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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Tuesday. 7.13.04 9:49 pm
Slept at 4am, wake up at 8am.

Everyone please clap!!!!
So proud to myself, sleep only 4 hours and wake up before the alarm rang.

Arrived 3 to 4 mins late, 930 class.

However, I was almost fall asleep when watching the movie - Gandhi. It is a good movie, but the Indian accents is hard to listen.

Teri is tough, she arrived Sydney this morning, and arrived class a little bit late than me. I'll definately go back home to sleep if I was she.

I slept after class and wake up at 7pm, didn't have a good quality sleep, but i was too tired. I met Nora this afternoon, and she asked why I look so sleepy.
(Notice: not look like tired; but look like sleepy.)

Did nothing for the whole day.

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friends, i love you
Wednesday. 7.7.04 7:16 pm
My lovely classmates gave me a birthday day card, I am SO happy, even it is lated.

Thank you everyone!

The ACAD 101 issue had been solved, so I had my ACAD 201 today, couldn't be in the same class with my friends, because I enrolled late.

I don't know why the school didn't provide ACAD for communication this semester, don't tell me it is because they expert all of us got HD in ACAD 101. Anyway, I had to be in class with Business students, and their English are not very good, I was the only one who answered questions, and needed to know I never do this in ACAD 101.

I don't like to be in class with them, but ACAD 102 is a two hours class, which is lucky.

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Celebrated at Casino
185th day of 2004
I went to casino with karen and Adrian last night, for my 21st birthday.

Reached the age of Aldut, need to grow up, no excuse to be childish anymore. My classmates sang birthday song to me, when the teacher was outside, Jouris gave me a kiss and sang birthday song in French.

I love you guys so much!
I am fortunate enough to know all of you!!!

We met Adrain in QVB at 11:30pm, he gave me a branch of flowers. It was my first time to receive a branch of flowers. I remember a little boy asked me to be his girlfriend, and always pick up flowers from the park, haha!!!

We left 8 in the morning. None of use win! Adrian lost $100, karan and me lost $20, but i got about $14 from an unknown man.

The casino was quite empty at night, I sat next to the man, and he won after a minute. Then he said he won after I sat down and gave me some coins. (O///O)

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Happy birthday to me
Friday. 7.2.04 12:39 am
Happy Birthday to me!!!

And it is a school day.

I'll go to casino with Karen and Adrain for fun, hope to win some money, hope to win the $1160 school fee back.

My birthday wish: hope to get the required mark and money for university.

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re-enroll day
Monday. 6.28.04 7:40 pm
re-enrollment day, tired! tired! tired! tired! tired! tired! tired! tired! tired! tired!

I can show you the ineffective of Sydney people, again!!
The re-enroll session to our course was 1:30pm, I arrived at 1, lined up at 1pm, but left at 4:30pm. What a wonderful school system!

Need to retake ACAD.
I seldom attend this lesson, and didn't hand in the final project as I thought this subject is not important. I didn't realise this is a reward subject, even it is free of charge.
And now I needed to pay the free to retake, why there was no one ever tell me this??

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back to Sydney
Wednesday. 6.23.04 7:45 pm
I arrived Sydney 11 am, felt so tired, because didn't get some good sleep on flight. The flight was empty, and I got the whole roll, but a fat lady came over, so I can only occupied two seats.

Back home at 12:40pm, the baggages are heavy, hard to move them on and off train.

One thing upset me when I checked in, the staff told me there was some problem to my visa, so he needed to contact Australian immigration, and asked me to wait.
Okay! I'll wait.

I waited for half an hour, the staff asked me to take back the baggages and wait!!! So, I asked how long I should wait, and he said "As you are using staff tickets, it is your responsibility to make everything correct" rudely. I kept my manner and not argue with him, he passed my case to a senior and left.
(Oh, he was hurry to leave, no wonder!!)

Another half hour ago, I asked that senior staff how long I should be waiting, and what I was waiting for. She explained the immigration mistakenly put a wrong code on my visa, they put the code for HKSAR on my BNO, and she further explained that people'd not know this normally. So, I said the pervious staff was ruded and said this was all my fault (and that is totally noting to do with staff ticket, I'd not know the mistake on visa even I bought full price ticket). I told her to remind the ruded-staff to mind his manner.

So, I also wrote a complain letter to the airline, I think I should be able to help since the staff doesn't enjoy his job.

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