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Age. 34
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Location Essex, United Kingdom
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Half-Life Episode 2
Thursday. 6.14.07 11:57 am

Who's excited about the (late) release of Valve's Half-Life 2: Episode Two?

I have ever since I friggen heard about it 18 months ago, about 6 months into waiting for Episode One to come out...

Man! Valve's release dates are shoddy! Firstly EP2 would have been a Spring release, then summer. Now it's late summer (August/October time, I think). I'll have to check on GameSpot again about those details, 'cos I can't remember.

I'm really looking forward to the new Portal game. The concept is original, I'll give them that. Plus the fact that the female protagonist within that game will be used in further Half-Life 2 Episodes/Possibly Half-Life 3.

Also, remember Half-Life: Decay for the PlayStation 2? Slow-mo head-crab whacks and explosions as you team mate goes flying into a trip mine.

The reason for bringing them up is that it's rumoured that one of these lovely ladies will appear in further Half-Life 2 Episodes.

Could there be a link between the Decay ladies and the female protagonist of the Prtal game? I think so. I read about it all on Wikipedia so if you do too you'll understand where I'm getting my facts. (Plus which ones I'm getting mixed up! Eep)

At the end of the day, I want Half-Life 2: Episode Two SOON! >.<

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there it be!
Thursday. 6.14.07 11:52 am

I found my really old, very first NuTANG blog the other day! "W00t" as the computer geeks say!

Not much has changed on it (obviously, lol) but it's actually generated about 17c from over 2 years of inactivity. N-i-c-e(!) So I've exchanged links with myself (sad...) as I'm thinking I could use it to sohwcase some NuTANG page designs over summer, before I start Uni and forget about it again for 3 years.

There's not much point having two active blogs talkinga bout te same thing from the same server now, is there?

By the by, you like my new layout? Took about two hours to tweak this twat to what it looks like now. One word comes to mind; "simple". Yes. It DOES look simple. Black with borders. Lovely.

But check out my AMAZING new Linkage module! How COOL are those custom made MySpace and deviantART buttons? I'm a genious(!)

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