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Fried Chicken or Fried Rat ?
Monday, October 6, 2008

Watch how rats are turn into chicken by, who else but the always innovative and creative crooked & unethical people to make money......watch what you eat in China, for even eggs and milk powder, which killed hundreds of children, can be fake, what else cannot be fakes in this unscrupulous country...

The end product

The process

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Dinner at Strada
Sunday, October 5, 2008

The first image or rather the message the restaurant portrayed from the outside was that they only focus/specialises in desserts but in up close, they serve main dishes as well, beef , pasta, pizza..etc

I drove by the place a couple of times but never got the chance to get into until i've mentioned bout this new restaurant to jolenesiah . So Me and jolenesiah finally went over to this new place over Pulau Tikus, Strada's the name of it. For a new place, its a really nice & cozy place with really good service. The colour scheme and the arrangement of chairs & tables are good, with the right magnitude of space for walking. We took the far right corner table in the restaurant.

Both of us ordered their set dinner.

Appetiser/Starter : Clam Chowder Soup
Main Course : Sole Fillet with some yogurt bechamel
Dessert : Chocolate Molten Cake
Beverage : Ice Lemon Tea

Appetiser/Starter : Salad
Main Course : Moroccan Grilled Lemon Chicken
Dessert : Tiramisu
Beverage : English Breakfast

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Mr/Ms Ideal, Right, Perfect?
Saturday, October 4, 2008

i was doin some readin online last night and i came across this article on "What makes and ideal woman?" and that got me thinking bout the conversations i had with my best friend, on wht's our definition of the word "Ideal". Both of us being some sort of idealist made things worse cuz we tend to state the most ideal case of everythin, from food presentation to the perfect dream date. i'm sure most of us have got some idea or even a checklist on their ideal soulmate, but is ideal something they had really want in their life? to me that question made me think bout the theory i learnt in Human Resource Economics class, does the person fit the job or the job fit the person? its like yes, u would want n love to have the ideal person in life but are u tryin to look for someone that fits the checklist or someone that gives you the checklist?

after readin the article i do agree with some views on wht's ideal n wht is meant for u. as for me, the ideal person is jst a dream, a fantasy but in reality, kid us not, is it even possible to get someone that fits the bill? honestly i dont think so. its the compatibility that will outbeat "ideal" at the end of the day. i believe compatibility will go a long way. cuz wht's the use of havin someone ideal in ur life (that fits the checklist) but you're not happy or contended cuz yes, s/he the ideal one, but in terms of compatibility/chemistry, s/he doesnt have it. will one be happy with that? even if the answer is yes, but for how long can that last?

Mr Perfect is never Mr Right.
However, Mr Right is Mr Perfect. (Joanna KD)

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Marilyn Monroe
Friday, October 3, 2008

Find more Digital art videos at 5min.com
(Martin Missfeldt)

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Creative Advertising Idea
Friday, October 3, 2008
This is one very creative advertising idea!

By :Jeseok Yi

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Canon Goes Green
Friday, October 3, 2008

There are 300 volunteers , 2500 tree saplings , so to get this tree plantin movement goin on you can help by contributing to http:// www.canongoesgreen.com/

I've done my part n now is your turn..

Im sure its too small to read wht i've written so here's wht i wrote for the mushroom pic i submitted.

A small and distinctive wild mushroom growing far apart from its kind, a staunch defender of freedom with a hope of surviving on this earth.

Thanks to renaye

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