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Dark Stalkers
Tuesday. 10.26.04 10:28 pm
Two more turns and I was home free. I could still hear the rustling of the four legged beast behind me. He was fast, really fast, but I had a head start. We raced through the thick darkness frantically. I could hear his heavy breathing get closer and closer. He wouldn't win this time.

We raced across the grassy front yard, which seemed much bigger than it actually was. I could barely make out the two trees at the front of the driveway in the dark. I knew once I reached the trees, the advantage would be mine. The beast was about at my heals by the time we reached the driveway.

I made a sharp right, as fast as I could. The four legged animal was not near as agile, and was forced to make a much wider turn. I had gained some valuable distance between me and the animal. Now we both sprinted down the drive way as fast as we could. The beast began to bark wildly.

Just as I was about to enter the lighted area of the flood lights, a black object leaped out of the bushes at me. It's leap was quick and frightening. It mannaged to claw my leg, and I saw the creature's eyes reflect a small amount of the light from the flood lights. Evil, pure evil... The beast behind me began circling me and jumping at me. It relentlessly barked and yelped.

I knew who my attacker was, it was Blue! He was feeling playful again... and Shai wouldn't stop running around me trying to herd me. These are the things that make life oh so exciting.

Well... this is basically what happens every time I take the dog out at night so he can do his business. Yeah I know, sounds real exciting... but it's real annoying in reality.

bahh, I still feel rather void of writing creativity lately...

- hmmm Dark Stalkers was a good video game too

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Jedi Don't Eat Vegetables
Wednesday. 10.20.04 2:27 pm
Vegetables... something about eating a plant... it's just not natural I tell you. I don't think humans were meant to eat vegetables. This is why I've boycotted them completely. They're not good for you , and they taste horrible... yes that's right, they are not good for you.

ok, so here is my theory:

Humans are meant to eat meat, you can get all the the benefits of eating a vegetable out of eating meat. How is this possible you ask? It's quite simple really. By eating meat, you are therefore eating the vegetables and grains that animal had eaten. Say you feed a pig a carrot... eating that pig would give you the nutrients of ten carrots!

Basically it all goes back to the old saying, "you are what you eat". So if that pig eats carrots, it is basically a big carrot it's self (with some added protien and fat). So we really don't need to eat vegetables as you can see. What we need to do is feed animals more vegetables, instead of hay and crap. I know it would be expensive, but better them eat that stuff than us.

Fruits would still be a problem however. You can feed a pig all the carrots you want, but feed him a bannana and all the sudden it's unethical. So you would still have to eat fruit along with your meat... no big deal, fruit actually tastes good.

Need more proof of my new found logic? Look at what happend when you feed a cow nothing but meat... mad cow disease. You cannot cut vegetables otu completely, that's why we need to just have the animals eat them... if no one eats the vegetables... then no one gets their needed nutrients. By having the animals eat them, we get the nutrients from the vegetables kinda as hand-me-downs.

Remeber, if you want to grow up and be a powerful Jedi, eat your meat

--Btw, did anyone else notice that some people on Tatooine live in iglu's? ... they live in the desert and they have iglus! what kind of nonsense is that! it's rediculous... it doesn't even make sense! I wish George Lucas would think these things through once in a while!

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Wednesday. 10.13.04 2:13 am
So yeah, haven't been in much of a creative writing mood in a while. Infact, I haven't felt like writing in a long time. Oh well, I guess there is no controling fate, right?

So anyways, I've been drawing alot lately. I've just started to get into using prisma pencils (kinda like expensive coloured pencils). They're time consuming, but you can get some really rich colour out of them... Although you feel bad every time your pencil lead breaks, because they cost so much.

So anyways, here is the most recent picture I have drawn. I decided to only post one, to be fare to people not on broad band.

-Keep in mind this is a low quality picture taken from a webcam-

If you don't recognize who that is, it's Harlequin from Chrono Cross (my favorite character, next to Lynx).

meh, sorry I got nothing interesting to update... I just felt I needed to update something...

