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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Plz save the Earth when you celebrate New Year!
Saturday. 1.1.05 0:01 pm
Happy New Year!
Wish everyone safe in this new year!
No more suffering!

I chose to stay at home tonight, no more count down or firework, stay at home quietly. Sorry for my friends, promise to watch firework with you, and I didn't go. But, sorry, I just could not have big celebration when there are some people in the world under the suffering!

For the Earthquake and Tsunami in Southern Asia, Missing people: 4843; Death: 120,000.

To everyone, the earthquake and tsunami is the sign to all human being, our Earth, the place we living is sick! A biggest wish everyone save the Earth From this year!

26/12/2003 - Iran Earthquake
26/12/2003 - Indonesia Earthquake and Southern Asia Tsunami

Plz save our world as save yourself!

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The Phantom of the Opera movie
Thursday. 12.30.04 7:42 am
I watched Phantom with Steve this afternoon, what a good movie, and I want to buy the OST too.

Personally think Sarah Brightman is forever Christine, she sings better than Emma in movie. And I want to watch again.

"Those who have seen your face draw back in fear . . .

I am the mask you wear . . ."

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Your Help Can make Different, Plz!
Wednesday. 12.29.04 8:20 am
Please provide Help to the Victims of South Asia Earthquake and Tsunami!

Make A Donation
Make a difference now by supporting organizations on the ground in Asia helping those affected by this tragedy.

Where possible, please designate your funds to "Tsunami Relief".

Death Toll Rises to 67,000 Tsunami Victims

By LELY T. DJUHARI, Associated Press Writer

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Cargo planes touched down with promised aid Wednesday, bearing everything from lentils to water purifiers to help survivors facing the threat of epidemic after this week's quake-tsunami catastrophe. The first Indonesian military teams reached the devastated west coast of Sumatra island, finding thousands of bodies and hiking southern Asia's death toll to more than 67,000.

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Plz Pray For the Victims of the S.Asian Earthquake
Tuesday. 12.28.04 2:58 am
Please Pray For The Victims Of The Southern Asian Earthquake!

The biggest humanitarian relief operation ever mounted was underway along Asia's devastated shores as the death toll from a massive earthquake and the tidal waves it unleashed was predicted to hit 45,000.

With the scale of the catastrophe still unfolding the confirmed death toll passed 27,500 in nine countries -- but Indonesia warned that it alone could have suffered up to 20,000 more fatalities on top of its official figure of 4,725 deaths.

Indonesia's Vice President Yusuf Kalla, who is in charge of coordinating relief efforts, said he estimated that "21,000 to 25,000 people" had been killed in Sunday's disaster.

The quake, the biggest in 40 years at 9.0 on the Richter scale, ruptured the Indian Ocean seabed off Indonesia's Sumatra island, sending huge waves thousands of kilometres (miles) to kill and destroy in countries around southern and southeast Asia and even in Africa.

Mass funerals were taking place amid scenes of traumatic grief as bodies lay rotting along coastlines throughout the region, lending weight to fears that outbreaks of disease could unleash a second wave of tragedy on a region struggling to cope with the first.

Available at http://sg.news.yahoo.com/041228/1/3pisd.html

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merry christmas 2004
Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry christmas to everyone, hope you all have a good holiday!

I hope I can finish all of my works during this holiday.

I am not in mood:
Friends leaving
©Ò¦³¤H³£¬O¤@¼Ë¡A¥L­Ì³£·|¨«¦U¦Û¦Uªº¹D¸ô¡AÄ~Äò¦U¦Û¦Uªº¤H¥Í¡C³o¤£¬O§OÂ÷¡A¦Ó¬O®Èµ{; ¤]¤£¬O²×µ²¡A¦Ó¬O¶}©l; ÁöµM·|¦³ÂI±I¹æ¡A¦ý¨Æ¹ê½T·|¦p¦¹¡C

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A very hot day vs A very windy night
Wednesday. 12.1.04 11:38 pm
Very very very very very hot!!!!

Feel like I'll melt this hot.

However, it was cold in computer room, I was freezing there.

And walking from outdoor to indoor, I feel like from a melting-ice-cude to a hard-rock-ice again.

We voted the magazine cover in media production class this morning, and Jane's cover won, her cover is pretty and meaningful. I had nothing to do this class, except help Steve to work on his cover before voting. It will be good if we can start work on the magazine, as I am assistance Image Editor and assistance Layout.

I went back home for luch, it was so hot. I wasn't sure I should go home for lunch or stay around in city, as I had ballet this evening. It'd be good to stay in a air-conditioning room and have some rest, but I have had to walk under the sun for 10 minutes before I have the air-conditioning. And don't look down to this 10 minutes, I feel like it is 30 minutes when walking under the sun.

I left home at 4:30pm to broadway, the sun gone, and the wind comes. I can feel the wind when I was sitting in the upper floor in the train, especially when the door open.

Sydney weather is turning crazy, and not suit for human living. I don't understand why there is no day-off when the winds come, I couldn't walk probably in the wind, and there were a few times I was 'blow away' by the wind, true!

Anyway, it was a enjoyable class, and I wore my legwarmer to class, felt I can dance better than before.

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