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Breast entry here
Friday. 7.9.10 12:25 pm
Nutang related comment of the day:

@KonFefCount - oh my, that site is full of colorful rainbows!  big difference compared to xanga homepage haha
7/2/2010 6:42 AM  noree_n

for some funnyjunk:

PSST–use it with the magic towel…

Super Big Boy (Japan Edition) 12's Pack

Now to go get a snack? What might the snack be?


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masturbation self strangulation, and a suggestivetongue
Friday. 4.30.10 5:09 am


Dying for pleasure

Last updated: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Print

Kristian Digby, well-known BBC presenter has been found dead in his London flat. It is suspected that he died accidentally during a sex game, presumably autoerotic asphyxiation.

This practice is also called masturbatory self-strangulation. What is it and why is it so dangerous?

Asphyxiation means that the oxygen supply to the brain is cut off as a result of strangulation.

What is AEA?
Autoerotic asphyxiation (AEA) is a sexual practice in which people strangulate themselves during masturbation. Decreased blood flow to the brain results in the release of endorphines. People become euphoric and experience a heightened sexual experience and more intense orgasms. For many, AEA gradually becomes the only way in which they can reach orgasm.

In most cases, people strangulate themselves by using a ligature such as a rope with which they have made a noose or slip-knot around the neck. Most people have built-in safety or rescue methods. In nearly all fatal cases, people did indeed have safety mechanisms, but these had failed.

AEA is an extremely dangerous practice and results in several deaths each year. It shouldn't be confused with suicide. People who practise AEA die unintentionally, usually because they lose consciousness during partial asphyxia, and therefore lose control over the means of strangulation. It is particularly dangerous if people combine self-strangulation with self-bondage. Those who practice AEA are typically impulsive thrill-seekers who have a death fantasy, as opposed to a death wish. Theyre basically playing Russian Roulette.

It is more common than is generally thought, especially among adolescent or young adult males. It has claimed the lives of many famous people, including the lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence and the British Conservative MP Stephen Milligan, and now presumably also that of actor David Carradine.

Warning signs of AEA behaviour
It is difficult to identify people who practice AEA. They are often happy, average, and well-adjusted who appear to have good relationships with family and friends.

If you are concerned that someone you know may be involved in AEA activities, look out for these signs:

  • Unexplained marks on the neck
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Ropes, knotted-up T-shirts or plastic bags
  • Disorientation

- (Ilse Pauw, Health24, updated March 2010)

Learn more:
Paraphilias and fetishism
Glossary of sex terms
Post a question to CyberShrink


Hi, I am interested in having my GF use her breasts to get me off (I forget the term). Do you have any experience trying this? I am not sure about the best way of asking or the best way executing it. Thank you,

There is no medically relevant term for a tit job, to the best of my knowledge. If there is, I want to know it. Here are some good alternatives:

- Breast wanking

- Twin-peaking

- Jello wobbling

- Titalator 

I've done it before, but it's not my favorite thing to do (nor has it been that of any of the guys I've dated) so it's a rarity. What I would do would be to get erect first, throw some massage oil down, and get to thrusting. Spit works good, as does pre-come if you have a lot. 

For those of you who don't know, a tit job, boob job, breast job... involves sticking your penis in between a girls breasts. Then, typically, she holds her breasts together while you thrust in and out of them. Sometimes until ejaculating right on her chest/chin/face. This is pretty popular with breast-men... guys that have breast fetishes.

As far as asking her, just do it like you'd ask her anything else. Whenever you're laying about together next just lean over and ask her what she thinks about boob jobs and if she'd let you try one with her. I think that's totally acceptable. 


Where she'll answer questions like

"why am I significantly hornier when I'm on my period?"

I get really horny on my period, why? 

Is it common to eat more on your period?

Does your period stop during masturbation?

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Miley Cyrus Porno Toys????
Friday. 2.5.10 7:09 am

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Kayne will let Ron Jermey Finish
Tuesday. 2.2.10 10:46 pm

Kanye Will Let Ron Finish (no pun intended)


Yo Ron, Im really happy for you.  Ima gonna let you finish, but John Holmes had one of the biggest dicks of all time.

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Catpooish, Quinton, all Aiding the A.Bustin.....
Monday. 1.11.10 1:25 am
I can't say that Nutang was as Welcomeing to my post as Xanga was. Actually, it is featured on Catpooish on Xanga and Facebook, so you can share the link with your friends, like it, comment on it on facebook, all of that jazz. Check it out here:

Catpooish AIDSBUSTERS INC!!! Entry by: KonFefCount

OK, I did Forwarn of this in the Previous postAnd you seee where My blogs have hinted at it for a while, some examples which were revisited in the previous post..Now..... I'm coming after AIDS, and i'm ...
07 November 2009 at 13:27 Share

In Any case though got some interesting commentary from both sides.