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President Prime
Thursday. 9.30.04 11:06 pm
Well I don't know which candidate to vote for. It's my belief that voting for a presidant shouldn't feel like you are compromising. Infact, you should feel very strongly in your possition on who you are voting for. I just don't feel strongly for either Bush or Kerry.

What this country needs is a hero. Someone that isn't afraid to stand up against the forces of evil, and do so intelligently. We need someone that is also passionate and concerned with the quality of life at home. There is only one problem, heros are hard to find.

Well friends I have solved the problem. I've found a candidate that I could vote for with full confidence. (no I am not talking about Nader). This is a candidate that is brave and confident. He is a candidate that would never let me down. This is why I am going to have to vote Optimus Prime for president!

Autobots transform!

Oh and on another note, my blog has been restored to it's former glory. Hurray! Well... it's slower now... much slower, cause I'm using a different image server. Anyways, sorry to all you 56k users out there.

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Into The Darkness
Wednesday. 9.15.04 7:00 pm
Then I came to a glosy black wall and all was hidden from my site. It's like I went from being able to see everything to being able to see everything but what I want to see. There it was, this impenitrable shiny black wall of secrecy.

This wall, I could not get passed the wall, despite all my efforts. The best that I could see was my own reflection. This wall was in my way, and it was pissing me off. I wanted to be able to see, I needed to be able to see.

What lies on the other side of this towering black wall? Perhaps one's greatest desires lie on the otherside... or perhaps our darkest, most dreaded fears. I wouldn't know, as my eyes proved useless to penetrating this hulking black abomination.

I had to be able to see though, it was imperative that I look beyond the darkness. It was necessary for me to be able to move forward. Granted forward was not the same direction as the wall. However, one must know their surroundings before they move on, or else you could make a horrible mistake. I dared not move without knowing what was beyond my site.

My frustration grew, this waiting, this guessing, it was madening. I wish I could have moved the wall myself. Buy alas, I was powerless to move this huge object from my view. All I was able to do, is sit, and wait. The heat began to set in.

My back became damp from sweat, my hair started to drip salty beads from my head. My face became moist with the salty liquid as well, furthering my growing frustration. Sweat began to roll into my eyes, causeing small amounts of pain. I began to wipe my face off about every two seconds. It was all I could do to fight off this horrible heat.

Then, just as my sanity began to leave my body, the wall moved. Not just a little mind you, the large black object moved across the street. At last, I could see, and it was beautiful. There were no cars coming and I was safe to go. The moment of triumph was at hand. I had defeated all odds, and defeated the wall.

Damn there are so many of those things around here... I dreaded to think of how many more I might encounter on the way home. Best not to think about it... best to enjoy the freedom before I am faced with another situation like that. Damn I hate huge Sport Utility Vehicles with tinted windows.

Perhaps they should put parascopes on cars, so that we can see over the SUV's.

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Thursday. 9.9.04 8:52 pm
So what does the color yellow mean to you? Perhaps it has some sort of personal meaning... maybe it just reminds you of something... or maybe you have no feelings on it at all. Yellow is a warm color, and a very bright color as well.

So what right? Who cares about a stupid color... It's not really that important at all really... just something odd I noticed about it... Apparently somewhere along the line yellow became the national color for sport.

I'm serious, every time I see a sport edition of anything it has large yellow areas on it. This applies for almost all electronics. Surely everyone has seen those sport edition portable cd players, and sport watches... They always have a ton of yellow on them.

Another thing I noticed about these so called "sport editions", is that other than bulky yellow parts... nothing is different. I've come to the conclusion, that the color yellow must containe some sort of special powers... the powers of sport!

The color yellow is very special, why else would they use it for pritty much everything that says sport edition on it? Yellow containes the uncanny power to resist water. Yup, that is right, just paint part of something yellow, and it is naturally water proofed. Incredible isn't it?

Another one of the color yellow's special abilities, is to resist shock. This means that it is completely impervious to physical blows. Once an object has been painted with the color yellow, it becomes invulnerable to any physical dammage.

With both the power of water resistence, and invulnerability, it's easy to see why the color yellow is used so often on "sports edition" items. With so many special abilities, the color yellow is obviously the most superior color in exhistence.

Excuse me while I go paint all of my stuff yellow.

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