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Sunday. 6.15.08 5:22 am
Tell me folks those of you who are familiar with IM's like Zwinky and IMVU. Would you be offended if you are speaking to a female avitar and she admits she is a guy that made a female avi for fun or vise versa? Would you just stop the conversation?

Anyway I am tired of every male I talk to on IMVU just leaving instantly when I tell them I am a guy with a female avi I made for fun. Gosh. But then again I have a lot of friends on there.

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Solar Energy Part II The Sterling Engine.
Friday. 6.13.08 12:48 am
watching: Watching? I am to smart for TV
listening to: Avril Lavigne Again.
mood: just here

Why am I listening to Avril Lavigne when I feel like writing a blog wierd

Ok now in Solar Power I I mentioned a generator that generate huge abouts of power. It would only be practical to power a city. Now how about somthing much smaller? Something that would be practical for a farm house. Or A larger model for a neighbor hood.

The device was invented many years ago. Reverend Dr. Robert Stirling patented it in 1816. The Sterling engine is a EXTERNAL COMBUSTION engine. External meaning that the source of heat comes from outside the engine. So heat is applied to a condensing coil of the engine causing the shaft to spin. Basically it converts heat into mechcanical or kinetic energy. The way it does it is by applying Boyles law about gases. Which states that the temperature and pressure are porpotionate to one another.

So a gas is put into the engine. As the gas is heated it expands. As it expands it moves a piston. The piston moves the crankshaft. Once the heated gas moves from the piston cylinder it moves to cooling coil, better known as the evaporator coil. Where it is cooled creating a vacuum on the other coil that is being heated. So the process is a chain reaction. Causing the engine to continually spin the shaft as long as there is heat being applied.

Enter the Solution to all our energy needs.

California Edison 25 kW dish/Stirling system. The 944 square foot concentrator consists of 82 spherically curved glass mirrors each 3 foot by 4 foot. The United Stirling 4-95 Mark II engine (4 cylinders of 95 cc displacement) uses hydrogen as the working pressure at a maximum gas pressure of 2900psi.. This engine delivered 25kW output at 1000W/m2 insolation. Fascinating. Image that sunlight as the heat source.

Imagine this being used at your home. A home can comfortably operate at 10KW. So a smaller dish could be used for your home. Small enough perhaps a rural home like mine could have it's own power station. Now it very possible to cascade these dishes to create more power. So imagine a co-op buying a field of these dishes and each member furnishes their battery bank. I think that is well within the realm of practicality.

Oh let me chase a rabbit. It's a good one. How about a solar water heater? Like a huge one for a neighborhood. and it could be equipped with gas or electric heat for the rainy dark days. Just a thought.

Of course it has issues at night and during thunder storms. You would definatly use a bank of batteries and a inverter system at these times. What is good though is a small solar panels or the Main dish could charge the batteries on sunny days

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Sorry no blogs latly...
Wednesday. 6.11.08 2:58 am
I have totally got into a new game. Myst IV. I always was a myst fan. And other games like it. So I am going throught that game so I have not been studying and writing latly.

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I just saw a great movie
Friday. 6.6.08 7:34 pm
Ok so I was in Wal-Mart last night. My mom was set on buying a $5 movie. So she saw this movie Second Hand Lions. She thought it was a cute movie about animals. Her favorite type of movie. I was going to just let her watch it by herself and write a blog soon to come Solar Power Part 2. But she said if you watch it with me you can have all the cheese cake you want. So I just had to watch it.

It turned out that animals had a minimal role in the plot. It turned out to be one of the best movies I seen in a while. Pretty clean movie. it was only rated PG now I can appreciate that. It had Robery Duvall in it he is a great actor. I oughta knew if he was in it couldn't be really cheesy.

The main plot of the movie is about boy going to live with his eccentric uncles. As he learns about thier pst he learns to respect them. They have a huge amount of money, rumor is they robbed the bank. But they tell a much more exciting story.

So go and rent it it really is a neat movie.

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Thursday. 6.5.08 2:37 am
Ok Wow I get way more comments on these little blogs. Rather than the longer ones that I research and put serious thought into. AMAZING.

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Wednesday. 6.4.08 2:01 am
MY ZUNE! IS ALIVE! I just found the missing charger cord. It has been missing for 3 months. No Zune the last three months. It is charging now. :D

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Solar Power
Tuesday. 6.3.08 12:28 am
watching: Good Eats
listening to: Avril Lavigne
mood: Smart and REALLY TICKED

First thing forget wind generators and solar panels as a means of powering your house. FORGET IT

Solar Updraft Tower Systems are the solution to at least half of our energy needs. SUTS can practically generate 200MW of power. Ok that is 200,000,000 Watts yall. Lots of Power. SUTS are essentially wind turbines driven by wind generated by a thermal updraft.

They are chimneys connected at the bottom to a open air green house. The green house allows the sun to heat the air in them. The air density changes and is forced up the chimney. It is a wind. A constant wind. This system works on convection currents obviously.

Very impressive concept right? Is it practical or better yet possible to construct and utilize? The answer is yes it is very possible. In fact here is a picture of a functional SUTS in Spain.

This unit can make 50KW of power. In this unit the average wind speed at the base of the chimney is 12m/s that is 26.84mph. The turbine at the base of the chimney is being blown by wind constantly.

Can it work at night?

Yup Yup. Works at night. The average plot of dirt has a specific heat of .2 So at night the heat absorbed by the ground will be released into the air under the green house causing a convection current. As you can imagine it will not produce as much power at night. The power produced at night can be drastically increased simply by using tubes of water buried under the green house. How much. Well if you incorporated these tubes in 25% of the green house area the night output goes from 10% to 50% of that of the day. Awesome!

Right now Australia is constructing a 200MW system.

So lets see free energy minus construction cost. Virtually no maintenance required. No man power is needed to run plant. The plant in Spain ran by itís self for 3 years without a man controlling it. And is continuing to run. Also the green house area can be used to grow plants. Imagine that? So it can help clean the air as it generates electricity. Nifty huh?

Who wants to stone the fool that thought of burning coal to generate electricity besides me?

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New Amp
Thursday. 5.29.08 4:02 am
Ok so I go to Krazy Al's yesterday. Good ol Al isn't that krazy after all. He gave me all my money back as a store credit. Also offered a PV900 model for 20% off the tagged price. Very good deal. I ended up spending twice as much that PV900 but I am sooooo happy with it.

I took it and it's two PV215's to my church and me and my band used it to play worship music for the teens. We have a 16 channel mixer with balenced outputs. Stereo. We were able to totally rock the fellowshi[ hall. I hooked the vocals bass guitar and keyboard all into it. Sounded wonderful. Unusally Crisp and Clean. For some unknown reason Philip the guitarist wouldn't plug his martin acoustic into it. He preferred to use his small Amp. OH Well.

Anyway I am well pleased with my investment.

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