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Nikki Santoro
Deep thoughts and mindless ramblings
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Age. 48
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. see for yourself
Location Seattle, WA
School. Other
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the sweetest guy ever...
Saturday. 6.26.04 4:19 pm
recently, i figured out that i am married to the sweetest guy ever. i'm not sure how it came up but we were talking about my car, a ford escape. when i first bought the car we went to a nice restaurant downtown called daniel's. we love this place because they have the best steaks. they have valet parking there and they always parked my old car in the back somewhere instead of in one of the half dozen of spots in front reserved for nice looking cars. this time when we came out after dinner i noticed that they parked my escape up front. i was soooooo excited and didn't stop talking about it for weeks. anyway, i recently found out that mike paid the guy twenty bucks to park it up front because he knew it would make my night. he is so sweet!

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fun night at the er
Wednesday. 6.23.04 11:22 pm
i had to go to the emergency room tonight for my allergies. the heat has totally messed me up. my eyes have been itchy, throat sore, and nose runny since friday night at mikescha's going away party. :( it doesn't help that our house doesn't have air conditioning, like every other house in this crazy city. mike called the ac guy this week and we are having one installed next week. yay!!!

the wait at the er wasn't too horrendous. only 1 1/2 hours from the time we got there until we left. at least i had time to start reading my new book, dress your family in corduroi and denim. thanks for the suggestion karen. i've been meaning to buy it but keep forgetting until i was reminded of it on your blog. it is pretty amusing so far.

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shopping is so much more fun now
Saturday. 6.12.04 6:20 pm
man, shopping is so much more fun with someone who knows what they are doing. today i met rebecca at the bananna downtown. i ended up buying a bunch of pants, a skirt, a jacket, and two tops. next we checked out sway and cake. it is a cool little boutique near nordstrom. i got a new purse and another jacket there. sean will love this jacket. it is totally 80s. shopping used to be so depressing. nothing ever fit right and i awlays ended up with clothes i'd wear only once and then toss.

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lots of working makes me sleepy
Sunday. 6.6.04 10:21 pm
ok, so i counted it up today and i worked 61 hours this week. i couldn't sleep thursday night so i ended up getting up at 3:30 and went into work very early. i even worked today. hopefully i won't have to go in on sunday. i was supposed to spend a bunch of time with mike this weekend because it was his birthday on thursday but i hardly even saw him. :(

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lazy weekend
Sunday. 5.30.04 3:09 pm
i am writing this from my backyard. (man, wireless is great!) mike is busy mowing the lawn and i am reading newsweek and blogging on the patio. not bad for a lazy weekend. pretty much all i have done this weekend was watch the entire Lord of the Rings triology. mike got me the third movie no friday.

friday night mike and i went to see the day after tomorrow with rick, amy, allison, peter, carmen, and matt. it was fun but the movie was total crap. (sorry rick.) the plot was as terrible as the science. i didn't expect an academy award winning movie but thought it would be better than it was. rick seemed content with its shittiness but i think the rest of us were disappointed.

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digi girlz
Sunday. 5.23.04 8:40 pm
i was reading the orku profiles of some friends of mine and found that shannon, a woman i used to work with, has a blog on typepad. i found her blog very interesting. in one of the posts she talked about what would happen if women ruled the world.

this got me thinking about the women i have worked for and with during my career. i've worked with a surprisingly large number of women considering that i work at a large technology company which is fairly dominated by men especially in top positions. 5 out of 7 bosses i've worked for over the past 8 years have been women and about 45% of the people who work for me right now are women.

my former managers taught me a lot over the years. elaine taught me that being nice doesn't have to mean being weak. from bei-jing i learned that a little morale budget can have a big impact. i learned one of my favorite lessons from jane. she taught me how to build and nurture a team that works together collaboratively. shannon taught me the benefits and pitfalls of being good friends with the people you work with and who work for you. austina taught me how to say no and is now teaching me how to rely on others to help get my job done. i've also picked up a few things from all the women who have worked for me. some things i try to mimic, while other things i try to avoid. the biggest thing i have learned is that women can have just as much drive, ambition, and determination in business and any man.

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