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Age. 34
Gender. Male
Location Essex, United Kingdom
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The Wilkinson's Experience
Monday. 6.11.07 7:43 am

Having come home from a great weekend out with my girlfriend and her family, I begin to get nervous!

I shall tell you why later.

Firstly though, it was my last day at work with my previous part-time job working at th local bowling alley. £5.35 p/h. "minimum wage" comes to mind, and considering I only did 8 hours a week (Saturdays) I needed something that paid more and was a bit more convenient to me, since I did like going out over the weekends!

So, after work, I waved goodbye and waddled off to my other half's place to get ready for her uncle's 40th birthday. 1970's rock 'n' roll themed!

I'll post some links to the pictures once I've sorted them out tomorrow so you guys can see what I'm going on about.

Long story short, it was a good night! Had some drinks, partied like a nutter and generaly had a blast.

That's Saturday in a nutshell, I'll extend more tomorrow when I've got those pictures linked to.

Sunday - well, didn't do much, so let's skip to today!

I've begun work at Wilkinson's. It's better than the bowling alley due to the 65p increment in wages, plus an "unsociable hours" 25% wage increase. Basically I'll be working from 8 'till 12 for 16 hours a week on £7.50. Muuuuch better than £40 a week from one day's work at the bowling alley.

My first night is tonight, where I get my lovely red shirt and 13% discount card. Pretty random number if you ask me!

Anyways, that's all for now. Again, pictures are coming up tomorrow, so come back then around 1pm GMT.

- - -

Fast Advert is a cpm site which pays you $1 per cpm of their banner ad. I had this going over at my previous blog (kadreansblog.blogspot.com) and earnt a bit from that, and will be thinking about posting it over here, too.

Don't worry, it won't be intrusive, it'll just be above the section before my blogs, due to the positioning rule.

Check it out if you have a decent site that gets a ot of hits per day, and you can earn some extra cash from it! What's the harm? ^_^

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First of the bat, there's...
Friday. 6.8.07 7:25 pm
mood: A little tired
- - - - -

Bloomin' (one sha'n't swear) Big Brother. To those of you reading from the UK, you will understand (or should, may I add). This got boring (for me) way back during Big Brother 3, but I still enjoyed some of the stuff that went on during the last 4 (or 5?) BB's. What' going on with this one? The first week in, and someone gets kicked out!

For good reasons though. I won't go into detail. Since the Jade Goody 'incident' and her fame being shattered, glued together, stamped on, then framed, then burnt to bits and has then been reincarnated (since people seem to be liking her again...) someone obviously thought it'd be fun to say a pretty dumb thing on national TV!

That's put a hole in my bucket! This BB isn't gonna be too brilliant, I don't think! (Although I am willing to be shocked by any future outcome!)

Secondly, college.

The college I study at has absolutely no idea where it's going. All the teachers are being forced to re-apply for their jobs at the end of the year as the place is under new management. But, it's not that simple. If you re-apply, you will receive a paycut up to £10,000. Hooooly cow. Teachers don't earn much anyway, but they'll be picking pennies up off the floor after anything up to a £10k paycut!

What's that all about? Well, the new management system is "purging" (so to speak) the new teachers and educationaly system to refurbish the thing. I tell ya, they'll need to refurbish the whole of Essex! I've heard this is also happening at other college's too, some mates of mine from different areas of the Home Counties said their college are in a reflective predicament.

That's not all! This paycut thing has caused all the teachers to become utter morons! They really don't care about their work anymore, and the students are suffering!

I've got to study at home instead of college to keep up with the curriculum since college offers nothing more then a PC nowadays! And I'm expecting two distinctions and a merit! (roughly two A's and a C/B) It's a catastrophie! Utter wang balls, it is!


Besides that, thanks to those who welcomed me! Strange as it may occur for being called a newbie, there should be another word for someone who's experienced in their feld (i.e. blogging) but has since started afresh in a new community, considering I've "moved" (per say) from blogger.com, as their community really wasn't all that brilliant.

Plus I like monkeys.

That's reminded me of the days I used to be crap at the Half-Life and Call of Duty series'. Back in the day I was a proper newbie, attempting to mash people online but ending up becoming the winning stastic for "teh KiLlEr".

But anyways, that's for another blog. One that shall be called "reminisance" or something big and generally "oo, smart!" sounding.

Until next time! =D

- - -

For those of you who live in a family, or know someone, who is disabled to some extent (such as visual, aural and/or motor skill disabilities) please take a moment to check out a site I found; The Usability Exchange. It's a site that will pay you upwards of £20 per hour to help test out websites that are being developed for the disabled.

You will need to be disabled (or a carer who can assist) in order to use this program. After all, there's little point testing the usability of a website for someone who is colour-blind if you aren't yourself. They even cover "Sign Language User" as a classification of a disabled, obviously aimed at a carer or those (like me) who know a deaf family/people and, also, know sign language to a competant degree.

The tests are few and far between, and they - on average - can range from ten minutes to a couple of hours, but you will be paid on the basis of £20 p/h. So 10 minutes work would pay out to be around £3.30.

Payments go into your PayPal account as soon as the assignments are accounted for. All in all, there's nothing really to lose from joining this site.

So, if you are, or know someone, who is disabled to some extent, please take a few minutes to at least look around the site to see what it's all about. If you read this far, thanks! Please let me know if you went over the site and possiblity discuss anything with me!

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