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General Discussion » Inuyasha fans and Non-Inuyasha fans
KKama67 | Inuyasha fans and Non-Inuyasha fans - Posted on 2007-02-11 12:14:22
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I have been considering starting forums for the most popular communities. So far Inuyasha seems to be the most popular.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Do you have any suggestions for other popular communities to be added as a subforum?

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Katrina | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-21 12:05:50
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Actually what noob does and play is totally illegal and could easily get dave into trouble. Should he be kicked/banned? No, but he should get a warning to take down the episodes or else. It's one thing to blog about a specific licensed series, but it's another to host, and he is hosting, a licensed series that could get dave into serious trouble. He's not even doing it for free since NuTang pays.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why doesn't he just find a free website host and create his own website? He had to create his own layout for them and everything so he obviously has the knowledge to so why use a blog? I find it very rude and arrogant to do what he does just because he can and so far no one has told him to stop and I honestly hope someone with the authority does tell him to stop. The anime community may have loose rules, but when it comes to hosting licensed stuff the rules are very firm. You do not host licensed anime!

Chloefoxx | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-21 17:36:33
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People seem to be really confused about The Zebra and all her money.

1. She blogs consistently.
2. She has lots of readers.
3. Her entries are hilarious
4. She's been here longer than most

That's why she has money. Lots of visits, lots of comments, lots of blogging. She doesn't need to "slow down" she's doing everything right. I swear, if one more person asks why she has so much money I'm going to lose it.

Read her page and you'll see why it's so popular.

KKama67 | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-21 21:46:37
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hey people.. Leave the Zebra alone. She is a veteran and one can learn alot from her. I have! She is an ICON!

Bullet | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-21 23:07:20
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What a bother...
It seems that Dscoil has decided to upload Naruto manga =]
Katrina had just made a lecture about that x_X

dscoil | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-21 23:14:18
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oh well... personally, i know noob123 and he is very annoying and really arrogant in real life. So just ignore him and boycott his site or whatever if you really want.

Katrina | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-22 00:18:31
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I don't think anyone cares how someone is like in person. We do care about people using a blog as a hosting website for licensed anime/manga/dramas/etc. A blog is a blog. You want to host a series and do nothing except episode updates then go to any of the many number of free website hosting places. If you want to put up clips or pictures of a licensed anime and write blogs on episodes or whatever go for it.

I'm still not sure why people are having a hard time figuring out the difference. Maybe they know, but free hosting sites won't pay you when you've earned enough clicks to your site...

@Bullet: Wasn't really trying to lecture, but if I lose my blog because of the jerks hosting licensed anime I'm going to be more then a tad upset. I know the rules, as weird as they are, and get annoyed when people ignore them. The communities are relaxed as it is so to ignore relaxed rules or simple ones seems like a slap in the face.

Bullet | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-22 00:27:06
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In short.
Blog sites aren't for hosting anime. It's for...blogging...
Hosting downloads for anime/manga is illegal. Fan sites are allowed because they are all free downloads. They have a disclaimer.
If you want to host downloads, do it on your own site. Not on NuTang.
NuTang has a great disadvantage since dave decided to give out money to those popular. It was to encourage blogging on NuTang(I think...), not for you to host illegal downloads. Got it! ^^
I got really depressed when noob123 couldn't get kicked. =P Joke!
Dscoil: If you bothered to look at my REAL NAME in my profile, you should be able to recognize me. Somewhat. And yes, I have a notch about what kind of person Bill is. =]
I didn't put the school but I did put how old I am.

dscoil | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-22 01:17:03
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oh bullet you are that guy!!
never expected it :D

Katrina | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-22 01:34:09
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"Hosting downloads for anime/manga is illegal. Fan sites are allowed because they are all free downloads. They have a disclaimer.
If you want to host downloads, do it on your own site. Not on NuTang."

Actually having a disclaimer or not doesn't matter. In fact usually a site's disclaimer is usually the basic "we did not do any of the work we just host". It's up to the subbers to put in their disclaimer on their work on how they want it distributed.

Anime has one rule. Do not HOST licensed anime. Sure groups will work on licensed anime, and that's considered ok, but it is not to be hosting on the net. There is bittorrent and IRC to find licensed work. It's one thing to say you don't know, but it's been said how many times now? Ignorance of not knowing can no longer be claimed for a reason for pure stupidity, arrogance and disrespect to the NuTang community.

Chloefoxx | Untitled - Posted on 2007-02-22 03:09:14
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I'm totally with Katrina on this. I've been here for close to 4 years and if I lose my blog because some kid wants to earn some money by ILLEGALLY hosting videos I'll be none too pleased.

If videos are being hosted legally, I'm all for it. But from what I've read in here, noob123 is doing something he shouldn't be. And all for a buck.

Don't ruin it for the rest of us, okay? We're here because we like to blog and we like the people and atmosphere.

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