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AN oh so not good morning
Monday, August 15, 2005
good..lord.. I have a headache, and my body hurts... I love mudding, but omg..My body hurts..my head hurts from that and drinking, and Im not sure why b/c I didnt drink that much.. Im so fuckin tired...I wanna crawl back into bed and not move the rest of the day..but! I gotta call Amanda, to wish her a Happy Birthday...run an errand in troy.. ;);) THEN! Do some stuff around the house and maybe...Ill find myself at someone's house, but Im not sure yet.. :P I wonder who the special birthday someone is!!!!???? HEhehe...Im gonna go for now though..pick up my house...take a shower, and wait for ben to call...buh byes my loves..:):)

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Sunday, August 14, 2005
I have lived in this little..country area my whole 18 years of my life..Never once...have I gone mudding...till today...All I have to say is..I wanna do it again reallllll soon! Hahaha.... I dont know if my heart is racing b/c.... I thought I was going to die..or....b/c....well...I guess I cant say on here now can I? *wink wink* Ill try to beat around the bush...if you read about last night, and apply it to this one...I think youll understand...buh byes....I love mudding... lol.. I love being a redneck sometimes.. If anyone wants to take me..lemme know, b/c Im ready to go..lol..
I totally lied to my mom and dad though for obvious reasons...I left at 5 and got back at 8:30...and she was about ready to call my cell and shit...I was like..Im 18... grow up..If something happened I woulda called you...She needs to stop worring about us, and like..let us call her if we need her..Instead of freaking out. I dont have a curfew..and she still freaks out. Oh well..Two more fuckin weeks, and I wont have to worry about it.. HECK FUCKIN YES! peace out my loves

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Sunday, August 14, 2005
So anyways...I went to Lev's this weekend. And my friend's bday isnt till tomorrow..haha how stupid am I? I KNEW THAT! I just get like a buncha people's bdays mixed up in August... I was suppose to call this one girl on her bday and tell her happy bday b/c her sister told me too, and Im like..ugh okay..then I came back to Asti's house and Im like, Im not calling her, she didnt even call me. So whatever...I had fun fun fun! Friday...on the way to Asti's..my sis's muffler..somehow fell.. lol.. So we had to have her bf's dad fix it...I got to Iggy's then we went out to dinner with her dad and grandparents. Which was fun and I love her family.. lol..We stopped by and rented a movie. Saw Kyle..how exciting is that? Except..when he was takin the thingy off the dvd..he left one of the silver things on...Haha! So we had to like..open it and got the dvd out somehow. It was a good time. Evan called me at like 11...then Iggy and I were frustrated over something...finally we went to bed at 1.. (Im very detailed) we woke up at like 10:30...watched Without A Paddle..b/c she hasnt seen it and Ive only seen half of it..we got around..took showers (which she didnt walk in on me naked this time..haha) And...went to Lev's..we had to stop by her dad's and get her tent..it DOWN POURED! But stopped when we got there.. Lev's party was fun, we swam.. ate of course...chilled.. It was a good time. Love parties like those..It was at the house her parents are building..lemme tell you...it fuckin S T O R M E D!! It fuckin sucked..and we were on the first level..with no windows and it's pretty high..so we were being blown away...rain was in their house so everyone was trying to get it out..it was rough, but it made it fun! There was this big mud slide..so Asti and I were walking around in it, I have a pic with mud on our faces.. Then like her two cousins mud wrestled...it was a great time!!! Haha good times good times.. I love partys with Inebriated people..haha! Then....I stayed at Asti's...it was a fun time. Asti had a laughing fit! haha..I better get used to them now.. She'll have them at college a lot..So anyways..I had a good weekend, and Im still having a good weekend..I gots to drive the Camaro this morning..it was fun! Anyways... I gotta finish doing shit around the house..Im just waiting for stuff to settle in the carpets..then Im going to vaccum and shampoo them..less for me to do tomorrow b/c I have stuff to do b/c its someone's bday...I have to get ready for it.. :P Peace out my loves..

