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Wednesday. 10.19.05 10:02 pm
I got my tongue pierced.. :-D Thats alll I have to say... peace

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Something Corporate - Fall
Friday. 10.14.05 2:50 pm
i close my eyes thought i was lost but i was stranded i go outside to my surprise the sky had landed i thought it made more sense if i could only keep you guessing i was a fool to think that i should stop you from undressing now i'm believing all the words you say that i can't say back to you to you so i fall i don't wanna feel this small you know i just can't handle this handle this at all and i'll just fall i let my heartbeat drop i falter as the music stops and you watch me as stall and wonder when i fall i kiss your neck i feel you breathing on my shoulder still i'm perfect it must be you cause now it's over i was so close that was the most that i have ever been through now old cassettes and cigarettes will be the ones to save you how can you ask for me to stay when all you ever do is go? just go and so i fall i don't wanna feel this small you know i just can't handle this handle this at all and so i fall i let my heartbeat drop i falter as the music stops and you watch me as i stall and wonder when i.. go on you've kept me waiting go on and watch me as i fall i don't wanna feel this small you know i just can't handle this handle this at all and so i fall i let my heartbeat drop i falter as the music stops and you watch me as i stall and wonder when i..

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Here it is...
Friday, October 14, 2005
Sooooo its finally Fall Break...heck yes! Im going home and I wont be back @ MU until like.... tuesday...how exiciting is that? I still have to come over here to work though...so Im not leaving Mansfield for good.. haha! So anyhoo...I didnt have to work last night or tonight...so I have been just relaxing. Last night I went out with Kim and Dan... b/c Kim had to go to the hospital and she asked me to go..so I did....we went out to dinner...and we came back here... I came back to the room and just...sat here..Talking to Eric and other people...Last night..I friggin freaked out on everyone..I felt so bad...Ive been so tired..and like stressed...and not knowing whats going on in my life..I took it on Eric and I felt bad... so Im sorry if you read this... Im good now..I think its b/c things came out that needed to be said to both Eric and Dan... and I had to study for my midterm.... and I was tiredfrom working...and other shit like that.... and now..Im just here...and I feel better..Dan and I are just friends b/c he knows about how i feel...and I want to do...I think..that is what is happening..atleast...that is what I want to happen...lol.. Oh well... I didnt get to see Eric last weekend b/c he couldnt come up...sad I know..but it happens.. Hopefully Ill see him soon... if not...I dunno, I guess I will next semester.. I just got done cleaning and packing..b/c I wanted to clean the fridge and stuff before I left....do dishes....vaccum... shit like that... Cleaned the bathroom up...our room..and the common room...good times good times..Im going to go home..work all weekend...study...and like help redo the bathroom...sounds like fun huh? not reallly.. Im really friggin thirsty... Anyhoo...Sorry for being random..I have to study for my psych test so I dont fail that class...lol.. I really am going too..and it will be great.....haha Anyhoo..I wanted to update a little...everyone from MU have a good fall break..see you all Tuesday..everyone else..have a good weekend..

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I love this song...
Thursday, October 13, 2005
Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley...ugh...haha Im listened to it right now as we speak. So I had my Theatre midterm today...it was friggin....exciting? haha..I studied a lot for it though... so I hopefully will get a good grade.. Im so busy lately...Work..school.. friends...and stuff like that. That..and Im just lazy and dont want to write in here..lol fun huh? Anyhoo.... I just wanted to say whats up.....look and see how everyone was doing...Im outta..peace

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Friday, October 7, 2005
So um...whats up? Haha! ...where was I going with this....oh yeah! I was going to get my tongue pierced, but after fighting with my mom for two days, it wasnt worth it..b/c she'd just be pissed at me all the time. Well, it's not worth it now, but it will be again pretty soon. Like, I wanna get it done so bad..so I will... I wanna get my industrial done too. Oh yes my friends..it WILL happen! So ...I forget when I updated last. I think when I said I didnt have bleach blonde hair anymore.. So...I worked all week except for yesterday! Woohoo! That made me happy.. ugh...Im so tired of working there already. It's fun, but it...stresses me out! Haha..makes me want to kill myself. Oh well.. not really..I mean.. haha if you knew me..you'd totally understand by "makes me want to kill myself.." I really dont want too, it's just that people are stupid...and.. well....Im shutting up! Im not going to kill myself..I dont plan on it.. so..dont get all worked up ...haha! Wow..instead of like, just deleting that and writing something else..I explained it to you..Im going to leave it their out of my own stupidity.. so um..whats up? haha! Change the subject..I only work three times next week.. three times! Oh well... And like.. every night I work..I have to like..get up early the next day. I have figured out that coffee keeps me awake during psych..therefore...I will get coffee! :-D Yay! Guess who is coming this weekend.. :-D!!! UTZ! haha.. Man..Im excited! I havent seen this person in friggin forever.. Well..Britts out of the shower..so Im going to go get in..Ill ttyl.. peace babes

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Ome more thing..
Saturday, October 1, 2005
I dont have bleach blonde hair anymore...lol its like a dirty blonde now..and a lot shorter..anyhoo..peace

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