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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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May 2018

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Friday, May 6, 2005
Today is the blood drive! I tried scaring my friend by show her how much blood they're taking out of her. I've been pretty uncomfortable around my ex and Susan which we call her Cleo b/c she is a modern day Cleopatra. She's always around him and touching him. GOSH! I don't think ppl wants to be touched like me who can't stand it when put hteir hands on my shoulders. I got NSL teacher pissed off at us b/c nobody but two ppl turned in their reports on time.

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Thursday, May 5, 2005
Ow! My feet hurts from trying to kick the soccerball and instead the force of the ball pushed my feet back and went as further than I can bend my foot. Bacon talked to me yesterday. He asked for my cell number and then he asked me soo many dumb questions like "How did you feel when I kissed you?" My face looked blank and I kept staring at him. Then he left and I kept staring at him with a blank face. It was odd. Normally he'll just avoid me and ignore me. Then after he left, the bus to RM came and we got on. The boys' volleyball team drove there and lefted b4 the bus except coach and another player who were waiting for someone and the bus got to RM before the boys and they probably used the short way. We used Rockville Pike, the long way and the boys used Viers Mill Rd, the shorter distance. Well we had like 45 minutes to an hour b4 the boys' game so the whole Coed team and me and Mei went to Wendy's 2 blocks from the school. Coach saw us walking from the school and Mei and I made it back in time for the boys' game. I was about eat my burger when coach called me over to be the line judge for the boys' game. Darn him! After the boys' game, I had to be the scorekeeper for the Coed's game. The scorekeeper for RM isn't there and that's why it was me who did the score. Oh well lunch is almost over so I gotta leave soon.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Ok...Everything went well today until I saw Susan, that annoying brat! She doesn't get that I don't wanna talk to her and I don't wanna be her friend b/c she's twice as annoying as anyone else. She was hanging out with my ex and getting all over him. That made me uncomfortable even though my ex and I split like almost a year ago. It's getting me annoyed! It drives me crazy! Gosh! To some ppl seeing their ex with a friend of theirs hanging out make them really uncomfortable. Susan is nothing but a whore! Anywaz...My chemistry teacher and I are almost alike. I found out that back in high school he was shy and he was on the cross-country and track team. Wow! He is boring! 5' 10" aint short!

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blah blah blah
Friday, April 29, 2005
Let's see today I had a huge headache b/c I forgot to take my allergy medication and dad had to come to school when I wasn't in the lunch room. All the people who knew me told me that dad was looking for me. And yea we won against Paint Branch on Wednesday. Coed loss (as usual). I finally got my pictures developed! That brat that kept bothering me is very very upset b/c her bf broke up with her and I find that really funny! Ellingson started talking about how he drools! Nasty but funny! It's b/c I drew a pic of him looking @ a suitcase of $1 million and drooling. Then he started talking about acne. It freaked me out! Then afterschool while waiting for dad, I was talking to one of my friends when I threaten to draw all over Ellingson's car with a silver Sharpie and right when I said that, the Boys' volleyball coach walked past me and I think he probably think I was gonna use a Sharpie and draw all over his car which is one of the expensive cars. Well maybe he thinks I'm gonna draw all over his car b/c when he past me I said, "Oh crap!" He didn't say anything. Well I really want to draw all over his car. I was asking Ellingson a lot of stupid questions today like if he gets along with his lil bro. His bro is turning 20 this year. I have nothing else to say...

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Rainy day
Friday, April 22, 2005
Let's see...Today is Earth Day. School started off normal b4 Jessi felt sick and I never saw her for the rest of the day. Not much happened 2day. It's just another boring rainy day. I got Ellingson mad at me and I found out what his email is. I think I know when is his birthday. oh well...It's just another boring day. I know how to draw Boo, the ghost from Mario Party. It's easier than drawing Yoshi. Wow I don't think I've been this bored in my life. I found out yesterday that one of the good Boys' volleyball player quit the team! What a butt! Another is ineligible. And he was the good player too! I finally found where my chemistry teacher went to high school. I got bored and decided to find out if the teacher really lied about that high school but he didn't! Spooky!

I want this soo badly!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
It's soo hot 2day! It's stuffy right now in my sister's room b/c she refuses to remove the carpet! Sheesh! All the people except Susan, I know has xanga! I'm the only person who doesn't! Oh well I have monkeys with me and cool icons. We lost, I think, yesterday's home game against Q.O. Our season started very good and suddenly it's beginning to suck! Mr. Ellingson got a Gamecube? it's soo funny! Oh well it's his not mine. I got a PS2! Darn! I just looked at the schedule and we're against Blair 2morrow and it's at 3:30 pm. I really need a ride to Blair and I can't get a ride with the Coed b/c they start later than us. I'm still jelous! Jazz Band gets to go to New York 2morrow while I'm stuck in school on an odd day! My least favorite days! ARRGGGG!
I like Green Day! The music is cool!

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