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I eat at night
and overuse "like a boss" + "stfu."

Me like.

Fine! Here: 941210. seventeen. canada. vietnamese.
i listen to slow melody / acoustic. 이승기, 노민우.
[email protected] major in environmental planning.
save the earth! don't litter.

Yummy sushi rolls

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Silence is the way

Back from camp!
Monday. 7.25.11 3:49 pm
I'm back from my UofT camp! It involves me being a student for a week, living in res and attending lectures & labs etc. Totally cool except I slept through almost all of the lectures and I paid no attention to the labs. Either way, I made some really cool friends, who I may say, have taken me up as their role models/idols because I'm just way cooler :)

I found a few old pictures of myself when I was in gr.9. Dayum, I was pretty. Whatever happened? Stupid eye bags and stuff D: Now I'm determined to grow out my hair longer and then dye it all together the orange blonde that I had. Ryan may disapprove but -laughs out loud-

On another interesting note, Kira (Anthony) may come and visit again next month! Yaaaaay! I'm contemplating whether I should introduce Ryan to the couple since Kira is like one of my best buddies and I kind of want to show off my boyfriend to him :) Another reason is actually because I don't want to be the third wheel when I hang out with Kira and Dubs again =____=""

I'm starting to like the show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's sort of like the funnier and darker version of Glee, where it addresses a bunch of social issues, except it doesn't have singing and good looking teenagers dancing around. I have so much respects for these kind of shows... It makes me feel like the society is opening up their minds a little bit more than before.


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On a Break
Sunday. 6.10.12 1:54 pm
I finally told him, I want a break.

I didn't think about how long this would take though, so maybe it's an indefinite break... Until one of us actually breaks and tell each other, "It's over."

Granted, I said it while I was angry, so he may not take it seriously. But I've cut off all ways of contact with him... Cell phone, Skype, MSN, and FB. Hopefully he gets the hint that I'm serious.

*SIGHS* So much work.

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The Fucking Weather
Thursday. 6.30.11 9:24 pm
Reccently found out about http://www.thefuckingweather.com/. With that said, Toronto's weather:




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University drop-out
Thursday. 7.19.12 5:16 pm
I've decided to drop out of University for a year so I can work and then reapply.

The end.

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