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» "Ever so sweet, you baked it in cakes for me."
Sunday, 7/20/03 - 1:22 am
Beat: The Early November - Ever So Sweet

Nope. Nothing interesting today. Umm, fixed the house, cleaned my bathroom, eat, eat, eat.. Gosh, what ever happened to that diet of mine??

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» Lately I've been contemplating..
Saturday, 7/19/03 - 6:08 am
Beat: Mae - All Deliberate Speed
My theme now: Mesh Well..

I've been contemplating a new theme for this. Hmm.. I'm really bored.

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» BF room
Saturday, 7/19/03 - 2:12 am
Beat: Jason Mraz - You And I Both

Early on today I was suppose to go with Jill to buy her skateboard but instead, I left for BF (Bakersfield). I'm going to be staying at my house there for a couple of days.

Well, I'm a little late on writing in this today. It should be, I went to BF yesterday. My highlight, I bought two cool leather bracelets and a retro, double breasted, jean jacket. I can't wait to wear them.

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» How Gay
Thursday, 7/17/03 - 11:08 pm
Beat: The Lyndsay Diaries - How We Kill Ourselves
Quote of the Day: "Five gay men, out to make over the world - one straight guy at a time." -Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Today wasn't all that boring. First after getting a couple of hours of sleep. My mom and my brother came rushing into my room saying that we're going out to lunch. Blah, blah, we then go out to lunch and we ate some Thai food. I ate pad Thai noodles, which is the best. Quality time spent with my mom and my sibling.

Jill came over today around 6pm. We had a movie day and we kept calling Rockstar Alex's place checking if he's back from Vegas.

After she left I watched some real life shows. One great show that I discovered is called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It's with 5 gay guys who make straight guy look decent. They turn his home really nice, teach him how to cook, how to dress, how to communicate with people, an other good things. They have two really good looking gay guys on that show. Waste of a man.. Gay guys are really good dressers and they have hott hair. Why is that??

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