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.*. Me and Erika .*.
- A.D.I.A.S. -
Only see, somehow it always seems that I'm learnin' or
something I can never be
It dosen't matter to me, 'cause I will always be that pimp I see
in all my fantasies

I don't know your fucking name.
So what? Let's fuck...

Screaming to be the only way that I can truly be free
from my fucked up real life
so I dream and stroke it harder, 'cause its so fun to see my
face staring back at me
.*. Marcy and Me .*.
.*. Me and Tara .*.
I can hear!!!
Thursday. 2.3.05 7:47 pm
yeah, you heard me! lol i can hear again! lol it sure is great. Getting my ear cleaned out kinda hurt... but yah know, it was worth it. My god, the pressure going to my head was insane. I thought the water was gonna go right through one ear and out the other!

WE WON OUR VOLLEYBALL GAME TONIGHT!! Dennis, Devon, Laura, Kaitlyn, Autumn, Justine, and Kelsey.... we all did great! haha im so happy we won... we better not make that our last... :) I love yah guys!

Tomorrow night is gonna be a blast.. we're all spending the night at marcys.. hangin out... watching movies.. stayin up late.. its gonna be a blast. lol I can barly wait. If you wanna come over, just come... we're sure to be there! :)

I said hi to him today... 2 times.. then i told him to leave adam alone.. so that might as well count as 3.. it was great... Hes so cute! Like a freaking button!! lmao

well night everyone! Have a great weekend!

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Everything was so funny today....
Wednesday. 2.2.05 6:43 pm
To start it off....

we were all on the bus talking and heather was talking about how greg, joel, and her were all born in july around the same date. And then Adam questions... "what was going on 9 months before that, a black out?" lol it was so funny.. i thought i was gonna die of laughter. Then, zack was laying on my freaking boob when he said i should get "zacks pillow" tatooed on it. omg.. haha. but ill talk more about him later...

Then first period, mr silminski looks at amy's shirt, and hes like "i like your shirt amy, i was just there this weekend!" (penn state) And amy gets this weird ass look on her face and shes like "were you just looking at my tits!?" lol it was so funny.. then mr silwinski laughed and told amy they needed to confrence in the back of the room. lol ... what a class.

Then third period.. i swear, there was something with guys and boobs today. Freaking Anton, in english... was staring at my boobs.. and im like "anton stop! i dont even have boobs you perv!" .. then he said "well they say more than a handfull is a waste. (looks at them again).. and yeah.. they looks like a handfull!" omg freaking perv i swear.. then shawn looked at them and hes like "yeah anton, your right!" I felt so violated... lol

Then ds came along, and me and Tc talked about some stuff.. things between drinking, pot, and books. I love that kid.... i dont blame ya kelsey.. lol

8th period.. lol cody called me a porno freak.. and then when he told me stuff about him.. he told me the honest truth and told me that i looked like a drugie! haha kinda surprised me.. but when i told mr seeley that he told me that, he denied it haha. So, nice to know i look like a druggie... lol asshole.

Then on the bus ride home.. adam still must of been in a good mood because he was funnier than hell.... he told me and heather to flash the motorcycle guy behind us... but when we said we wouldnt, he pointed to the 10 year old girl sitting next to him.. adam, ur such a child melester (i spelled that wrong, i know) lol.


^Thats the best news of all.

Yeah, about this zack thing.. heres what i told amanda and dennis about why i dont wanna be with him anymore....
well i realized that him and i are totally different people. he bugs the shit out of me and i want someone that im gonna be excited to see each morning and not be annoyed, i like other people... and why tie myself down when im crazy about someone else?

Well there yah go...

I'll wait as long as i have to craig.

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Bad News...
Monday. 1.31.05 8:39 pm
Well, my mom got her tests back. Looks like she has a sis on her ovaries. I know its common in women, but im scared by the reason that cancer in the ovaries runs in my family. My mom's grandma died of it, and so didnt her aunt. I love mom so much.. and i cant picture her going through another surgery. Shes scared she might have to get a hysterectomy. My grandmother (mom's mother) had to have one of those done. So, im so scared that it might fall down to the worse :(. But my mom is strong... she can get through anything.

