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Onomatopoeia: boom
Thursday. 3.10.04 8:20 pm
The glorious weather continues..

The day was a little frightening due to a bomb threat at the school. Me and Jason ended up taking a stroll around the college in our slippers [flip flops] just to get home.

It's a good thing it was a false alarm. People can be so ignorant.. they don't realize the trouble they cause.

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Weather watch
Monday. 3.8.04 2:58 pm
Sunny California. So true.

It's a nice summer day


in the middle of winter season.

Everybody's headed

to the beach.

Muchas gracias Santa Ana winds.

I just felt like adding breaks. It's not a poem.

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Friday. 3.5.04 11:16 pm
I spent the whole day out of the house with friends, which is not very typical. I spent about a couple of hours in the library with Jill studying then after, we went to her house.

Her family was gone and Jill and Anthony were the only ones left. Anthony decided he would have a little get together with some of his friends and Jill's. Hah. We had some alcoholic beverages but me and Jill didn't drink. We know better. We just got some tips from Jill's co-workers [Bernice and Erika] about parties and drinking games.

Afterwards we decided to go to Scary Dairy for some fun. We took so freaking long at Vons and at AMPM that I had to freaking go home. Everyone was at the damn AMPM. The group that was suppose to go to Scary Dairy were me, Daisy, Erika, David, Dave, Armando, Anthony, Mark, Anthony, Aaron, Jason, and Johnny. I'm so disappointed cause I'm here at home now all by myself..

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Just another sunny day in California.
Thursday. 3.4.04 5:13 pm
Now that I think about it.. I've spent more time with Val than friends I've seen at school. Hm. How about that..

I got excited today when he told me his friend gave him a guitar. What more can I ask for?? Umm..besides him writing me a song and singing it to me while playing his guitar. Sweet. =oD That would be awesome.

My sorry ass day consisted of school, Val, and the walk home with Jason. That's about it. Yea, I guess I'm coping with Jason. He's cool now. But sometimes he still makes me feel inferior. I really hope I can go to his concert this Saturday.

Finished? Not quite. Well for now I decided to skip the Shiseido model. I want this one to look simple. I'm not done yet because I haven't added an image map for my links. Hmm..

Forgive me for my incosistency with my thoughts. Abstact thoughts. My thought process isn't.. . .

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