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.*. Me and Erika .*.
- A.D.I.A.S. -
Only see, somehow it always seems that I'm learnin' or
something I can never be
It dosen't matter to me, 'cause I will always be that pimp I see
in all my fantasies

I don't know your fucking name.
So what? Let's fuck...

Screaming to be the only way that I can truly be free
from my fucked up real life
so I dream and stroke it harder, 'cause its so fun to see my
face staring back at me
.*. Marcy and Me .*.
.*. Me and Tara .*.
Fun Fun
Sunday. 9.11.05 3:25 pm

Are you one of the 3 P`s? (Poser, Punk, Prep)
What do they call you?
When is your cake-day?
What color are you feelin`?
What grade you reppin`?
What`s your favorite song?
You are a ViRGiN =) TRUE
You are in l0ve <3 TRUE
You are: A PREP - You are truly adorable. =) You may be a little to full of yourself sometimes, but your still really sweet. Some people may not like you, but don`t let it get to you. Your a great person.
You are a true: Friend - Your not selfish at all! You care about other people and their needs.
You like: Shopping - W0w you are a SH0P-0-H0LiC! Stay cool, and don`t spend all the money on your mama`s plastic =D
One of your go0d qualities is: Unknown...Don`t Worry, I`m sure you have a good quality somewhere in there
This fun quiz by lil_mmm - Taken 548818 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

hmmmm.. now thats interesting ;). hahahahaha

Anyway... this weekend was awesome. Saturday night i went to Martys party. Zack, Marty, Scott, Justin, Amber, 2 other ppl, and I were all there. Not too many people, but we still had a lot of fun. Cold, but fun. Almost had the fire department there tho. We had a huge brush pile to set on fire... but the bastard wouldnt light so they used a "little" gas. Looked like a little gas til' zack threw a lit piece of paper on it.. and a huge fire ball chased us. Holy god, i saw my life in front of my eyes. All of the guys' arm hairs burnt off lol because they were the closest ones to the fire lol. OOOOOH man, it was hillarious. Then they made a line of fire. That was pretty cool too, but i hope they pissed their beds last night.

Today i just stayed home and watched the Washington game. They won! lol Chicago had 3 false starts against them! lol the skins fans were happy about that! :)

But i havent talked to joe allll weekend :( I miss him so much. But i know i'll talk to him tonight. I love ya babes.

7 days til jackie and i go to darien lake! Im sooo excited! :):):):)

games this week

Tuesday - towanda away @ 6

Thursday - Canton away @ 6

Saturday - Southside Tournament starts at 8:30 am

^ Come and seeeeeeeeee

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Monday. 9.5.05 3:52 pm
Who will give you an orgasm? by leslie13
So, who will make you moan?Your Soul Mate
How?By thinking happy thoughts!
Will it be good?mmm hmmm...:)
Percentage of people who smiled when they saw this: 76%
...and the sex MIGHT have looked like this...
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been a while..
Monday. 9.5.05 2:59 pm
so i thought id write. Latley ive been too damn tired and lazy to do anything. lol

School started last Tuesday.. i like it so far. I get along with all my teachers i guess. Mrs. Loue i still have to get used to.. shes just a little weird lol. But Volleyball has been keepin me busy. Our first game is tomorrow night at 6 vs Athens.. it should be a very interesting game. But of course, every game is interesting. Im really excited tho :).

Marcy went to Kentucky to send greg away to iraq. I really miss her.. lol wow. Never knew how boring school can be without her. Im just glad i have more than one friend lol.

Joe has made me the happiest girl in the world i swear to god lol. Hes what makes me smile everyday. I love you so much hun! *muah* And yes, im feelin 99% better! hehe.

Jackie omg you cracked me up so much last night!!! Funny to think back about what we thought about guys, and then know what we know now. Boy were we crazy! lol love you!

Thats it for now...

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Sunday. 8.28.05 5:54 pm
StacyVB1506: ill take you on the maury show to prove it
gimmeashmoke: haha koool
StacyVB1506: do u think all that stuff is true?
gimmeashmoke: no
StacyVB1506: haha i do sometimes
gimmeashmoke: just another mellow dramatic show to seduce us into stripping us of our individuality and turned into an obediant sould dead confomist of the american consumer culture
StacyVB1506: thats wonderful hun lol
gimmeashmoke: glad you think so lol
StacyVB1506: cause i didnt understand a word you just said


anyway... this weekend went pretty well knowing i didnt get to see joe this weekend.. but im still livin :) We just did the basic weekend. first the races. Then we went to riverfest to watch the fireworks. I spend the night at marcys allll weekend.. i love her!! She was really supportive this weekend when i was feeling awkward. But other than that, we all went to dicks then to the mall so marcy could get some shopping done. I think she was happy... she bought me 3 rings :) One is beautiful... woooo wee. I show that sucker off a lot.

Well this was boring but i thought id update just a little.

ps- hey everyone! Ryan is coming back to troy... jackie so so happy lol.

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Thursday. 8.25.05 8:29 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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sunday... unfortunaly...
Sunday. 8.21.05 7:35 pm
but joe topped it off tonight. Though i cant talk about your comment about your penis, ill just say how much i love you and sweet you are. Leaving work to come home just for me... how romantic.. lol if only they knew.

Camping was alright this weekend.. i know ill never forget it. Although it really wasnt camping. At 1 am, we all packed up and left bc there was a bear! I about shit my pants in the car with Ashley and Kelsii.. but i was okay once we left. I love my girls tho.... definaly a moment we can all remember. Thanks to adam, who had a knife in his pocket... just in case. hehehe

Well, this entry was mostly for joe.... bc i love himmmm so much. Sorry for you all that get sick of seeing the word "joe" in every entry... but one day, you'll find your joe... and be just as happy as me.

i love you baby...

(thats just the cutiest gosh darn face)

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Sexy huh?
*Me and Shauntel*
-Everybody Hurts-

When the day is long and the night
The night is yours alone,
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life
Well hang on
Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries
And everybody hurts sometimes.
*Erika Amy and Me*
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