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Yay for the weekend!!!
Friday, August 12, 2005
Thankfully, I have atleast done something every weekend besides sitting at home doing fucking nothing like I do every day...haha! Last weekend, I went and hung out at Ashley's pool party with a buncha friends, and then sunday..I spent the day with the lovely Brian.. haha! This week..I havent really done anything but..it's the weekend and Im actually going to do something. It is the lovely Amanda's birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE MUFFIN! Ill give ya a call in the morning..I havent gotten a card or anything yet..:( It might be a little late but I gotta get some money first aight? I [LoVE] ya bunches!!! Anyways..so Lev is leaving on monday and she is having a party saturday, so Im going to that. I feel really bad that Im not doing anything with Amanda...but this is the last time Ill see Lev, Christa, Kyle, Curt, and everyone else before they all leave for college...Hopefully she will understand. Of course Im going to call her! Id never do to one of my bestest! I love her bunches! She is going to be 19! How exciting? More closer to 21! hahaha! Anyways... sooo tonight Im heading over to Iggy love's house, and Im staying with her...then we are both heading over to Lev's tomorrow. How exciting! Iggy finally got her bf's address b/c he is in the Marines and all! Im so happy for her..now they can atleast communicate somehow. I wish that he could just come back every so often, just for her sake! It really pisses me off now, that when couples who see each other every damn day get upset if they dont see each other for a D A Y! Look at Iggy and Bry...they wont see each other till Novemeber! What..you go a day or a week without seeing them? BIG WHOOP! Be friggin thankful! I know that if I get into a relationship...Im not going to get all upset if I dont see them everyday. I just wish I could make her happy when she is really down! Makes me wanna dress up like a clown and try to make her happy.. haha! Anyways..Im going to head out! I gotta take a shower, so Im all ready to go to Iggy's house... I have to put A LOT of boxes upstairs b/c we arent doing the rumamge sale.. haha! After that, Ill be probably headin over the Troy way..woohoo! Bye kids!

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Every day....I fall in love more with..
Thursday, August 11, 2005
MUSIC!!!!! I fall more in love with Emo and Rock music everyday...I swear..I have so many songs d/led from ...Frinch..Something Corporated... Fall Out Boy..Taking Back Sunday.. and many many many others...Im not really into rap and hip hop anymore..it's fun to dance too however.. I love music..Im glad that it has sucha ... influence in my life. Like, I can find soooo many songs that remind me of something, like hanging out with my friends, from someone I love, or a situation that is going on in my life.. I love it..I can sit all day and listen to this kind of music!!! I love music...haha..I love people who love music... Well, I just wanted to say how much I love music..and IF YOU LOVE MUSIC TOO! you will comment and be like, yeah..I know EXACTLY how you feel..haha

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What a day...
Thursday, August 11, 2005
Hahahaha people are silly..and that is all I have to say. I was reading stuff about aboritions and talked to my mom about it, we are kinda in the same agreement. My uncle..and aunt who live in Ohio, are totally against it, but I believe it's good in some cases... Like..with someone in my family, they had one, and Im totally in agreement with them..sometimes I think its fate... I mean, what about miscarriages? Thats a way of saying that it wasnt meant to be, maybe an aborition is too? I dunno.. But..haha I believe it's okay in some situations..I was on the for side during a debate in class.. so.. it was like..almost all the class against like 10 people..So anyways..I spent the day at my grandmas...Evan called, but I didnt have enough service to talk to him..soooo that was sad. Im all paid for, for college...yippee! I get my refund check like 30 days after we start school.. I nice big ole 600 dollar check will make my day..Too bad I have to pay it back..haha! Im applying for a credit card tomorrow..go me! Its like a college student card...But...it's still cool. Im going to buy my books with it..then pay them off when I get my refund check...get some stuff. Should be fun! Hopefully, Ill have a job..yeehaw..well Im going to go for awhile.peace out my loves

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