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Sunday. 10.24.04 10:08 pm
I'm soooo sorry. You guys are awsome. I just don't have enough access to a computer anymore. I'll give you updates every now and then, and I'll post all the time during Christmas break and summer, but it's just to hard right now. When I can get on, I promise I will, and I'll try to talk on the shout box alot. I just don't feel like it's right really, cuz I'm telling all my secrets to the world on this, when I can't even tell my best friend that I like someone... And I'll try to post on everyones pages to.

I love you guys. Thanks for everything. Ya'll've [wow, strange word] been through sooooo much w/me. It's just getting really hard. I'll come back if I can.

And I'll be letting ya'll read my story when I can, too.

And Justin [remember him, from camp? read my camp entries if you don't.] likes me. Ok, I have to explain this. I just can't not. Ok, our church went w/his church to the cornmaize, and he waz flirting w/me sooooooo much. But he pissed Will off. haha.



ok, so I changed my mind. You just won't be seeing as much of me anymore, that's all...

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somethings up
Friday. 10.22.04 10:56 pm
Something's screwed. It's wierd. Don't ask me. It's about Ali. That's all I know...

At first, I thought something like I was gonna be sent off to a bording school. I was freekin out about that... But whatever... Tell more later...


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Friday. 10.15.04 9:56 pm
omg! Well, today has been awsome! We didn't have school, so I got to stay home alone and stuff, and I had my dad's cell. So, I went to the park, and Kendra called, and we hung out, then Scott called. And he said this guy Conner thought I was hott. So me and Kendra were laughing and crap and we went over in front of Conners house and then Scott called again. And Kendra was like 'hey do you know conner marshall?'

Scott: Yea he's at my house.
Kendra: Oh. Well, we're over @ his!

Then like 30 seconds later, Scott and Tanner [who is quite hott. but cute guys are better lol] and Conner all came over and then we were hanging out and ding dong ditching some people that me and Kendra didn't know. And then Tanner left his skate board and went to talk to Scott and Conner and so I took his skate board and ran w/it. But then he turned around and ran after me so I sat it down and went on the grass. lol. Well, then we just sat in front of this one dudes house [we don't know whos lol] and we just talked and stuff and then the guys were like, 'Hey we'll be right back,' and we were just like... watever.

So we're just sittin' there and we see the guys coming back and they have water. And so I was like, 'oh no fair! They got water and didn't get us any!' and then me and Kendra just laughed at that.

Next thing we knew, we were soaked. The guys had poored water ALL over us. lol.

Well, then we went to Scott's house. It was alotta fun, and then Tanner and Kendra started going out and Tanner kept saying that Scott liked me. And I was like, really happy, cuz I had just started liking Scott agian. And Tanner and Kendra kept saying that Scott waz flirting w/me.

Well, then we went back to Kendra's house, and Scott called me and Conner asked if I would say yes if Scott asked me out and I said 'yea' [duh!] and then Tanner said Scott waz scared I would say no... But in the end all waz well and I'm going out w/Scott. And Kendra's goin out w/Tanner.

One major draw back. Ali's pissy-pitty-parties are gonna start ALL over agian. BLEH!


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Monday. 10.11.04 4:46 pm
Nutangs not showing up on my computer. Erg!

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shaking agian
Monday. 10.11.04 8:11 pm
Really. My teeth are chattering and I can't keep still. NO exageration.

I just called Blane. I was just talking to him about how he kinda ditched us and stuff. And I was just talking about how Will and Justin were just saying all that stuff. And then he was like, 'I don't say that you and Will are going out just cuz ya'll hang out alot, so why do you think me and my friend are going out?'

'I don't think yall are going out,' I said. 'It's just what some of my friends were saying.'

Then he was like 'Well, then maybe we should break up!' and I said 'Do you really want to?' and he was like 'Well, if you can't trust me then...'

'Well, we go to different schools and stuff...'

'So you wanna break up!'


Silence on the other end. I tried to talk to him. 'I don't wanna break up, Blane.'

Still silence. 'You know what, just forget it!' I hung up.

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i have a feeling
Monday. 10.11.04 4:46 pm
that this entry will be a long one. ESP or somethin'.

Let's start off w/the song I'm listening to. Hold On, Good Charlotte. I wonder what happened to them? Their music just gradually stopped playing on the radio. And they are REALLY good. Most people really agree w/me @ my school, tho half of them wouldn't admit it. But this song, and the music video to it, too, is one of my favorite. My cuzin killed himself, and all the times my friends threatened... *shudder* Well, song's almost over... moving on.

Do you think 48.5 is a high number? Well, it's what I got on my science test. That counts twice. I have to get it signed... ERG! Bleh I can't believe this. I'm sooo gonna be grounded. Hah my mom just asked if I need anything to get signed... Me: er, not that I can think of...

I'll tell the rest later.


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