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My FIRST time..
Sunday. 2.1.04 8:26 pm
Work was very hectic today. Blah blah blah.. About the title.. It was my first time watching the Super Bowl. I was going for the New England Patriots and they won! Tom Brady.. is that his name? He's hot. Well, I have to bring it up anyway since I know that the mags. and news will be talking about the -Janet-boob-Justin thing.. I was expecting something controversial to happen and it did. Anyways, I'm not much of a football fan but more of basketball.

Here is probably my next layout theme person. She's a Japanese Shiseido model. She's really pretty. This is my best Vector Art ever..


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Homosexuality and Cannibalism in one night!
Friday. 1.30.04 1:11 pm
Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale.. that's the title of the weird ass "movie" [documentary] Jason rented [he says that he read on the case that it was award winning]. We had a movie night yesterday. The documentary was about a man, Tobias Schneebaum, who was a homosexual, cannibal [not really], writer, artist and archaeologist. That man got around [sexually speaking]. It was interesting at times but it was also boring.

Jason, Jason's friend [girlfriend?], Jill, Johnny, Aaron, and me were the movie group of the night over at Jason's. We also watched a part of the Billabong Odyssey.. damn 60-70 ft. waves. Crazy stuff! Oh yea, Jason played us a song on guitar about a man named Rodney and his relationship with his penis. It was some funny crap.. Yeah, that's all that happened there.

Jill came over to my house after Jason's. I live on the same street as him. We played guitar and talked about her relationship with her boyfriend.. After she left I stayed up about 2am doing class assignments.. I didn't mind. That's about it.

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Today. Today. Tomorrow.
Wednesday. 1.28.04 10:10 pm
All i can say is that I'm really tired. I did 25 minutes on the bike today. I got my ass beat by this lady in my running class [she also stole my running buddy, Rob].. I later found out she has been in cross country her whole life.. I'm not much of a loser then after all.

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Holy krapff!
Monday. 1.26.04 7:05 pm
I BSed my proposal for psychology today.. at least it's better than doing nothing. I saw Jeremy today! Hah..after I told him yesterday that I never see him on campus.

I did pretty well in running class today. I ran with Rob because Shane wasn't there. Rob is really cool. He does motorcross, surfs, and is a hardcore jock. He motivated me to run! Afterward I was on the stationary bike for 22 minutes non stop. It said I burned 62 calories on it. How awesome is that?!

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