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Smart Alec
Saturday. 9.19.09 10:37 pm
Had lunch with my housemate Irene over at Smart Alec. Had a good conversation and consumed a good amount of food. I had the eggplant melt which consisted of a grilled eggplant, melted jack cheese, basil pesto, special sauce (I don't like the term "special" applied to anything I consume for some reason. To me it just presents a bad connotation.), lettuce & red onion and in addition, I had air baked garlic fries. All oh-so-fucking delicious.

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I don't want to be an ant.
Friday. 9.18.09 11:29 am
I was just thinking about social networking sites, blogs, and personal devices. Are we losing or gaining social interaction? I'm a bit confused. With Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc. we do communicate more (even with people who are very distant from us) but we lose the essence of human interaction.. I mean the physical aspect of it. I also see a lot of people isolated and consumed by their iPods. I can understand if they're studying and don't want to be bothered but if it's to waiting in line or heading to class or waiting for class to start, I think it's not necessary.

It's like that quote from the movie Waking Life:
"...but I don't want to be an ant. You know? I mean, it's like we go through life with our antennas bouncing off one another, continuously on ant autopilot, with nothing really human required of us. Stop. Go. Walk here. Drive there. All action basically for survival. All communication simply to keep this ant colony buzzing along in an efficient, polite manner."

It's just too bad that there are a lot of shady people out there.. maybe that's why we like to isolate ourselves. And in contrast, there are still a lot of genuinely nice people out there too.

Note to myself:
Buy ketchup. Just made hash browns and ate it with a packet of generic ketchup. The Hollen's ketchup is disgusting.

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Ramblings, rants, and such.
Friday. 9.18.09 10:20 pm
Interesting lecture in my Anthropology class. Hirshkind discussed the author's view on how we (Americans) see "Orientals." It was more like how we see ourselves. The way we view orientals (mainly referring to the middle east not just the far east) is usually negative. We think of the stereotypes and that how we see them is suppose to be the opposite of how we view ourselves.

The person in front of me the whole time shopped on Ebay, played some canon game.. did everything but listen. I don't understand the reason for her even being present in class. Nobody takes attendance.

What made today exciting was it was critique day in sculpture class. Saw some great and not so great work or how Brody would say it, "It's different. I've never seen anything like it."
Sinead was trying to awkwardly flirt with this guy in our class. OK, I thought she was gay.. OK I think a lot of people are gay and I could be wrong. She was hitting on Nick. He's cute, tall, skinny, boy-next-door-ish, and model-esque. I have a feeling that he's gay too.

Suppose to go to two meetings today but I have no idea what time and where cause my dumb-fucking internet was not working.

Bike notes. fourth day in a row I've been able to bike home without stopping- especially going up the last stretch of the dreaded hill that separates me from what I temporarily (2 years?) call home. It makes me feel good. I thought it would take me a couple of months to do it. It makes me wonder if I can hack my original bike route.

09.16 - Wednesday
Had my job interview today. It went OK I guess. It's my very first job interview.. I've never had to deal with anything like that before.

Finished my 7 sculptures in 7 days (more like 2 weeks). I haven't been in the mood to paint. But the highlight of the day was in painting class when my professor demonstrated by far the most dangerous way of carpentry. She did stress the fact that she has someone else build her panels and canvases for her. "She calls it her girl carpentry, not to be sexist." Learned how to stretch canvas though. I don't think I'll be using canvas anyway.

I broke the fucking cheap lock that I got from my dad. Couldn't open it so I had it cut.. so technically I didn't break it. I had to buy a new one from the student store where some guy was accusing me of possibly stealing someone's bike seat. He was joking I guess. Installed my sculptures.

A little bummed because Aaron bought a laptop (although I know he needs it).. but then he's getting a 1tb external hard drive. He really doesn't need it. Whenever he tells me about the stuff he buys, it just makes me feel bad because he kept telling me he has no money to come visit me. I don't even bother telling him anymore. Honestly, it feels like he doesn't want to see me. He starts school in less than two weeks. I just know he won't visit me because I'll be too busy and the same will go for him. The month I've been here, I've gone back home
twice already.

09.15 - Tuesday
Got lost looking for my discussion class due a change of surroundings. I was falling asleep in my Lecture class.. Studied with my house mate and had some delicious Korean tea. Tasted like popcorn minus the butter.
Oh, and I finally got my class pass which allows me to ride the transit for free-- like a month after I requested for it.

09.14 - Monday
Met with my Art 8 GSI.. discussed plans for upcoming project. Learned how to build fancy panels.

09.13 - Sunday
It rained again. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to ride my bike on Monday. Cleaned. Did sculptures. I went to Safeway cause I didn't quite buy everything I needed to buy. It's weird how I don't enjoy going out by myself as much as before. I guess I just miss Aaron. I miss the fact that we do everything together.

09.12 - Saturday
It rained. Usually rain makes me happy. It didn't do it this time.
I went grocery shopping with Sara after her work. Off to the Berkeley Bowl, 99 Ranch, and then we had dinner at her house.
She prepared wonderful sashimi hand rolls. I ate way too much.

09.11 - Friday
Did nothing. Studied. Did sculptures.

09.10 - Thursday
Skipped class because I purposefully overslept. Off to a good start?

It was "Go see art day". Went to the city with Sara and Kat. Ate at Del Taco (cause apparently it was the nearest one to Berkeley).. Damn how I miss really good Mexican food. Our destination: Yerba Buena and SFMoMa. It was very enjoyable. It's really different going to a museum and enjoying the work with two other people who feel the same way. It was first time I saw a Frida Kahlo piece. I love the feeling I get when I finally see things in person. I bet I'd die if I saw the Guggenheim Museum. Though, we did spend more time looking at the art in art books at SF MoMa's store- how ironic.

Went out bar hopping again with Kat, Sara + her co-workers- Jonica, Kati, Jonathan, and Amber. Amazing how I managed to remember their names. It all just happened so fast plus a dose of binge drinking. Didn't get kicked out of the Hotel this time. A week prior, the first time I went drinking with Kat, Sara, and Michelle we got thrown out of some random hotel I decided to barge into to relieve myself. Kat was apparently throwing her Vegan self around. The security guard went into the women's restroom to tell us we were being too loud and just to kick us out.

09.09 - Wednesday
I don't remember. Nothing of interest I suppose.

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My Site.
Friday. 9.18.09 9:51 pm
Long gone are the glory days of winning the layout contest on here. I'm working on a layout.. I just haven't had time.

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