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Age. 27
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ...
Location lubbock, TX
School. Other
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Tuesday. 4.26.05 8:35 pm
your such a lier
and i hate you for it
have a good life

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Tuesday. 4.26.05 8:28 pm
ive seen him a total of
in my whole life
i havent seen him even
sense weve been going out
hes one of the boringest people in the world to talk to
im still going out with him

and this proves evans point
i fold under peer pressure
really easily
so im not breaking up with him


even though i like justin
and im the only one in the world
that knows that
besides God
i guess ive liked him
ever sense
that one time...
when he lied to me

alorian413: i never thought someone as pretty and nice and GOOD as her would like me

why thank you, justin
i guess im not
or nice

that means the world to me


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Monday. 4.25.05 8:44 pm
why does it bug me?
it shouldnt bug me
he has the right to like whoever he wants
we were over before we even began
i have a boyfriend
and hes had tons of girlfriends
and they never bothered me before

its just...
what he did
i never got over it really
im still mad at him for it
and i just dont understand
how he can do this to me

and now were talking about it
i never thought we would
especially now that he lovs clarrissa
but we talked about it
and some pretty crazy things happened

what i dont get
what i completely dont get
is why the sweetest guy in the school
is such a complete man whore

my life could be so much diferent now
i could be going out w/justin
i really could
instead of someone i never see
whos really boring to talk to on the phone
and who cusses way to much

maybe ill just have to go to sleep
and pray to wake up last month, the day he asks me out
so that i can say yes
and start all over


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to my mom and dad
Friday. 4.22.05 9:48 pm
so... you think you can pack my lunch w/out a drink when were runnin round the science spectrum all day? so you think you can take me home where theres not any food? so you think you can invite someone to dinner while im asleep and then eat all the spagetti? so you think that you can make all that the icing on the beautiful cake of a crappy week where you didnt let me hang out with john?

i dont think so.

stay lovly

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noticing things at the park
Wednesday. 4.20.05 9:24 pm
D-aah! It's so stupid! I don't understand it...

Okay, whenever I go to the park, it seems like no one ever pays any attention to me. It's like all Kendra. And when Paige comes, its still all Kendra. All the attention is on Kendra from Conner. From Scott. From Tanner. From Cody. From everyone. The sidelines suck.

Well, maybe... hopefully... it will be different Saturday. Cuz it will be w/John. And John's my bf. Gosh. Grr.

I mean, I love Kendra like a sister. She's so funny! lol. But she get's all the attention. And me and Paige just sit there. Ya know? Yea, ya know.

your always lovly and still writin in this thing,

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helloooooo nutang!
Saturday. 4.16.05 8:09 pm
omg! i haven't really been here in so long! i have missssssed you! ok, so im not gonna be writing as much... again... until summer! which is only 1.5 months away! then ill be writing in here a lot more!!! yess!

well... yea... yea...


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