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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Do Malaysian teachers take the word 'stupid' lightly?
Friday, March 23, 2007
Let just say I'm now not in a good mood. I'm now in a distance learning class session now. The teacher [I won't call her a lecturer because I don't even know is if she has masters level] told to the class students that we will be having a progress test on the 29/3/07, which is next Friday. I disagree because I will be away for some personal matters which I have planned for one month ago. And then another thing is this teacher self-declared the date of the test. She just told the class we will be having a test at the end of the month. She said maybe 31/3/07. Right. A few weeks ago, I realized the teacher didn't send the course timetable at the beginnin of the class; the timetable that shows the dates of the chapters she's going to teach in a week and the dateline for assignment/tests/exams. I asked jolenesiah if her dumb dumb uni handed this out, she said yes. And why not me? Even my alma mater did that.

So when I asked the teacher do you have the course schedule?? The reason I asked is to check if she really self-declared the test date. Then she debated with me that we, part-timers, have to juggle the time between work and study. Very true. But if you have given the test date on the first day of class, I won't even bring up this class schedule issue. So I just told her in class that you can't tell us the test date one week away from now. If you want at least 2 weeks away. So I just told her off that you didn't even give us a course schedule you have no right to set the date on your own inconvenience. You know what I heard? If I'm not mistaken, she said "I DON'T WANT TO ANSWER THIS STUPID QUESTION." If she didn't say this sentence, she still mentioned the word STUPID; loud and clear. But damn it, I didn't get to record it in time. So ... never mind ... I asked her what's the test format. She said she doesn't like to repeat and I always forget what she said. She said she has written it on the board and no I didn't see it. I suspected she did that on the day I was absent.

What I want to point out here is be it teachers, lecturers or any kind of educators, the word stupid and other words that can degrade one's image or self-esteem should not be taken lightly. As an educator,you are a role model to the students. Patience and respect are an invisible virtue that is hammered into the hearts of educators and they are also the prequisite to be an educator. Respect because no matter how stupid the students are, they worth your respect. You can call the students stupid if you want the better out of them; you scold them because you care for them. So educators don't take these 'harmful' words lightly. Remember those times when you keep on asking someone to tell you how to do something repeatedly. And please don't think just because you are an educator, you are at the top of the education system, therefore, you are invisible. You are not. And please remember that as an educator, you are instilling values to the students to become a better person so please be careful with your words and actions. Because of some bad apples, some of younger generations or people the same as me are rotting; so oblivious and ignorant. Why are these people like that?? It is because of some educators. Because of you, some of the students think it is not their responsibilities to fight for justice. Because of you, some students think it is not important to know about the state of our environment. Because of you, some people are so selfish and have no compassion.

Some bad apples really betray the trust of the parents ... how disappointing it is.

*I'm saying SOME educators ... not all. Understood?

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Heroes Spoiler: Episode 10 [I think]
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Today, I came back early from meeting at 9 pm but then my mum didn't inform me that there was no dinner for me. She said it was absolutely my fault because I didn't bring my handphone today to work and she 'heard' I would be having some food with a friend. Can I just for one of the 'once' curse BLOODYHELL??? How could it be extremely my fault when I told her on Tuesday afternoon and night that I would be having LUNCH with my friend. And then after Tuesday dinner, I just saw some pork chops doing on the kitchen table and my sister just said that's for Wednesday dinner. There was bloody no one telling me there's no dinner for me. I don't mind having no dinner at home; I could have just eaten on the way from work but I came home with starvation. If I'm really irritated and boiling, trust me that I would just walk out from the car and just walk home by feet with my umbrella. I'm sick and tired to be told last minute. I'm sick and tired of this ...

Oh well, thank god I came back on time for my favourite American series called Heroes.

Today's episode is very interesting. Interesting not because of the actions but the part where Claire's stepdad cried and begged Isaac to draw the future of his daughter. All I see him in the series is some kind of a bad guy but after looking at this part I believe that every villain has a hidden loving heart. They could do other people harm but not to their loved ones. How strange is that. What logic is that?? Maybe I should run some psychological test on this kind of villains. Claire's stepdad is so compassionate that he really adopted the baby girl where he was somehow involved in the death of her birth mother. He knows the baby girl will have powers one day and yet he takes the risk to adopt her even though his job is to spy on this kind of people.

I can't wait for the next episode because that is where Isaac's prediction of Claire being killed by Sylar comes true. And I don't want to see Peter Petrelli died in the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the blood splashing on the homecoming banner in the trailer ..... NOOOOO...

