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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

Sentosa drained my energy D:
Sunday. 10.14.07 2:09 pm
LOL i got owned by one trip to the Beach at Sentosa.

The freaking Cafe Del Mar's Customer's service is like shit. So FIERCE!

$100 to get the $&(#$(& bed by the beach and supposedly can get 2 and then they chased us off one bed by saying its reserved. Faggots. D:

Weiyi and i overkill on the ordering cause we thought the bill wont reach a hundred but yh and cheryl orderd Long Island, ONE Pitcher, 30 odd i think. LOL dang!

The sea sucks now. Full of grease, ended up using the pool they have, sit there chit chat, gossip about other people. I blame Keegan and Daniel for making me so tired, they freaking drag me all around the pool and treated me like like like, a toy. D: sadface. Sun in sentosa is like sissy that day, no burnt and no shits.

Benedict and Alexiss had to leave early because she had to tuition her lil brother and Ben being her other half, went off with her.

Then like just as we leaving Wilson came to join us for dinner near Sentosa. Which is at uh, arh, Telok Blangah that area, Gillman Seafood. SO HUNGRY!

The MINUTE I GOT HOME, LOL 10mins into my room i concuss like a pig. from 10pm i slept all the way till 12.30pm the next day(which is today!) so TODAY!

Today! after waking up, Wilson called me and say eh lunch with jeri and i. I was like uh okok then i showered and stuffs then i got out. THey told me Genki Sushi is no more there so going to PS to eat, THEY CHARGED INTO Manhatten Fish Market and ordered before i reach and i thiink they are feeling rich, faggots. Making me poor only D: Then Jeri went home to do homework and then Wilson and i went to Sim Lim, i bought a printer cause its small like real small and cheap becuase its student price rate and its laser printer. CLP-300 Samsung. Finally my room has a f*&#$([email protected]#($* printer. I hate shifting things around to print. Thats why i rarely print lecture notes and hate lectures.

went home. STILL FEELING SO TIRED i concuss again! LOL. i slept 20hrs! approx. Jeri says im unhealthy, i asked him to go and die. =)) sleep is goood. SO GUUUD!

Woke up, dinner, then played DOTA with Ed, Weiyi and winson. We accompanying ed cause of issues, so we just accompnay him to play to make him a happier boy =D. gah! so tiring still. Think i am getting old.

In the past, Wenshen Victor and i can like go Sentosa and come back still full of energy and go school the next day. Wenshen and i used to go Triathlon together too. Then we created a Triathlon craze in my class that some of the boys including us have triathlon every saturday but its our own version. We start off the morning by going to a friend's house to play either soccer/basketball then we cross the big big main road to my house to swim then we go play LAN at victor's house. LOL its still a triathlon. SO TIRING! kk i think im either getting old or i should start to exercise. Maybe gaming does hurt a bit. hmmm I DONT KNOW. =D

gn! gn!

tmr sch starts. dah.

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Happy Birthday to my sister. =)
Thursday. 10.11.07 4:37 pm
Today is my sister birthday. 17 yr old this year.

Went to some funny Japanese Restaurant to eat.

Hmmm taste nice though. Especially the Ebi Unagi Crunchy Roll.

The place is located at Wheellock place, dont know level what, forgotten the shop name. Then there is this super super super nice waitress(quite pretty), she is very attentive, like gave a lot of suggestions and like super good service. hehe

Pictures are all not with me. Lazy to get them. =))


Winson today went to the DENTIST! LOL.

Yesterday night, Desmond and i on vent are like telling winson to eat his last meal or do not anger the doctor or it might be his last operation and stuffs that are negative. LOL ... Today he went to extract his Wisdom Tooth. Came home, while we were on vent. HE CANT TALK! !!! LOL. We kept teasing him and stuffs and all he can do is type in-game to reply us. If he tries to talk he will mumble mumble and mumble and then his tooth will ache so badly. HEHEHEHEHE..

On the BRIGHT SIDE, Winson got 1 week MC leh, He can stay home and not go to Army for ONE WEEK EH! He kept complaining whole night its damn pain. LOL. xD..
Des asked Wins to go cut skin if he wants more MCs LOL. Des is damn bastard thoughout just to make winson try to talk. LOL

I think pain makes one mood swing so badly that

(Re-Enactment of the chat..)

Winson: gn! gonna sleep.
Winson: OIE!
WInson: say gn to me leh!
Ian: LOL gn! gogo!
Winson: <3
Desmond: hhaha bb! gn!
Winson: <3

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Thursday. 10.11.07 2:08 pm









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Tuesday. 10.9.07 1:18 pm
Sometimes i think it is not my fault that i do not want to sleep.

For example now, its 1.20am. I slept at 10pm and i woke up at 1am.

I mean seriously, not my fault that i woke up. D: I also wish to sleep till next morning but apparently, i failed. =(( /sadface.

Sigh. =/

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When is december arriving ? D:
Tuesday. 10.9.07 5:10 am
When is December coming? Why is December crawling to me so slowly!

Faster! HURRY! Quick! COME ON!


I wonder will Shi Hao get a PS3 too and we can play NBA: Homecourt like how we used to play NBA Street Vol.2 ..

Those times in our secondary school days are like one of the best, he is the best in Queenstown for that game and i am the best in Queensway for that game. Can tell because my friends from other classes all played with me before and i kept unbeaten record. The only times im stressed while playing it was when Shi Hao and i challenge each other everyday during the holidays. =D


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painful night.
Monday. 10.8.07 4:05 pm



I am so scared its my fault, like forgot to do some things but but maybe i just aint good enough. D:

BUT THEN, i think its just pure bad luck!

On the other hand, i think i've gotten closer to people like han wei, cheeyong, aaron, kenny. =DD We just talk and play on vent till 4am! omgomgomgomg! <3

Kenny best! say accompany cheeyong, han wei and i while we do arena.

Aaron ah! hide hide hide, say restart com then nv come back. LOL maybe hide in vent then nv talk! D:


Oh oh! Another Kenny, not the kenny as mentioned above, ADMITTED HE IS GAY! lol and and and he is jealous i had lunch with marc. WHO ASK HIM STUDY at NUS. So far from us. LOL. That slacker stay in the Dorm and play till 7am and dare to say got class at 12pm. pft! AND also which retard like him will say that they love their own school at 4:30am! Only a tard like him who "LOVE" NUS so much.

I GOT PROVE! screenshot!

*the way to read it is, W To: it means from me to kenny(direkite). W From is Kenny to me.*

Maybe i can sell for money like blackmail him if he ever gets famous >.> doubt so.

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