 now. So, I bought 4 packs, two for me, and two for Natalie.

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Breakfast and books
Sunday. 6.12.05 4:07 pm
I haven't sleep yet, from last night to this morning. My timetable goes crazy, sleep in the morning and awake at night, so I don't sleep this morning, and hope to sleep at night, forced myself to have a healthy rest. I had a shower this morning, and went to bunch, the cafe that I usually go was full, so I tried another cafe. I ordered bacon and egg breakfast and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was good, but the breakfast was too salty.

I visited all the bookshops at Newtown, because I was free. I walked down the street to Broadway, and felt thirty (I guess becasue of the bacon). I went to Colins bookshop in the shopping mall, and looking to books. I was surprised that I saw the book I search for long. I bought it and bought a coffee at the cafe inside Colins, then read a bit of it. Then walked back home.

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I feel bore!
Sunday. 6.5.05 5:50 am

My friend,
as you are reading my blog,
I need to tell you one thing,
no doubt,
it is a truth,
extremely significant,
that mean,
you must need to trust me,

maight not agree,

you need to know,

I use a long time to find this out,
they are
the meaning of

Life is ...
cannot without Books and Music!
I am not a boring person,
But I feel Booooooooooooooring!

Drat! it is damn boring for stay at home, and no $$$$$$ to go out, therefore I spend most of my time on reading books, internet, and listening music, well... in the same time, Of Coz!

Today I woke up a bit early (not really early, it was 3pm, but i slept at 7am, coz of reading), and went to to buy books, bought 4 books, some books i cannot find today, so tomorrow may need to go out again, but i will check the bookshops in Newtown first. Yup, there are a lots of bookshop in Newtown, and I found Penguin Classic is on sale, not very sure, I wanna buy Dante Alighieri 's , well, I have the online version, but I think a set of books will be better, and I know Penguin Classic has Set.

I found i have more than 60 books at my home, i mean home in Sydney, with those at my HK home, I guess i have at least 100 books. And I find I like reading classic/literature, for me, they are better than morden books, and their uses of english are pretty!!! And I bought "Around the world in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne, and it is only $6, it was one of my favour books when i was little. And I remember there was also a Cartoon on TV at the time, but the main characters are animals, the main character is an lion, i.e. story same, but characters are animals.

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I am lose, but I'll let you go
Tuesday. 5.24.05 10:51 pm
I finally finished all exams.

There is only two exams in this semester, and I've finished the Insearch Diploma of Communication course too. Time goes by rapidly, I can still recall the first week of Semester 4, Sem 3, Sem 2, Sem 1, and even orientation day. I was late as I went back to high school for some documents, and I arrived when the orientation nearly finished, and it is graduation now. I criticised the course is long, take one and half year and delay my time to university, but I learnt a lot.

And it is all OVER.

Thanks for the memory, my friends, my teachers, and my school, although you have the most ineffective staffs in student service, I'll remember you.

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your birthday
Monday. 5.16.05 10:21 pm
Today is my friend sharon's birthday, happy birthday to you! wish you good luck all this year!

I had a late night, as I was working on the flash for Venise and chatting with Becky. Becky wants to move back to Sydney, because she finds the course in UC is not suit her. Becky, I'll support you whatever you do.

I wake up at 1:30 pm and don't want to get up, but there are lots of work waiting for me. I worked on the poster for the whole afternoon, and finished at 5:30 pm. I looked at the clock, and realised I need to leave home for ballet, so I quickly get change and left. I regret when I was on the stree, because it was raining outside, and I was too concertrated on my work, so I didn't know it.

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