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Sunday, September 25, 2005
After a fun filled weekend...it's sunday! Now..it's time to relax....to sit back... watch tv... and sleep! Maybe even do some homework and listen to music. Good times...good times! I love these kind of days..well I just wanted to say how much I had a good weekend.. :) I cant wait till the next. I gotta do some homework..so Im out..peace.. :P

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Ta da!!
Saturday, September 24, 2005
Last night was...interesting. To say the least... Haha! I love going out and drinking..its one of those things I do best.. ya know? Asti and I.... we were...pretty....umm..gone..Yeah! We got B-Ritt a little on the tipsy side...lol..good times good times....this is going to be a short journal entry..I have to do some homework and take a nap...Hopefully, ordering some food. :P THEN! Hopefully Iggy will come back and we can go do our thannnggggg... Im out kids..peace

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Friday. 9.23.05 9:01 am
Look, I dont know what is going on between *you* and I....but obviosuly, somewhere along the line..we lost it. I dunno, it was fine the whole summer, but shit happens, and people change...Shit happened, and I changed..Im confused in my own little world..and I know it hurts that you gave me so much and now Im just like...oh, well.. I cant do this.... but you know why I cant.... I cant take the distance..you live down near Harrisburg..and Im here... it sucks...and that is the only clue as to whom Im talking about...so like people dont read this and be like..is she talking bout me....haha...Im sorry..thats all I can say
^^^ I wrote that in a journal entry awhile ago..b/c I havent talked to you..so you cant say that you didnt know HOW I felt..so take it!!! I told you..this whole time I thought I didnt and I thought that was mean of me...but I DID! I havent talked to you in forever so that was my way of telling you how I felt.. now if you did read that..then you shouldnt have wrote what you said..unless you wrote it out of anger... then Ill understand..but if you didnt read it..and wrote what you wrote b/c you were pissed off at me and felt like saying shit about Dan and I..then you have to live with knowing that I said what I wanted to say...so dont call me a bitch..b/c I told you....and Im sorry if that isnt heartfelt..but it was for me... so.. whatever..peace

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Oh god...
Friday, September 23, 2005
lol..so chidlish...I wish I could block certain people..I could if they like..let me do it for people who ....omg...old milk..*gag* cereal..nasty... Well that was just gross..anyways! Who just read it randomly and that arent on this site..ya know? If you can..lemme know! Ill be the first to say..this little..insultling back and fourth through journals..is chidlish...and.. immature..we arent in high school anymore..I just like to be a bitch sometimes..I didnt really think anyone would get pissed off by it..Oh well... doesnt really matter, but Im done with this...and I swear...if you write about this again...about this entry....I wont do anything about it....No worries..Call me a bitch..I know I am..when you do me wrong..Im a bitch.. a girl gots to defend herself..right? There's a buncha people that agree with me..so its okay...It wouldnt have worked out between us anyways..you were just dreaming and wishing on something that would of never happened...seriously...think about it! Its not like you called me or anything..so..whatever.. IM DONE! Write about this if you want...but I definatly wont be looking at it... Your gone off my list so Im not tempted to say Im sorry...or talk to you..or look at your journal.... So yes..this is for you.. b/c... I want it clear....all ties are broken... Im sorry Im a bitch..but thats what you get for saying what you did.. it happens...all I gotta say..well Im out..gotta take a shower...let Asti sleep more.. :) Ttyl kids!

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Thursday. 9.22.05 10:22 pm
Wow...this is so childish...... really it is..So this is my last entry...Why do *I* always fall for the bitches? You brought it upon yourself my darling.. thats right..See...if you werent being mean and like...started it, I wouldnt have done it.. You made me mad..and well..Im just saying stuff in my journal about how I feel....if you wanna take me seriously...go for it..Im just getting stuff off my chest.. :) Whatever... haha.. Ohh IM HILARIOUS! Yes....my darlings..I *AM* a bitch..if you got a problem with that...get outta here... :) Well..Im just waiting around for some peeps b/c Im bored...Asti and I went to Stevie's to go paint is derby car..we painted our hands and left hand prints and stuff..and it went through...so I just got out of the shower b/c their was paint on my ass... haha.. WELL!!! Im out...peace

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So umm..here we go bitch!
Thursday. 9.22.05 12:09 pm
All I wann say is...."You're just j e a l o u s..b/c we're young and in love.." YAY! I feel better now. So anyways..this particular journal entry is going out to someone.. His name is Evan... yeah..see he was upset about my past journal entries... Which... what the hell.... I guess its b/c apart of me that doesnt really care and that is what I wanted to talk to Amanda about..but..whatever.. Umm.. I dunno, I just wanna be happy...if going out and drinking, spending time with people that I care about... makes me a bad person...then okay. Yeah..Dan and I had sex everybody... Ive had sex with him a lot..actually..but I dont fucking care what you think or what your friends think..so there we go! Dan and I are friends....really close friends..but we are friends.. :) SO its all good... Being with "you" didnt make me happy..and its not like you made any advances to try to talk to me or anything...I thought us not talking..was one way of saying..yeah this isnt going to work.....Yeah..I was wrong what I said on the phone..Im not sorry about what I said either... Your so fucking mean...but I am too.... so I guess that makes us both mean... therefore.... after this...We should never talk again.. works out for the both of us... haha ..but anyways.. Last night..Asti and I went dove hunting with Dan and Chris. It was interesting..Shot my first gun! Yeah...I definatly need to get better at that..haha Then..well..I should start from the beginning.. Dan and Chris woke up and left yesterday morning... Dan didnt go to any classes..Chris didnt go to the first class..but anyways.. Asti and I came back...I called Dan and asked if he wanted to go to Troy with us..he did..So we went to Vinnies... to the Bilo..to Astis house...drove around Troy..lol.. Came back here... got around..went hunting..came back here.. did our homework..and went to bed. The reason Dan and Chris stayed the night before was because..well..lets just say.. we were all alittle too impaired...haha! Not that they couldnt have walked back to their rooms..but I wanted to sleep with Dan..b/c I like sleeping with him! I wake up and a guy has his arms wrapped around me, holding me close....I love it!!! Haha! So then..I got up this morning... got around for my damn 8 o clock class.. got out of classes at 12:15..ate lunch with Amanda, Ky, and Asti.. came here...and here I am..waiting for Dan to call me back, but I think he forgot about me..:( lol..Oh well.. they are probably talking about stuff.. who knows..anyhoo..Im going to pick up around here and do some homework..I have to walk down to McDonalds..get my schedule... come back here..and maybe go with Asti to Stevie's if Dan isnt coming over..who the fuck knows..Im out loves...Peace... Maybe I just liked you b/c of the attention? Wow..Im just as guilty as someone else I know.. hmm.. oh well

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