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The Swell is on!
Saturday. 1.24.04 11:16 pm
I went to an awesome show yesterday. The West Swell rocked the "stage." Johnny gave me a ride to Kelly's Coffee and Fudge over at Main Street. Jill was already there. I was surprised that she wasn't under lock down by her mom. My bad experience that day was ordering a really gross iced tea.

The West Swell

A lot of people I know watched the show.. people who I haven't seen in a while since grad. Jeremy was there..and he looked really good I must admit. I also met new people which was cool. The more the merrier?

Happy Birthday Amanda

Anyways a nice lady gave Amanda, me, and Jill roses.. We didn't know if someone paid that lady to give them to us or she did it herself.. we were the only ones who got roses.

Harrison wearing Jason's shirt

After the show I kicked it with the red tide people over at In & Out. Then off to Trolly's and not really.. Damn. They are one entertaining crowd.

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School, how f u n .. .
Monday. 1.12.04 2:47 pm
I enjoyed my weekend. I saw Big Fish on Saturday and LOTR III on Sunday. I liked the third one the best. It's not boring at all.

School started today. Great.. I was almost late to my first class cause I couldn't find the classroom... hahaha. I found my Psychology class easily. I went in that class thinking I was late and in actuality, there was a class in there. Oops! Oh well. Arley sits next to me and he socked me. The teacher is very weird, calm, and happy. It didn't hurt but it was cool. There were two cute white guys in that class.

I got lost looking for my English class because I had a typo on my schedule. Haha.. how embarassing I kept walking back and forth. My teacher is hella peppy. It scares me. I know a couple of people in my class, Andrew, Jason, and Jeanette.

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Thursday. 1.8.04 11:29 pm
I went to Guitar Center with Jill and Anthony [her brother]. We rocked out on $ 2,000 guitars.. How awesome. We then went to Office Max so Anthony can pick up his pay check. We then ate dinner over at Taco Bell- some 49 cent tacos. Yum!


We went back to her house and we called up Johnny and Aaron [Jill keeps telling me I should hook up with Aaron.. She says we would make a good couple..] and told them to come over. We played Monopoly and I went bankrupt, then Aaron, then we gave all of our properties to Jill cause we wanted Johnny to lose so bad. He had a ton of money and hotels.


Later we did make overs on the boys. It's a traditional thing. We always put make-up on boys who come over. It's fun! I swear, they turn out looking like cheap hoebags! Hah..

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Thursday. 1.8.04 4:30 pm
Well, I got home from Bakersfield today. Jill came along too. I've spent so much time with her this week! We told each other that one we are bound to get sick of each other. It's cool. She stayed for about three days. It was fun. today we went to sleep around 7 in the morning.. We were so tired..

Jill: LA LA LA

What I bought this week: Two sets of pajamas, Grease DVD, and a grey sweater. I'm cutting down on my spending. I also purchased styling glue for my hair cause I'm almost out.

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