Maybe someone out there could give me some spoilers. >.<

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I want to be rich too ...
Sunday, March 18, 2007
I'm kinda pissed today since morning but I'm more pissed after reading this article "Beyond Grades". Just wondering why can't I be rich when I'm young. Why do I have to see other young people with similar ages as me being rich while me somewhere in the world being so unsignificant and poor?? Man ... I need to be an entrepreneur too. If they can be rich, so do I.

*Edit* This is the shortest blog entry I have ever done. Kudos to myself.

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Movie 300
Saturday, March 17, 2007
I went to the cinema near my home to watch the movie 300 with jolenesiah because I'd told her that I will watch a movie tonight with her. But I just couldn't believe my eyes that the tickets to this movie is always sold out. Yea the last time I wanted to buy 2 tickets for this movie was last thursday and they were sold out. I wanted to book tickets this afternoon but they were sort of sold out since it was stated on the cinema's website. So jolenesiah and I decided to head to the cinema 4 hours before the movie. And imagine that the tickets were almost sold out. What left was 2 seats of the upper centre row and a few rows right in front of the screen. No joke. There were people buying tickets right up to the screen. Man... we were 4 hours before the screening and we got no good seatings? Whatever, we just bought the tickets ...

In the middle of the movie, I just cringed to my seat. I just couldn't withstand some of the violent scenes; I can't remember the scenes at the moment. But I don't think this movie is controversial at all; Spartan represents Bush and the Persians as Iraqis? Not at all. Bush's definition of terrorism is defending your own country from him. But the Spartans are just simply defending their country from invasion. The story is just as simple as that. And the lessons are plainly stated in the dialogues of the characters like we have to fight for justice and we need to protect what we treasure most. So what is so controversial about this movie?

I think the Sin City movie is as violent as this movie but I thoroughly enjoy these 2 movies.

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Sunday ....
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
I had a good time on last Sunday because I was one of my friend's bridemaids - sort of - to give hurdles to the groom before entering the bride's house. My friend, the mastermind, made him do 30 pushups ... and then let him drink some coke mixed with sugar, dried chilli, salt, lime and vinegar. It was interesting. The most interesting part was getting two tops. Yea basically the guys had to take off their tops and the groom was given a chinese brush and ink to confess his love on their backs. Bwahahaha .. That was the funniest part. And then we asked the groom some questions... We pegged him when he can't answer the questions. That was only in the morning.

I was very looking forward to the evening because that will be an inofficial reunion for me since I have not seen my ex-collegmates for more than one year. I don't miss them but friends are friends. Yea .. they went to Genting without me. And one of my friends from Thailand showed up for the dinner. Imagine him asking for his bridemaids money even though he's a guy and just because he's from the bride's side??? My god. We were so damn happy that my friend/ bride didn't serve any sharksfin soup. And she got a small Malaysian Nature Society tag that stated that she doesn't serve sharksfin as a support to marine sustainability. We were so happy because we were so worried that we must eat sharksfin since we don't like to waste food. I for sure won't even touch the sharksfin should she serves. So we ended up eating braised chicken with herbs and shiitake mushrooms. It was delicious. Can you imagine some not 5-star hotel like The Legend Hotel serving good food, which actually bested Nikko Hotel? I have not tried all of Nikko Hotel's food but had their lunch for seminars before. They suck. Legend Hotel was much better in the 'edibility' level. I really enjoyed my friends' company. We reminisced of our past and scrutinize each other's growth especially like me who doesn't know what's a G-string to an investment savvy person .... to the Kayu Ajaib [magic wood] who is always late for appointment. I heard she almost missed her bus to Genting ... to the bride who got married on that day. How time flies. maybe the next time we meet will be one of our friend's wedding again.....

I will always cherish the moments we shared together until the day I only live in memories.

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Panda lai lai [come come]
Saturday, March 10, 2007
Not being long winded - i'm extremely exhausted. i'm running out of strength and sleep. i have not been getting enough of sleep for 2 weeks. dark eye rings prevailed on my fair skin but now i'm so pale that the panda eyes are so obvious.

today, went to do some business but failed. right. going to see a client next week. must close a deal. no matter what i don't care...

i went for a last minute dinner with my coursemate. bwahaha. he bought me dinner. thank u very muchie. and then he brought along friend that has become popular due to a reality show and i got no idea who he is. my friend's jaw dropped when i replied him innocently that i don't know who's this friend of his. even when we sat on one table, i still don't think he's popular. that's because all famous people are just normal human beings. they have normal lives like we do. so that's why i don't understand why paparazzi goes after them.

get a life, people.

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