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» Blah x3
Saturday, 8/16/03 - 1:14 am
Beat: Rockell - Dreamboy/Dreamgirl

I had a BLAH x3 day today.. Blah x3..

You are Samejima Mamimi. Usually quiet, but at times flirtatious. You live in a private world, a dream world.

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» Peachy keen!
Friday, 8/15/03 - 12:30 am
Beat: Grease - We Go Together

In the morning.. I cleaned the bird cage, vacuumed, and watched Roswell. I also thought about who I am going to vote for.. There are so many people running for California governor.

Jill came over today. We played with our guitars and we tried writing a new song. It didn't go so well. We also listened to my CDs. We watched a little bit of TV too. We watched Made on MTV. Gosh.. I don't usually watch MTV.

Must suck to live on the East coast for today. Sheesh. I feel sorry for them. Gosh, I'm gonna keep a flashlight in my room now, just in case.

I finally saw that episode Queer Eye that I missed. The guy was such a mess! He had a frickin fur coat for a back. Gross! I'm gonna go finish watching Grease! I love that movie! I want a Pink Ladies jack cause it's peachy keen!

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» NuSchool
Thursday, 8/14/03 - 2:42 am
Beat: Yellowcard - Way Away

Agh.. I've been to OC too much today. I registered, got my classes, lines, lines, blah blah.. I'm taking 13 units. Gosh, I'm too lazy to write an entry.

I made a new layout.. perhaps, a temporary?

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» Check!
Wednesday, 8/13/03 - 1:34 am
Beat: The Lyndsay Diaries - Mixtapes & Memories

Test taken! My brother and Allan dropped me off over at OC. The English test was easy, but for the math.. I should have taken test blue for math, it would've been easier. I took test green instead, and it was tough. Gah, I'm such of an over achiever. CJ and Jen was in my classroom.

When I got home, I wasn't very hungry so I didn't eat. Around 5 or 6, I went to Mandalay Beach to attend the beach get together. There were a lot of people there. Too many damn couples!

Jill was there and she brought her brother. Jessel and Kenji later came along. We didn't do anything, just walk around. There wasn't any food yet because they haven't started the barbeque. The people there were mostly at the beach wading in the water.

I saw Jonathan there. Apparently, he's taken now. Well, I use to think he was cute stuff. He still is. He had that certain look that I liked. Most of the guys that I've liked tend to have this certain facial feature, and they were all tall, and skinny. I don't know why. I also saw Jerrome. I think it was him.. some guy I met from Friendster.

Anyways, me, Jill, Anthony, Jessel, and Kenji decided to go to The Esplanade. We went to Borders to check out books and the CDs. Me and Jill went to Old Navy to get applications and to try on clothes. We had no money so we didn't buy anything.

Jessel and Kenji left early so me, Jill, and her brother stuck around Borders. We were all very hungry but the pastry in Borders were costly. Jill taught me how to play chess! She said I was pretty good for a beginner. I almost beat her too! I like playing chess now. She didn't want to play again though.

My sister gave me a ride home from Borders because she had to buy stuff there anyway. We went to Taco Bell knowing there wasn't food at home. I frickin ate those two damn Chalupas! I really was starving! Nick works there now. He was working at the drive-thru. They didn't have the 50 cent tacos. Chalupas are the best anyways!

Oh yeah, I missed out on today's Queer Eye episode. Grrr..

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