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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

a walk in ikea
Sunday. 1.14.07 10:43 am
yesterday hor to decorate the open house the few of us went to ikea, bryan, yu guang, eunice, yunpei, yani, amy, sin yee, sarina(hope i dint spell wrongly). we walk and walk and many stupid ideas popped on our way. Then we spotted this extremely eye-catching thing that everyone just cant resist the temptation to touch it, hug it, feel it and worst of all, some even bought it. Its the snake soft toy. Cost $1.90 only and its no longer in production anymore gogogo buy one for your self too =D. thus the few of us got one and we didnt want to carry it cause the walk to counter is long then on the way to the counter we saw many stations having that snake too and the thing that irritates us most is that the cashier there has a whole truckload of the snakes. that very moment everyone looked like a complete idiot, carry the snake and comparing which snake is smarter is not very fun actually ><.

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Eunice's daughter??
Friday. 1.12.07 8:31 am
I have a shocking picture i saw today to share with you guys =)

For approx many many months, ive been thinking why she has 'mama' in her email address. Today i know why. She looks totally like a loving mother with her kid on a shopping outing. The picture has depict her to look totally like a mother who is carrying alot of stuffs bought from NTUC and her kid there looking around as they walk home =) congrats eunice on attaining motherhood and kudos to the photographer. lolol

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interesting meaning on EPIC MOUNT
Thursday. 1.11.07 11:35 am
Thousands over minutes ago, my friend gave me a link on what does epic mount meant. To me all these while epic mount was to me a thing you can ride in the game world of warcraft which increases your speed by 100% thats all. Never did i realise it has a 2nd meaning http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Epic+Mount. It's not very advisable to say it out here as there might be people who are underage to grasp the meaning of it. Actually my friend wanna show me the quote on the 2nd meaning ("ROFL Epic Mounts pwn!!1!1 lollolollol") only but he forgot about the first meaning supposed to be censored for me, nevertheless i prefer the first meaning more. GO read and find out =)) its interesting.

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1 Litre Of Tears
Tuesday. 1.9.07 1:09 am
Recently when i turn on the tv, i saw this show titled '1 litre of tears' and i decided to sit down and continue to watch the show and did not change channel for the very simple reason, its very interesting and nice show. i know 4 people who watch the show before they mention about the show to me and surprisingly all 4 cried. I went to download the show and started watching, i didn't cry though. I urge everyone who has the chance to go watch the show =D.

This show is basically about a girl who has been down with the disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration when she was approx 15yrs old.

This whole story is based on a true story by a girl named Kito Aya. She wrote a diary of her experiences so that she could remember them till the day she died. The very main purpose of this diary is for her to keep telling herself not to give up and continue living. The main idea for this story to be made into a show is to convey Aya's message of “Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.”. Her Personal diary can be purchased for those who are very interested in it.
The actress also acted in another show titled 'Taiyou no Uta'. Have not watched it yet though but i heard its a nice show and she is also down with a sickness this time. =(( .

If you are hestitating between watching and not watching, Just watch it cause the actress is rather pretty( not so when she smile broadly).

Whats Spinocerebellar Degenaration Diesease all about?

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I think i shouldn't play so much anymore.
Saturday. 1.6.07 2:12 pm
This friday 12th january. World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade would officially launch worldwide. On that day, i have 2 TESTS. Yes not 1 but 2! i am afraid i might not make it for the launch event as i end school rather late. From this i think its a fore-warning to not play that game as hardcore as i used to until maybe holidays. I should only play casually. Not only that, many friends are also doing the same thing as their school is starting and final years in University is also approaching. My friend who intro the game to me quit! Sad but still he had things in RL which is much more important to settle. I hope Burning Crusade would be a game which does not require me to be as hardcore as last time and till able to enjoy much of its content.

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I vote this as Bus Of the Year !
Wednesday. 1.3.07 12:43 pm

i would vote this bus as bus of the year if there is... LOL. SBS really has gotten smarter this time round to attract more passengers. =))

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