For the nutang commentary, go look back at the post and read it for yourself, and throw in ur 2 cents about it to.
go see what they are yourself

On the xanga side of things got all positive comments, like:
Visit Smichy420's Xanga Site!
this was very informative
thank you
Posted 11/2/2009 11:02 AM by Smichy420 - delete - block user - reply

Which was actually from someone that's suffering from AIDS, how nice is that that someone who is going through stuff covered on the post liked it?

These 2 comments also really ensured me that it connected with people online:

Visit ExposedWrists's Xanga Site!
Well done! :)

I have a family full of doctors and one of my uncles talked to me about how there is, hopefully very soon, going to be a vaccine that can incapsulate the AIDS virus, therefore making it impossible for it to develope beyond the point that is has developed in the treated patient.  It will also make it pretty impossible to infect another person because of this vaccine.

I here things from my family members all the time about what is going on in AIDS and cancer research.....what pisses me and them off is that many already proven effective methods for treating these issues will never see the light of day.  Sadly, many of my family members say this is because there are a lot of people that will lose money and power if effective cures are presented....which is why every advance in medicine is leaked out slowly...it's all about money...not human beings.

Rat bastards, right?

Great post...thanks for taking the time to put it up.

Posted 11/3/2009 10:01 AM by ExposedWrists - delete - block user - reply

And then this one:

Visit sick_of_dreams's Xanga Site!

it's the united states's FDA and patent office and FTC that make getting things out there so difficult. My father has terrible asthma to where he was taking shotsand sleeping on a breathing machiene and still having serious attacks that put him into the hospital 2 or 3 times a year. When he was in switzerland he had an attack and had to go to one of their hospitals. The doctor there looked at what he was taking and was horrified. He told my father that those drugs were what people in switzerland were using 15 years before for severe asthma, he perscribed my father an inhailer and some pills (that ne now orders from european pharmacies) and his asthma has been cut back to 1 attack every other year.

It's rediculous how long we hae to wait here for good medicine.

Posted 11/23/2009 9:32 AM by sick_of_dreams - delete - block user - reply

Yea... I think that it's soo bad that it's to the point that so many people thing those people high in power have their best interest in mind when it comes to information like that being in mainstream media, and that mess like that even happens in the US to begin with.

Dealing with Nutang comments now though, Nuttz left me a comment about QUINTON plasma, and, yea what about that plasma?

how about we start at http://www.originalquinton.com/

Yea this sounds promising actually, from the process of them extracting  and storing it, and it's benefits such as immune system assistance and flexibility and energy, among other things

But if you wanna find a health practitioner to get this product from (b/c you can't by it directly from the site unless you are one) then ... yea... have fun with that,

I'd say try your location here, and be prepared to probably do some traveling to get to one that's close to you

Enough essaylike posting, back to a lot more of typical posting habits on this page more than likely.

2010 is mine!!!!!!

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Aidsbusters INC
Monday. 11.2.09 12:16 am
OK, I did Forwarn of this in the Previous post

Now..... I'm coming after AIDS, and i'm going to expose it for the apparently very treatable and even heal able POS that it really is...

Now Everywhere you turn around or look, people keep saying and doing  that same song and dance about HIV and AIDS... and you know what they inform the masses?

On wikipedia.com:


Eventually most HIV-infected individuals develop AIDS. These individuals mostly die from opportunistic infections or malignancies associated with the progressive failure of the immune system.[5] Without treatment, about 9 out of every 10 persons with HIV will progress to AIDS after 1015 years. Many progress much sooner.[6] Treatment with anti-retrovirals increases the life expectancy of people infected with HIV. Even after HIV has progressed to diagnosable AIDS, the average survival time with antiretroviral therapy (as of 2005) is estimated to be more than 5 years.[7] Without antiretroviral therapy, death normally occurs within a year.[8]

on http://aids.gov/treatment/index.html:

Treatment and Care

Cupped Hands Held Up in Front of the SunWhile there is currently no cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS, people living with HIV disease can benefit from an array of antiretroviral therapies and other services that have proven effective against it. HIV is now managed as a chronic, long-term disease for many Americans.

Federal efforts are underway to investigate even more effective drug regimens, develop vaccines, and design prevention strategies that can help people from becoming infected. Most are under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, within HHS.

