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I eat at night
and overuse "like a boss" + "stfu."

Me like.

Fine! Here: 941210. seventeen. canada. vietnamese.
i listen to slow melody / acoustic. 이승기, 노민우.
[email protected] major in environmental planning.
save the earth! don't litter.

Yummy sushi rolls

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Silence is the way

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Tuesday. 6.21.11 1:22 pm
Which seems fair enough.

The problem is when you harm someone because of what you believe in.

So I have a few gay friends, well, a lot of gay friends (most of them are bisexuals). They are often bullied because they would walk around holding hands with their lovers and everything. The bullying started small for a few days, and we would ignore it. Then it gets bigger and it's hard for us friends to ignore it.

So recently, this one girl who lives across my apartment bashed my friend because he is a homosexual. Her bashing was quite harsh so we decided to talk about it on Facebook. I mentioned that she lives across my apartment and that my little sister (who is 3 year-old) called her ugly once. Somehow she got the message on Facebook and printed it out to show to her mother. Her mother talked to me about it and I had to apologize because they were neighbors and I didn't want things to get into trouble... However, the mother turned around and said something along the line of "Vanessa goes her own way, she never crosses anyone's path."

THAT ticked me off.

I then told her back "Oh, okay, she never did anything to anyone? Do you even know what she does after school? Wait, do you even KNOW if she attends school?! (I've seen her skipping school and cuddling up with her boyfriend before). Or do you even know how your homophobic daughter hurt my friend? I apologize for even translating what my little sister said and laughed about it, but seriously? You think three people talking behind her back are doing so just for the fun of it?!"

Then I went home.

Now, I realized talking behind people's back is wrong... I just want to tell people how funny my little sister is without hurting the girl. My other friends though, went an extra step and went full on flaming her. Since I was in the conversation, I'm considered part of the flaming.

All is fine until her boyfriend sent a threatening letter to us. Well, he's smart enough not to send anything to me since I live right across from her apartment. But from what I heard, he wants to kill us.

Her boyfriend is quite old (isn't it considered paedophilia if you're over 18 and dating someone under 16?), and I'm hella' scared out of my mind O_o; Y'see, we live in a dangerous neighborhood... Or you can call it the 'ghetto neighborhood.' Oh, damnit, why couldn't I keep things to myself.

I don't really have a problem with homophobic people, my problem lies with what homophobic people do to the homosexuals. The Christian group in my school always preach that homosexuality is 'unnatural' and I never have a problem with it since everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They talk about how humanity's aim is to reproduce and homosexuals are unable to do so. Or about how in each relationship there are roles to fill, a man's and a woman's, whereas the woman is the dependent one and the man is the independent one. I think that is awfully sexist, and each relationship is unique in its own right. There are relationships where both participants are INDEPENDENT from each other, so they are not necessarily filling in the shoes of a man's and a woman's. With that said, I love Jesus (I'm Buddhist though), and I think he is cool. I don't think he wants people to alienate others because of what they are though :)

Now, if you're homophobic or disagree about homosexual relationships, you still do not have the rights to harm the homosexuals. That's like saying "I hate babies. Let's start torturing all the babies." What the hell is that?! I think people who harm homosexuals because of their sexuality are just low and they deserve to get a slap.. or two.

:D That's all.

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Probably going to invest in a musical instrument
Sunday. 4.17.11 1:16 pm
Although I have like a thousand things to do in school right now... I feel musically inspired. 8)

Ukulele? =O Those beginner ones for like $50...

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How to get rid of eye circles? D:
Sunday. 4.10.11 10:58 pm
April 13th, 2pm to 4pm.
I hope to get at least 80% or more on this exam.
1. Rest
2. Get more sleep.
3. Rest.
4. Dramas.
5. Dramas.
6. MANGA!!! <- can you believe it? I stopped reading for 3 years already...
7. Anime.. blegh, probably not...
8. REST.

I don't get enough sleeps. My eye circles are permanent, I think. Guys have any suggestion to get rid of them? They've been there for months, nearly a year already. I'm actually eating a bunch of broccoli hoping they'll lighten up now D: I LOOK OLD. I CAN'T LOOK OLD. I NEED TO BE PRETTY TO MARRY A PRETTY HUSBAND.

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Time to move on.
Saturday. 2.19.11 8:33 pm
How math triggers love, I don't know, but I think I really love him.

It starts out with a small crush, then became something much bigger... His smile makes me get butterflies D: I DREAM about him. And everything he says, EVERYTHING, makes me smile. *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

But this is bad, because he's a teacher... He's much older.. and he has a family.


;_; Time to move on.

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