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well... isn't this amazing?
173th day of 2004 (one of those days in june)
mood: Bored (to death)

I might just switch my journal to over hear. In fact, I will. Just hold on one lil' second...

Sunday, 20 June 2004

I got gerbils today! Instead of a hamster (cuz they were out of stock) I got two gerbils! One really likes to climb, so I named him Tarzan. He's brown and black and grey and s0o0o0o cute! And then the other one I named SuperStar cuz I got them this little TV thing and they can get in it and then you can see through it into the interior, and you can see them, and SuperStar loves it. SS's mostly white w/a lil tan and black ears and black spots on his tail. They are really really really cute.
I saw Braydon yesterday. Yes. The Braydon that:

1. Lied to me about his age.

2. Called Evan and Bryson gay.

3. Made fun of all my friends.

4. Cheated on me.

5. Asked me out after he cheated on me.

6. Wouldn't stop asking me out after I said no.

7. Lied about what my friends had said.

8. Got cute over the year and lost wait and got contacts and grew up! NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I cannot believe it! I was getting custard at Sheridans w/ Mammaw (my G-maw) and we saw this guy and they were in line in front of us. And he had his custard and Mammaw was like, 'So, what did you get?' and he was like, 'A chocolate concrete.' And I thought there was something familiar about him but I didn't know, because he was cute. And then he turned around and his shirt said ****well (I'm not putting his whole last name to protect the innocent... Not that he's exactly innocent...)

And I told Brooke today and she asked if the shirt was red, which it was, and she said, yes, it was him, that was his baseball shirt.

I can't believe it. But, anyways, I am so tired, and I think I messed up on my simple HTML this time. I went to Pac Sun and Journeys yesterday... Got some cute shoes. I'll try to post pix of my gerbils and my shoes later on. G'night.


This was my last post to Angelfire. If you wanna read all my thoughts from when I started blogging... Go to: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/chika/fruiteesalad/

That was my journal, but now this is. :-D I am going to spruce it up and make it kool. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! kekeke!

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