I hate this..

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Monday. 1.31.05 1:04 pm
In auto cad once again, leaning back in the huge comfy black chair.. waiting for the teacher... haha yup there he is.

ok im back. lol i had to do a quick drawing.. which leaves only 18 mins left of school. Today went a little faster than expected. Tonight im going to the movies to see White Noise. I know for sure its gonna be Marcy, her parents, me, and possibly Valerie, Pat, and Zack. If zack doesnt go.. imma be so scared. lol ill have to hang on marcy the whole time. haha but afterwards i know marcy is gonna pick on me because of how scared im gonna be. I love scary movies though.. but i hate the fact that when im laying in the dark at night and i cant get to sleep because i get paranoid by each and every sound. Its all good.

This weekend i think im going to marcys house to spend the night. Starting friday after school. Im hoping her parents go out for the weekend so we can all actually have a fun time.. do some drinkin without having to worry about the rents smelling our breath or catch us doing it. I guess we're gonna watch some movies too... ANCHORMAN is a must. lol thats a great movie.. one of the funniest ive seen in a while. Zack and marcy havent seen it, and i love to see them laugh :) lol so cute.

Well, mr teacher man just gave us a shit load of drawings to do... and i know the girls next to me are gonna be asking me what to do. lol since im the smart one here . ;) Now thats funny.

Bye yall' love yah!


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Great Day
Saturday. 1.29.05 7:05 pm
Like the title says.. today was a great day. lol. To start it off, me and my mom went to simply terries so i can show my mom the dress that i picked out the other day with my friends. SHE LOVED IT. She didnt like that fact that it was over 300$, but heck, she put some money down on it.. and i signed a little piece of paper.. and the dress is mine. all mine... muah hah hah hah. Now, all i need is the perfect date for prom and im all set. I got someone in mind.. my god that night is gonna be amazing if i was with him that night... pure perfection ;) .

Then after simply terries, mom stopped at troy suds to wash the van. lol it was funny. The hose was too strong for mom to control, so she had to use two hands. haha what a mother.

Mo must of been in a good mood today because other than making payments on a 350$ prom dress, she also bought me peanut brittle at that one shop in troy.. plus choc covered pretzels. lol yum. After we went to troy, we came back hom for about 10 mins.. then we all left for sayre to go shopping. I got the dvd How to lose a guy in ten days. Its a great movie. lol princess sophia. "little, big, little, big. I dont know.. but we will find out!" lol what a great scene.

Well, thats all that happened today. Fun Fun. Ill talk to ya'll later... this weekend is going by way to fast... :(

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Friday. 1.28.05 8:08 pm
Korn Lyrics


Honestly, somehow it always seems that I'm dreamin' of something that I can never be
It doesn't bother to me, 'cause I will always be that pimp that i see
in all of my fantasies
I don't know your fucking name.
So what, let's...
Screaming to be the only way that I can truly be free from my fucked up realities,
so I turn and stroke it harder, 'cause its so fun to see my face staring back at me.
I don't know your fucking name.
So what, let's fuck.
All Day I Dream About Sex
All Day I Dream About fuckin'

Honestly, i dont dream about sex all day. I just really like the song. lol. I promise. But yeah, i just got back from the wrestling match. Great job greg... you did great.. no matter what. Im actually getting into this wrestling thing haha. I was actually screaming like i would with a football game or something. (Naw, football is way better)

I guess im gonna go everyone.. still dont know what to write about.

love yah all

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Sexy huh?
*Me and Shauntel*
-Everybody Hurts-

When the day is long and the night
The night is yours alone,
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life
Well hang on
Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries
And everybody hurts sometimes.
*Erika Amy and Me*
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