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Thursday, July 26, 2012
On 25 September 2011 ...

I picked up my uniforms with my name written on the white fabric, and headed to the changing room.

The first attire I chose was the formal wear pants.

And ...


Followed by the jacket.

And in the midst of admiring myself in the mirror, I thought ...

I looked like a boy especially with my new short hair cut. >.<

I air-brushed my hair and felt like a cool female idol from Japan. (Yes, fans screaming 'kakkuii' please in the background).

The last item I tried was the traditional costume.

Finally, something perfect on me! I was elated.

I came out with the blue costume and received some godly unexpected responses.

My senior aka ex-participant was the first to go $%$##%%!!!

Then, another team member gasped and went @#%$^[email protected]

They both chastised the tailor assistant for my traditional costume size to be shrunk to M size.

"Eh? I thought it fits me well?"

"NO!!! That was XL!! You are AYL!!! I won't allow you to look ugly!"

They said in unison.

I was taken aback with their words since they have never shown any affection for me since we first met.

Ah ... people change... Lovely.

Spinoff: I cursed because I had instructed the tailor to alter the pants particularly on the left 1cm shorter than the right. The result was 30 cm longer than the right. ^%^&^! It took me quite some time to explain again to the tailor assistant.

Luckily, she understood and it turned out well during our second try. Phew ~

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Sunday, July 22, 2012
On 24 September 2011 ...

It is my turn to get the H1N1 jab.

I dreaded it.

Team members who are living in Kuala Lumpur are the last ones to get the jab, and we too dreaded it. Simply because some of us are afraid of needles. And some of them confessed were guys!

And not after we heard from my roomie that she got tooth ache as side effect!


We were the only clients in the clinic, and we were curious about the supplements on her counter. One of us seriously joked that we should tried to get the doctor to sponsor us supplements.

And ... shortly after that, it was my turn.

I sighed and said my prayer before the needle bit me!

Spinoff: He who joked of getting sponsorship did ask the doctor but she showed no interest.

Anyways, I managed to get 60 bottles of Vitamin C from my family doctor. :-)

Phew~ I was grateful that the doctor didn't hurt my arm for I have developed trauma with needles. It seems I have a very 'fair' arm; nurses always have a hard time in finding my vein to draw blood. So in 2009, a nurse who could not find it POKED the syringe by half into my arm, and swinging it from right to left just to detect the vein! Incredible experience right?!

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Modelling ~ chu ~ 3.2
Monday, July 16, 2012
My team members were still upstairs but I decided to return to the room as my mother is coming soon.

I eagerly kicked off my high heels and settled into my casual wear. I removed my make up too, and noticed the dark eye bags.

Ugh. Lack of sleep!

I reached out for my mobile phone and read through a lot of messages, but I didn't reply any because I was too exhausted.

As I went down to the ground floor to wait for my mum, I looked up to the clear evening sky, and acknowledged sadly that the day is coming to an end.

So is my birth day.

Tidbits: I have not been celebrating my birthday for three years due to work commitment. I long to eat a birthday cake.

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Modelling ~ chu ~ 3.1
Monday, July 16, 2012
We finally called it a day.

I was packing my things to go home and my team member rushed to my room.

"What's the rush?"

"Err... we don't have a couple picture of you and YL. Can we do it now?"

Huh? Are you kidding me?! I wanna go home!

He gave me teary puppy eyes.

Sigh. "I will get dress now."

"See you upstairs!" He dashed out to whereever he meant 'upstairs.'

I dressed and put on my makeup. The member in charged of culture and performance peeped into my room and said "Thank you."

I smiled back and replied him with my signature "I will kick your ass!"

He laughed.

I met them at the highest floor of the hostel. It was a beautiful sight with the sun setting.

YL and I posed a few times, and then another team member suggested we should pose like lovers with the Chinese windows.

What?! Are you kidding me - again?!

Oh well, screw it.

Tidbits: I was actually not comfortable with this lover pose, but since I'm going to do it once in a lifetime, screw it.

The pictures turned out to be fantastic. =)

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Modelling ~ chu ~ 1.2
Monday, July 16, 2012
I looked up to the sky and spotted tiny drops coming into my direction.

We all returned to the canopy next to the Merdeka Square. The sky rumbled and churned more rain.

We haven't finished shooting with our formal attire, but we cannot carry on with the rain. A member suggested to continue the session in the hostel, but I against the idea. Everyone looked so tired. The last thing we wanna do when we return is to sleep not to continue.

I could hear more rumbles, but the photoshoot must be continued regardless of the weather.

We looked around us, and a member suggested if we could pose behind the old building where we were standing beside it.

I looked at its art decor structure and the awning above, and thought it's the perfect place for our final photoshoot.

Tidbits: Seeing that building whenever I bring my friends to Merdeka Square always regurgitate memories of our photoshoot.

This building is now used as Kuala Lumpur Gallery.

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Modelling ~ chu ~ 1.1
Monday, July 16, 2012
We are still clad in our traditional costumes when we relocated to Merdeka Square since our time has expired at Istana Budaya.

And we haven't finished out photoshoot!

There are a lot of tourists wandering around given that Malaysia Day has just passed yesterday. All the stage and decorations are still intact, so we took the opportunity to take photo on the stage for couple photos.

It is so hot, and I was smart enough to bring my paper fan wherever I go. And I bring along an umbrella while waiting for my turn.

The probably funniest thing happened was most tourists requested to take photos with team members who were donned in the uncommon traditional costumes. The most popular of all is the one with the peacock feathers.

As I was waiting for my turn, I accidentally eavesdropped a conversation between some team members.

The guy was cladding in the Borneo hunter costume was standing on the podium with his partner wearing an Iban costume. As she was talking to another member about some costume items, I caught him trying to hug her from behind and he lamented "Tak sampai" (it means can't reach) to another male member who was waiting for them to pose.

I was laughing quite hard as I watched them from a distance. Luckily, she didn't hear that because I'm afraid she would have beaten him for saying she is fat!

Tidbits: Here is my favourite couple photo. =)

Don't they look like a typical loving couple from the olden times? Owh... Apparently this is majority's favourite photo too. =)

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