And yea basically every other site, same ol BS... sayin it can't be cure.. but treated... blah blah blah yackety smackety....

Well, as far as i'm concerned.. there are WAY too many claiming that this disease is ALREADY BEATABLE for it to be just simply labeled as incurable... and i'm gonna shed sum light on things that may just make you 100% Aids Free!

Well for starters, as was stated in a video on a previous post... there is actually a Patent for the aids cure...
Just look up U.S. Patent #5676977
 Go ahead... google it.. .i'll wait...

What? to lazy to do it? Well I'll post a nice abstract from something that explains this method.. which is
Method of curing AIDS with tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystal devices

The diamagnetic semiconducting molecular crystal tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag4 O4) is utilized for destroying the AIDS virus, destroying AIDS synergistic pathogens and immunity suppressing moieties (ISM) in humans.

A single intravenous injection of the devices is all that is required for efficacy at levels of about 40 PPM of human blood. The device molecular crystal contains two mono and two trivalent silver ions capable of "firing" electrons capable of electrocuting the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. When administered into the bloodstream, the device electrons will be triggered by pathogens, a proliferating virus and ISM, and when fired will simultaneously trigger a redox chelation mechanism resulting in divalent silver moieties which chelate and bind active sites of the entities destroying them. The devices are completely non-toxic. However, they put stress on the liver causing hepatomegaly, but there is no loss of liver function.

Just Look here and read some more on this, and also there's a link to a nice PDF as well

What's next on the post list?
Let's Jump back on this article...

Doctors have found a cure for HIV/AIDs Why isnt the media talking about this?

Most interesting title, eh?

Actually, you know what, never mind... I can blab on and on about this proposed cure dealing with very high Vitiman C doses, that proposed cure using Gene (delta 32), and more

But Actually, I think that the reason why some of this stuff isn't exposed was summed up by a comment on my xanga by CaKaLusa,

Visit CaKaLusa's Xanga Site!
it's always about $

Ah yes... isn't that the sad reality.... I mean if they do ever This Aids vaccine off the ground, it'll probably cost an arm, leg, first born, and a human head to receive.. I mean, some aids drugs are going for like $25,000 already  and that's just to control it and treat it... not even cure it..

I mean Lets think about it, If sites like http://www.aliveandwell.org/ Hit the mainstream, could you imagine the impact that could have on the drug companies? All of this raising money for Aids research and prevention, is it actually rasing money to find the first cure and prevention for aids, or are we just trying to find the expensive cure and prevention for Aids that will make millions of dollars for the AIDS companies?

Then again, people don't wanna know about things like 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, they want to

Cut money for Aids prevention.. even if it's gonna cost more money in the long run to do such, and Terminate Aids patients

It just bothers me greatly, that all of this information is out there, but it's like it's completely unknown.. I mean people like smichy420 could quite possibly have a chance to beat the disease altogether with some of this information, but with the lack of promotion of any of this information, it'll be pretty hard to know one way or the other

Actually,  here's a a series of videos on the subject


And then 1 year later.....Then its this long documentary thingyand then this video that apparently they are trying to censor.Then you haveand what the hell, for the heck of it Herpes Cure

Hmm I dunno about yall, but I think sum info is being suppressed, somewhere don't you?

But you know, I didn't even get into my favorite link up about Aids Prevention, from DHERBS

I mean..  The first paragraph of that Article:

The facts show that A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Deficiency) is the biggest and greatest medical hoax there is and ever was. AIDS was created as modern day FEAR tactic to continue the control and domination over the American people via sex and fear, a powerful combination, and it has worked like a charm.

Then it goes into talking about Azidothymidine, or "AZT" which apparently has a lot of controversy- with it

It even goes on to say further along in the article

so-called A.I.D.S is an umbrella term for about 30+ common diseases, or their symptoms, to be technical, that people already know about and suffer and die from daily.

Among Many Many Many other things And even offers of some herbs and things... well Damn, go look at the article yourself, and see what it's all about. Even if you're completely Skeptical, I would say that it is definitely worth at least a read through.

Then again, you may not want to know about that type of stuff, i mean after all,  most people in mainstream health don't wana know about things like 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and they sure as hell don't want you to know about this guy named Dr. Sebi or anything he has to say

Actually, I don't think I even need to keep going with this post... I'm gonna stop right here..  for now anyways

Take this. and spread this information all around the web. Spread it like it was a virus! Hopefully Some of this info can be spreaded and expanded upon for everyone. Stay informed

Back to the erratic random posting I do on this site next post most likely....

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