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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

Which is Nicer? hmmm
Friday. 4.6.07 4:15 pm


Hmm i dont know which is nicer.

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i dont know what to post!
Monday. 4.2.07 11:28 pm

I don't know what to post for new entry so i made this and decided to post it.

Anyway Happy B'day Yu Hui. 19 year old auntie. =((

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I dont know whats wrong ><
Friday. 3.30.07 3:13 pm
There is something wrong out there but i dont know whats wrong. SOMETHING NOT RIGHT.

hmmmmmhmmmmm EMOEMO

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29th march 2007
Thursday. 3.29.07 10:28 am
Woke up. The first thing jourdan said to me after wishing me happy birthday is, "You are old enough now to get jailed| i was like er... then i burst into laughters. unique! nice one.

Went to meet wy yh ed wilson jeri over lunch at carl's junior. then eat eat eat chat chat chat until 3plus then went over to nafa with wilson yh and wy to see the degree students displaying their workpiece. not impressive at all, seriously. only 10 odd students doing Visual Communications. Among them some are so weak that even yh agree i can do better than them. I even can improvise on one student's work. so its rather disappointing. Anyway overall was a nice day . Until just before i go for family dinner. We went over to BigO(usual hangout) to pvp for a while. its a pity that winson and daryl could not join us but hey! one in NS one in police, thats why i could have a safe lunch =P.

Few games of AB was great. Just the few of us the rest were strangers.

Then CAME to Warsong Gulch where we actually prepared a team. We LOST terribly to pick up grps(means a team of strangers). Its the worst defeat Revanche ever suffered since we established. Its a lacklustre performance, a team with no teamwork, a blunt sword. wy is irritated cause no one supported him. =(( i know winson isnt playing as a team. he is just everywhere kicking others ass which yes it shows he is good but its not helping as a team. Opponents were underestimated(which we should not) Daryl kept dc-ing. attack force aint high enough(curseyou is healing spec, arielle is shitty effects, im restore, jeri and daryl are holy, weiyi is protection) no way we can throw out any burst dmg except winson and wilson. everyone is pissed and kinda irritated at the end of the 2 games of warsong gulch. BAD BAD BAD playstyle.

anyway also thanks to those who wished me happy brithday.

my ex-classmates
current classmates
Revanche as a guild.
Also my primary school friends.

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My pingpong partner.
Wednesday. 3.28.07 11:35 pm
Everytime my bday i would remember of my primary school classmate ian ng. We are both named Ian and our bday is 1day apart only. he is 28th im 29th. Sucha coincidence. =D Both of us also plays table tennis, we would usually play doubles and even school team doubles also lost to us unless they are the first team or 2nd team for school. If not from what i remember we never lost on any doubles cause of great team work. In the end he went to play TENNIS and i ended up playing singles mostly in school against others.

Also he is the total opposite of me. I listen to chinese songs, he listen to english songs. he speaks english and cant speak chinese. i speak chinese but lol my english isnt as bad as his chinese. Anyway we are like the total Opposite and he likes to call me the imposter cause im one day later =((. Even now we still same school even in tertiary education, just that majoring in different stuffs.

Heh! yes im 18 finally can learn2drive.

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Coming Soon
Monday. 3.26.07 2:42 am
A flash site is on the way! ill do it when i have the mood.

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