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Dont be hating
Thursday. 11.16.06 2:20 am
My rating was 10 for awhile. Two people gave me a 10. Then all of a sudden it was like 6.5. I mean what was that average. Someone gave me a 1. I mean you know if you dont like my page or it is not excitting then keep it to yourself. Dont be hating!!

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Hair Can Help Doctors Diagnose Eating Disorders
Thursday. 11.16.06 11:40 am
Hair Can Help Doctors Diagnose Eating Disorders

A person's hair can help doctors diagnose eating disorders, according to a study in the journal Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. The hair strands can reveal evidence of the person's diet.
The researchers found there were differences in carbon and nitrogen in the strands of women at an eating disorder clinic versus women who did not have a disorder. They were able to determine which group from the strands 80 percent of the time.

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Routine and Attention
Saturday. 11.4.06 11:29 pm
I read this interesting article on how routine sports or activities can increase your concentration. It actually makes sense. I would figure that this would apply to hunting, darts or archery as well.
Preperformance routines have been found to help focus attention, reduce anxiety, eliminate distractions, enhance confidence, and be extremely helpful to mental preparation for an upcoming performance (Lidor & Singer, 2000; Weinberg & Gould, 2003). Many athletes have developed the ability to reach the ideal performance state by associating concentration to specific preperformance routines (Schmid & Pepper, 1998). Preshot routines have been shown to be an effective concentration cue in many different sports such as golf, bowling, basketball, tennis, and skiing. (Cohn, Rotella, & Loyd, 1990; Kirschenbaum, Ordman, Tomarken, & Holtzbauer, 1982; Lobmeyer & Wasserman, 1986; McCann, Lavallee, & Lavallee, 2001; ...

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The Power of Scent
Sunday. 11.5.06 2:50 am
When something smells bad we avoid it like the plague. Like when someone has bad body odor we just want to gag. When someone wears nice smelling colonge or perfume we are swooning.

Pheromones.... how do we attract the opposite sex? I recently read an article that stated, "According to experiments, the aphrodisiac odors that men love most are not roses ...but pumpkin pie and anise (black licorice)... with lavender and nutmeg coming in second. And Ladies, if you want to attract a man, wear a fresh clean scent. Cucumber is the top choice!"

I never knew that to attract a man, I just needed to shop in the produce section.

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My mom just lost her job
Sunday. 11.5.06 1:54 pm
My mom has been working for this company for the past 20 some years and they want to lay her off. That is soooo wrong. They have been making her workplace so uncomfortalbe and tyring to make her quit by saying that she is under investigation. Her email was monitored and so were her phone calls. So since she hung in there they told her that they are redesigning her dept. and closing all the divisions under her so at the end of Feb. she no longer has a job. That is so messed up. They are giving her 4 months severents pay but what will she do after that? I just want to them!

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Age of innocence
Monday. 11.6.06 6:19 pm
My son works at Target and he has been there for about a year now. He really likes it there. He was telling me last night that he had the worse day ever. I was like, well how bad can it be when you only worked 4 hours. He said that someone got arrested the other day for stealing and now they are watching him closely. I was like, why you. He said because I was the one that gave her the key. He said that she asked him for the key to post some signs in the cabinet. I was waiting for him along with my parents (that were visiting from Hawaii) and so he told his relief that he gave the keys to the girl and that he was on his way out. The girl got arrested and fired for attempting to steal ipods. My son is not an unethical person and I know he is innocent. I hope the bosses at his job will see that.

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The Mystery of the missing sock
Sunday. 11.19.06 4:55 pm

Why is it that I put a PAIR of socks into the washing machine and only get one back? I could swear that I put them BOTH in the washer and BOTH in the dryer and yet when I begin to separate the wash and fold the clothes there is always at least one orphan. There have been times when I got someone else's sock in my wash. How does this happen?

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Enemy to my own culture
Sunday. 11.19.06 5:39 pm
I am of hawaiian decent and I feel as if I have abandoned my own culture. I use to study hula and hawaiian stuff but I gave it up because of my hatred for doing so much and getting nowhere. I was always counted on to do the most work for the group and yet I was never rewarded with a title or position. Everyone wants to be recognized. Insted my labels were, "Randy's wife" or "Rolanda's niece". I never had my own identitiy. I feel as if I am an enemy to my own culture. I do not go to hawaiian functions or festivals anymore. I still eat hawaiian food though.

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