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» Deep fried twinkies
Monday, 8/4/03 - 1:03 am
Beat: Gatsbys American Dream - Epilogue

I spent more quality time with my sister and my mom. My brother was away at a retreat and my dad was at work. We went to the Ventura County Fair. It was hot and there were too many lines. We decided to go shuttle from State Beach to VC Fair [long ass wait]. The lines to get into the fair was long and the line to buy the spiral fries was also long.

I ate a grip load of food there, spiral fries [the best!], fried calamari, bratwurst sandwich, and probably the weirdest, deep fried twinkies! The twinkies were really good. I wanted to try the deep fried cupcakes, deep fried snickers, and deep fried oreos too, but I was full. Damn that diet! I should be a nutritionist so I eat right. Fried foods can clog up your arteries. I also bought a trucker hat [I think I got ripped off].

Later we went shopping at the mall. I bought myself Liz Claiborne shades [reminds me of Charlie's Angels], XOXO skirt, and a baby tee. I saw my long time friend Crystal! I was waving to her and she didn't notice me. When she finally did, she said she thought I was Anne. She told me to call her and asked if I still knew her number. I still did. Still engraved in my brain.

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» Tweedle DUM!
Sunday, 8/3/03 - 2:19 am
Beat: Gatsbys American Dream - The Horse You Rode In On

I just watched Alice In Wonderland. I haven't seen it in a while. It's really weird. If my name was Dee, my sn would be TweedleDEE. Just an insight when I saw TweedleDee and TweedleDum. Have a merry unbirthday!

Convo Piece of the Day:
ashun IE hunn IE: did u know that the last time i saw u.. was the last time i saw rochelle
e f f j a y ISME: okey << random
e f f j a y ISME: r u serious?
ashun IE hunn IE: yea
e f f j a y ISME: dayuM // then i saw rocheLLe more recentLy than you
ashun IE hunn IE: yup
e f f j a y ISME: deng // that sux kinda
ashun IE hunn IE: i dont talk to her anymore
e f f j a y ISME: not even onLine?
ashun IE hunn IE: sometimes
ashun IE hunn IE: maybe like last week? i dont know.
e f f j a y ISME: dayuM // thats not too cooL
ashun IE hunn IE: oh yea.. i spoke to her on the phone.
ashun IE hunn IE: she accidentally dialed my number
e f f j a y ISME: haha // thats not cooL neither
ashun IE hunn IE: haha i know!
e f f j a y ISME: u guys are like [---] this far apart
e f f j a y ISME: i think ive seen her maybe twice after annes party thing
ashun IE hunn IE: oh yea.. thats the last time i saw anne also
e f f j a y ISME: deeng // u seriousLy like live a bloCk away
ashun IE hunn IE: i know! sheesh..

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» Fried noodles
Saturday, 8/2/03 - 11:26 pm
Beat: Watashi Wa - The Air I Breathe

I woke up early today so I can go with my mom to Costco. I bought 2 DVDs, Fantasia 2000 and Alice In Wonderland. I also got more of my pictures back that was developed. I ate nothing but Oriental chicken salad from Costco. I swear they don't put enough fried noodles and oranges in that thing.

When I got back I basically slept the whole day. A bit fatigued because of the monthly thing. I woke up around 10pm and I'm still sleepy.

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» Fixed
Friday, 8/1/03 - 5:00 pm
Beat: Gatsbys American Dream - A Manifesto Of Tangible Wealth

The computer is working fine now. I'm just missing a couple of progs. I'm going to get Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I still have 6.0. Well adieu Adobe Premiere..

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