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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Tuesday. 5.8.12 12:45 am
Going to Sydney is like a dream!

I never thought I would be stepping into OZ again. Not because I have been to Melbourne, but it's purely sponsored by renaye! My policy is to either travel for free or paid to travel. I guess there are times I cannot be stingy.

But still, going to Sydney is like a dream. Its weather and city is the closest resemblance to New Zealand, my second home.

I had to stopover in Singapore for my Sydney trip. I managed to catch up with my Singaporean friends, and I get to enter the Marina Bay Sands's casino!!

(First mission accomplished! Hence my wide grin =P)

I arrived in Sydney at 5.30 am, but the whole custom procedures took around two hours. It could be shorter if I didn't declare I was bringing medicine. It's better to declare knowing how strict their custom laws are. And I wanna see their beagles! Oh, if you don't know, OZ and NZ use beagles to sniff out prohibited items in airport.

I reached the backpackers at 9 am, and I had to wait for another one hour before I could get into my room. So my friend and I decided to explore the city. The first place we decided to conquer is supermarket. But we ended up in Haysmarket. I was pretty excited to know there's a local freshmarket in the city. It was a pure disappointment for me because it looks like Petaling Street! I'm not joking! Melbourne's market is so much better with all local entrepreneurs selling their specialities.

Later in the evening, we met up with another friend -S- who was staying beside me to plan our route to Sydney Olympic Park for our seminar. One segment of the seminar is the firewalk. Well, all participants have to walk on coal embers. I was excited, but the friend I came with was freaking out. Her facial expression changed when she heard FIRE and WALK. She thought it was not real; just an allegory to remove fears from our brain. She looked at me to confirm it IS not real, and I just kept saying it's not real. Not until S insisted it IS real. My friend turned blue and kept assuring herself out loud that she is not gonna do.

Haha. Guess what? She did the firewalk after all. It is not freaky at all. I didn't get any burn except for a bruise on my left foot.

Sydney Olympic Park is a nice place. I like how they have provided ample of seats for the public. There is a small green space too. I really wanna lie down and look up at the sky.

After the seminar, S had to return to Malaysia the next following day, and my friend and I decided to split. She continued to stay in the backpackers while I decided to stay with my collegemate whom I have not met for over 6 years.

Since I will be heading to my collegemate's place in the evening, I decided to explore Sydney Harbour in the morning. It's amazing to be able to see the iconic place with my own eyes. It's really like a dream!

And you know what? I was able to accomplish another dream! That is to have Mochacinno! I love it! Have not had it for over 6 years! The best part was I was drinking it in front of the harbour.

Another best thing happened in the evening was following my collegemate to her masters class in Macquarie University. Nah, I didn't sit to listen because she excused herself from class with the reason: family emergency. Ouch. I was the 'emergency'.

We went for dinner together before heading to her studio unit with her current partner.

Although my friend and I split, we still updated each other via sms of our program. She decided to go to Blue Mountains and me to Hunter Valley the following day.

I was actually not keen to visit either places, but I decided to go since I have extra cash than expected and I have not been on a winery tour.

The winery tour was interesting. The most interesting part was I had alcohol overdose and food poisoning after the trip. I reached home with nausea, headache and gastric. I felt sorry for not being able to assist my collegemate in preparing dinner. I was so sick till I have to lie and nap after shower. Dinner didn't help and I was forced to request my friend to make congee for me. After that I slept like a baby.

The cause of my food poisoning was obvious: I have drank at least 19 glasses of wine and ended the tour with coffee. The worst part: I didn't drink much water. Bravo renaye.

I woke up early in the morning and was itching to get out of the house. Luckily my collegemate allowed me to go to the suburb's library. And along the way, I bought lotto, a lot of lotto. HEHE. Mission accomplished!

The library is superb! Although I didn't get to borrow a book, I was extremely happy to have walked into a library, because libraries back in my country are extremely pathetic.

I reached airport at 2 pm-ish. I accomplished my last mission by taking a photo with my collegemate. I once thought I would never be able to meet up with her again after we left college. That was one of the reasons I said going to Sydney feels like a dream. It still though.

It took me 6 years to realise this dream...

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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ring ring~
Sunday, April 22, 2012
On 28 November 2011 ...

We arrived Port Klang early in the morning. I was excited to be home for the first time in more than one month.

I open my cabin curtain and saw the street lamps were lighted. The sea was calm too.

I have been informed there will be press conference for NL, YL and AYL today. I'm extremely nervous. I don't know what to expect; don't even wanna think about it.

I was told I have to meet up with NL at the verandah at 11 am. I was in my coat and ... sweating. One of the reasons for it is I could not get hold of YL. I kept calling his room number via the ship phone. And asked around my team members if they have seen him around.

I glanced at my handphone and I'm still early, and suddenly it rings.

"Where are you guys now?" asked NL.

"I'm looking for YL, before going to the press conference room."


Then ... I found myself so stupid ... because there is already phone line!!

So I dialed YL's number and advised him to come and meet me up before heading together...

Tidbits: renaye has totally adapted to the lifestyle on the ship that she has forgotten her mobile can receive signal.

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Shock-u 2
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
My student died from a massive heart attack. I don't think any of us expected that will be her cause of death.

She is just 22. How can such young person suffer such illness? I think her classmates were traumatised. I heard they were in the middle of playing badminton when she had tight chest pain. She was sent to the hospital immediately.

But I think it was too late. Though she had EKG done, the doctor who also happens to be my colleague could not save her in time.

My students could not handle the news well. Some broke down into tears in front of their classrooms. My colleague, a counsellor, attended to some of them. She baked some cakes in case they need some comfort food.

In Buddhism teaching, her mission in life has already ended. But not without leaving a lesson to her loved ones and to the people in her environment. This is a mission she chose before reborning.

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Saturday. 4.14.12 10:31 am
Today is a real shocking day. I lost my coolness in public.

I was having late lunch when I was playing around with my tab. I suddenly received an unexpected news that one of my students had passed away yesterday. Today and tomorrow is her funeral.

I just gasped loudly. I last saw her two weeks when she graced into my communal office picking up a pair of badminton racquets that do not belong to her. Everyone in the office were just stunt how nonchalantly she entered the office and swept the racquets without saying a word to us.

What a sudden news. I have informed her supervisor and she attended the funeral along with the deceased team members.

This scene reminds me so much of the funeral my college had back in 2005. My junior died from drowning. I last saw him merrily with his high school sweetheart on the car park in college. It brought me to think how the tree planted in memory of him doing in my college garden.

I really have to tell myself to live life to the fullest. May She rest in peace.

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Monday, April 9, 2012
One of the things smartphone owners need to do is to check out the application market.

I often hear friends telling each other that they can find anything from the market. But I was still then clueless because I didn't own a smartphone yet.

And now I finally understood what they mean by anything. I went online shopping this evening and typed simply CATS in the market and there were a lot of results!!!

AHH!!! So happy I were to find a lot of cats related apps.

I will try to install one of those meowing piano...

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